Sunday, June 18, 2006

psst....What you need is an idea people like, not a new slogan

Has there ever been a political party that is so totally convinced that are just a tiny combination of words away from a rise to power? I don't know what is more pathetic, the fact that the Democratic Party thinks the American people are this stupid or that even if you tell them what they are doing wrong they dismiss you as a buffoon that clearly lacks their grasp of the world around you. When Ron Brownstein and the LA Times have figured it out you might think Dean/Pelosi/Reid & co. would listen. Don't count on it, their meeting of "Build a Better Bumpersticker" is about to begin.

Happy Father's Day everybody! I'm blessed with two wonderful children and waking up to a story of how clueless the Dems are doesn't hurt either.

It's a "Netroot" effort of "Kossacks"??? over at Yearly/Daily Kos. Checked out their innovative thought. Saw a group of gay posters flirting (that's O.K. with me), a mutual admiration society with not a whole lot to say.

O.K., here's what I have to say. I get to pick & choose now.

Cossacks have long appealed to romantics as idealizing freedom and resistance to external authority....."OH REALLY!"

For others they have been a symbol of repression because of their role in suppressing popular uprisings in the Russian Empire, as well as their assaults against Jews......"INTERESTING!"

Some historical documents of that period refer to Cossack states as sovereign nations with unique warrior cultures,....."SAY WHAT?" whose main source of income was derived from the pillaging of their neighbours......"WELL DUH!"

Wasn't "Hysterical Howie" a "net-ROOTER" Aaaaaaaeeeeeeyyyyyyaaaahhhhhhrrrr during his campaign?

I'll worry tomorrow.....Naaaahhhhh!
It's obvious the dem's have nothing new, just the same 'ole, same 'ole. What does that say?

They're tired , just like Hollywood, can't even put out a good NEW movie anymore. Sad.
If the Dems have a "Power Shortage", then maybe they should change strategy and promote drilling in ANWR and off-shore.

Power does not grow on trees.

And I beg to differ with Mr. Brownstein, who is spot on about the Dems strategy, but still a Dem: Improved fuel economy standards won't do dipstick to save the world.
On topic to RW's post du jour, I forgot to mention that I was listening to a "news report" on the radio about a convention of sports doctors (do ya think they might be Dems or Greens?) who have developed a Grand Plan to save the Universe.

In addition to the usual stuff about "walking friendly communities" and the Feds (i.e. us) giving big bucks for greenspaces, the "new" idea was................................Hang on, grap a cocktail, and try not to get too pissed off until election day:

Tax businesses who promote "sedentary behavior".

The good news is that the AJC, NY Times, WaPo and LA Times would get hit with this tax.

The bad news is that even the good news does not make this ridiculous and frightening Big Governement proposal palatable.
Buy Danish,

The AJC ran a silly little "alternative ways to get to work" special recently. They would probably run a few bicycle photos and get out from under that tax.

One thing is certain, if they can get out of it they will demand the rest of us pay it. "For the common good" you know.

Jay not jay,

We even do a better job of remakes than they do. Our updated Smokey and the Bandit was classic.


Are we "netrooters" now? And if we use the Aussie definition of root does it mean we get freaky watching tennis?
Sports again? Played tennis once with Bob Keller, D.A. He used to joke about never being able to return one of my balls. Well yeah...that's because they all went over the fence. Did say it was memorable fun though.

Somehow over at Kos, they're tying their energy initiative in with a raise in the minimum wage. I'm lost on that one.

I guess we can all rest easy, cause they're going to "Energize America" or some such nonsense. It looked like what everybody has been talking about for 25 years or longer. JayNot & BD are right...nothing new.
And just when I was about to wish you a Happy Father's Day you call me "clueless". Geez, is there EVER any love around here??

That's it. I'm going home.

Fear not, I have a place for sports under construction.


Unless there is more that we don't know about you, you don't qualify for the clueless tag yet. That applies to the Dem leadership and their inability to understand the electorate.
Ooooohhhhh! The agony of defeat.
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