Monday, June 05, 2006

Preserving a vision Part IV

Despite the warm glow of self-satisfaction that the liberal vision confers on liberals, ugly facts keep intruding to undermine that vision. Some liberals eventually jump ship and defect to conservatism when the facts keep piling up too high to ignore.

This takes time, of course, and in the meantime there is a never-ending supply of new young people to become charmed with the liberal vision and replace those who have become disenchanted with it.

Other liberals hang on to liberal ideas to the bitter end -- especially when the end is not that bitter for them personally, when they live insulated lives in academia, the courts, foundations and other places where there is no price for liberals to pay for being wrong, no matter how disastrous the consequences for others.

Still, facts are a danger to the vision. In recent times, those on the left have increasingly sought to suppress facts that go counter to the vision.

Part I...Part II...Part III (There is really no compelling reason to read these in order)


In case you are busy studying World Cup teams or the FIFA list of approved absences from work, I didn't want you to miss this.

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This post sums up the "Heart & Sowell" of the matter for me. It's discrimination of the worst possible kind. "A Dictablanda" regime.


The way to win the heart of "your obsession":

Alba took home her own Golden Popcorn trophy for her sexy striptease performance in "Sin City."

"Thank you to all the perverts who voted for me," she said. "Thank you to the fans. I do movies for you. Practice safe sex and drive hybrids if you can."

Be a pervert, practice safe sex, and drive a hybrid. Go for it and pursue your dream girl.
seems to me the vision changes so often, how do the libs really even know what it is that the stand for?

damn tree hungers!
Part 1:
There are some agreeable facts stated here, but his comparison toward the end is uncalled for. A typical tactic for both sides, liberal or conservative, is to make unequal comparisons. Trying to compare Johnson's impromptu presidency (due to the assassination of JFK) of the 1960's with Reagan's landslide in the 80's, this comparison is skewed. Don't get me wrong, liberals are just as guilty of the same types of comparisons.

Part 2:
Liberal media this and liberal media that. Read, "Attack the Messenger" by Craig Crawford. Politicians manipulate the media and turn the public against it in order to improve political standing.

Part 3:
Tax cuts for the rich help boost the economy, but for how long? Mr. Sowell leaves out one very important point, the economic boom that was experienced during Reagan's time in office didn't last. I point you to October 19, 1987, also known as Black Monday. What goes up, must invariably come down.
RW- Thanks for the heads up. This is the type of service not provided at other blogs!

OO- "Be a pervert, practice safe sex, and drive a hybrid. Go for it and pursue your dream girl."

So basically I just need to go out and buy a hybrid then.

"in the meantime there is a never-ending supply of new young people to become charmed with the liberal vision and replace those who have become disenchanted with it."

I am the Supply! However, I would subtitute disenchanted with "Lazy and just give up" but thats just me.

Where's the review of part IV?

I don't really see what you mean on part 1. Saying there were more race riots during Johnson's term than there were during Reagen's two terms isn't done as a comparison of the two men or how they came to power. I don't even think Sowell is trying to say there is any reason to compare the two times except that his thesis is that liberalism is based on feeling like they are protecting someone from something whether that something exists or not.

Tax cuts for the rich is a pretty loaded term don't you think? For one thing our tax structure is an income not a wealth tax and it's kind of hard to cut taxes for someone not paying them.

As for your review of part 3, I'm a strong proponent of the Fair Tax HR25/S25 anyway, so I want to see something much more drastic than fiddling with tax brackets.

I like that "Heart & Sowell" line. I think he gains much of his wisdom simply from his date of birth. (I might think that because he and I share a birthday)


When you are hunging on a tree it's pretty easy to convince yourself you are doing something for humanity. The only other option is to start questioning just what the hell you are doing.

Buy Danish was a liberal that became disenchanted. Does she seem like someone that got lazy and gave up to you?

BTW, if those are the attributes Ms. Alba is looking for I don't think you really need to buy the hybrid. Just put a "Green Machine" bumper sticker on and you're golden.
Sorry, I forgot that the title links to another article. I realized this after I posted.

Part 4 (Better late than never):
I'm not thinking this is not necessarily a "liberal" thing, but a very old custom. It's called tribal thinking. Tribal thinking is the belief that one must marry within one's own class and cannot move up from that class. It's basically a defeatist point-of-view and many people still believe this way.

Part 1 (rebuttal):
He compares the number of race riots during the 60's to the number of race riots of the 80's. The civil rights movement was in full swing during the 60's and there was a lot of opposition the movement (both societal and political). Two decades later, there was not as much tension in the air.

Part 3 (non-rebuttal):
I haven't had a chance to read, in-depth, about the Fair Tax. I don't want to support or oppose it without looking at both sides. I will do my research on both sides of the issue and get back to you.

Wow, after reading your take on part 4 I had to go see if I had linked the wrong article. Sowell seems to be saying here that fell good liberal policies had taken people that they wanted to protect and reversed all the progress those very same people were making on their own. In the comparison he makes based on Dalrymples book it is that the only common denominator is liberal policy and in both cases achieved the same sorry result.

Part 1 re-rebuttal. I might be wrong, but I think Sowell is saying the same thing you are. That there weren't the problems or tensions during the Reagan years, but you had liberals coming up with all sorts of government programs to protect people from a situation that didn't exist.

As far as the Fair Tax goes there are groups all over you can either sign up with for updates or contact for information. You should be able to reach a local group through the web site I linked above.

You're way too much fun to be a liberal. Are you sure you're not a confused conservative?
-->Confused? Always in the morning.
-->Conservative? Not Likely, but you know variety is the spice of life.

Just to clear up any possible confusion, I was a disenchanted Democrat, I was never a Liberal - at least not as "liberalism" has been defined since the late Sixties when the word began to be used as a cover for the unappealing but accurate word, "Marxism".
Buy Danish,

I knew that, but the analogy wouldn't have worked so I was hoping you would play along. I guess it would have been okay to say Democrat with DavidU, but I'm used to finch or rushncap and their ilk, so you know they would have immediately said "we were talking about liberals you brain dead troglodyte" or something equally as insightful.

Sorry to misrepresent you ;-)

Sorry I didn't "catch on". Oh well.
Buy Danish:

Well I'm gonna stick my neck out here and say that I was a true liberal in every sense of the word. Then when I stepped into the "real world", I realized that idealistic goals would never be achieved anywhere but in fantasyland where people were cultivated in such a way as to sacrifice their individuality.

The further left the Democrats went, the further right they pushed me. They're ideas are stale and difficult to chew anymore.
Boy, they're right. There's really no end to what we'll say about each other. Conservatives will continue to loathe Liberals and Liberals will continue to loathe Conservatives.

One almost wonders, "What's the point of even debating anymore? It's not like ANYBODY'S gonna change their minds."

Wait, it's not about being "right" is it? It's about the joy of debating till the 'bitter end'! I get it now!!

That's close to correct this time of year. The love of the debate is not to be sneezed at! The convincing of others portion of the plan takes place in the Fall
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