Friday, June 30, 2006

The Russian moonbats weigh in

I'll let you read the title link with no excerpts here. The thing that strikes me is that this is the English language Pravda and the sources are all English language outlets, not to mention this being nothing more than a well worn out set of liberal talking points. So what happened?

Between 1953 and 2001, the privilege was invoked 55 times. As far as we know, the Bush administration has invoked the privilege at least 24 times....

since 1953 how many times have terrorist attacked us in the manner that occured on sept 11, 2001?

At the risk of you telling me I need to get to bed I'll explain. I put up English language Pravda stories from time to time to drive DavidU crazy.

Basically what the stories say are the same things we see from liberals all the time and it's usually pretty old, but the translation sounds like it went around a campfire of people that all spoke a different language before hitting the pages of Pravda.

I linked a four page story from them once that I defy anyone to follow from start to finish.
It's amazing the similarities. They've even got an outrageous snapshot like the ones they love to use at all the radical left blogsites.

I'm not sure why I visit those. But don't worry, I won't allow my mind to be "infected". I will maintain my integrity unlike "a moonbat" of many moons <---showing one's ass for all to see.

I liked the way the headline was written as if it was a proposal or something. Looking at ml's today it seems that the "we live in a dictatorship" crowd is out in force. I wish they could see what that was really like.
So tell me, RW, how does politics do it for you every day? I mean, how can you stick to it so faithfully day in and day out? That's integrity!

At least, I think that's what they call it. :)

Maybe you haven't followed the politics free conversations here.

Congratulations homeowner!

They call it "stay the course" and when things go bad, blame it on the "free" press. LOL.

Free Press!
Yes, free press!

I'm glad to see you coming around! When is Joe Wilson getting frog marched out of Starbuck's anyway?
Hey. They're blogging over at Wooten's today on the VRA. Civil enough! Put in my two cents worth...about two cents.
Oh, about your new color scheme. I'm thinking "easter bunny". J/K

I'm experimenting so that I have a background for the Fourth. I don't know if I like this one, but going from ml After Dark to here was blinding me so I needed something without as much glare.

I try to stay away from Wooten's. I have no idea why, but sometimes I'm a lightening rod. ;-)
Well now I'm suspicious. I drop in to tell you about Wooten's and when I come back from the store, refresh the screen. It has been shut down. are an AJC Secret Agent, aren't you? @-

You fly your colors however you want.

I looked over there and saw your cookout comment. The comment section was open, but it closed as soon as I refreshed too. I'm NOT the AJC secret blog monitor, but let me see if I can ask you a question over there.

It is cruel to play with a simple mind. I'm not even going to ask how you did that Einstein. Before this curious cat dies, have a great 4th of July.

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