Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sometimes it sucks to be third

The Belmont Breeze*
The Official Drink of the Belmont Race
*Original Recipe by Dale DeGroff

1.5 oz. Gentleman Jack (Jack Daniels)
.75 oz. Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry
.75 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
.75 oz. Simple Syrup
1.5 oz. Fresh Orange juice
1.5 oz. Cranberry juice

Shake ingredients with ice and top with half 7up and half soda, approx. one ounce of each. Garnish with fresh strawberry, mint sprig and a lemon wedge.

One of the best parts of the Belmont Stakes is when a horse has won the Derby and the Preakness and is going for the Triple Crown, then you have this year. Barbaro's racing career is over and Bernardini decided not to run. However, I believe the Belmont Breeze is by far the best of the Triple Crown cocktails so all is not lost. Saturday's winner will get to pick first in next year's Kentucky Derby. Let's get some odds on anybody cashing that one in.

Win: Bluegrass Cat

Place: Oh So Awesome

Show: Platinum Couple
1. Jazil
2. High Finance
3. Platinum Couple
Oh and Blogger seems to be back.

It must have come back for you a lot quicker than it did for me.

I'll get back to you on my picks.

Do you think it would be okay if I drink a blackeyed Susan instead of the Belmont drink, which sounds perfectly awful? It's ruining my party spirit.
Buy Danish,

Go ahead and have your three week old Black Eyed Susan if you must, but I'm telling you the Belmont Breeze is great as long as you go real easy on the simple syrup.

I've seen this very same recipe acknowledging the same bartender, but calling for Seagrams 7 too. I think the Canadian blends work better than the Jack.
win: cause to believe

place: sweetnorthernsaint

show: bluegrass cat
Blogger sucked yesterday, we had important things to discuss like...

How is horse racing supposed to make a comeback into popular culture when there are only 3 relevant races a year and the winner of the previous one does not even race in the next. Yes I'm talking to you Bernardini! SHAME...SHAME!

I think there is some kind of bet going between Boxing and Horse Racing to see which one could become more irrelevant faster.

Speaking of irrelevant events, did you enter that World Cup contest I linked for you? It turns out the best overall score gets a $100. Best Buy gift card and I would think that somebody with a little bit of a clue has a pretty good chance. You have until noon today.

Sports challenge

BEST BUY? That my favorite place!
I'm in! From the looks of things....hmmm...yep.....this could get very addictive.

It's really a pretty good contest, although most of the time it's just earning raffle tickets and then throwing them down a rabbit hole. The email they sent me said the World Cup would have 6 ballots over the course of the event.

And it is addictive, trying to make sure you get your picks in when traveling becomes the main planning objective of the trip.
RW- Since you are the telecom man around here; What do you think of this: House Backs TelecomBill Favoring Phone Companies

Since every time they pass legislation under the cover of darkness...I (the people) get screwed, I'd like to know the severity of screwed-ness I'm going to be in for; because of this.

Are you suggesting that RW is an expert in screwedness? Why, I am sure he was an honor scout for years (maybe still is).

Maybe so about "the screw".. He didn't mention wrestling as an up and coming sport. How could he be that unAmerican!!

If the bill doesn't get bogged down with a bunch of compromise in the name of temporary fairness I like it. This really should create more competition as long as the politicians get out of the way of the inevitable mergers and acquisitions that will come out of it.


Can you believe that? DavidU insinuating I'm a "screwdness" expert. I would have had to have been this honor scout at some odd ages. Like before 13 and after 23.
We really should get Buy Danish's input on this bill. After all, she's the expert on bundling her services.

Now that's not playing fair!
I must have been in a hurry, I meant Buy Danish is an expert on phone companies bundling their services.

Hey, I never said anything about being an "expert". But maybe I could get paid as an expert consultant...
Well, I am glad we are on to the intriguing subject of telephones. After dog stories last night and horses today, how about two cans and a string tonight? (Sorry, RW, I bet you can even manage three cans.)

Oops, please don't kick me out of the after hours club. I'll do better. Now back to the horses. Well, the bartender was kinda cute. But he's not running. HE IS? Somebody didn't like his Belmont drink?
Buy Danish & Dusty,

The race is tomorrow so you can do your picks anytime....hello....waiting....

mlafterdark has drawn the attention of the crack staff at the AJC. I'm glad they have their priorities straight.
RW- Ok, so basically I can still get my internet and not have to get some kind of Disney channel packet attached in order to check my e-mail?

Then I'm ok with it.

If I'm not mistaken your friends in the Senate haven't piled on yet, so you might have Minnie Mouse actually taking email door-to-door when they get through.

Here are my picks, although I would have preferred a website that showed their racing history and stuff like that. That would help make me an "expert" and not just an eeny meeny miney mo kinda better.

Win - (5) High Finance
Place - (9) Bluegrass Cat
Show - (12) Sacred Light
I've never tried a Belmont Breeze. Looking at the recipe, I think "really sweet fruit punch with booze". But it has to be better than a Mint Julip.

I'll come up with some horse picks tomorrow. I know Bernardini won't be one of them.

I'm telling you this drink surprised me too. It's not nearly as sweet as it looks from the recipe, just use fresh juices and less simple syrup.

(I may be a bit heavy handed, in my bartender days we free-poured which left a lot of leeway for people I liked. The only people I will be serving tomorrow fall under that category)

Buy Danish,

There is a link on my main site to the Daily Racing Form. Go there and then come back in the morning with a warm beer, 1/2 a cigar, and the printouts and you will be just as close to being an expert as you are now, but you'll look the part.
That settles it. I am not betting on Bernadini. Just wait until tomorrow. I have a knack for picking winners. The rest of you don't have a chance. It's my psychic instincts.(Goldie mentions them all the time. She skips the "in" part.)

What's this warm beer and half a cigar stuff? I'm ready to give up before I even started.

Okay, I'm back. I can't find your racing form. The closest thing to it was the MSNBC handicapping page, which is probably about as reliable as Chris "Mc Cain" Matthew's punditry.

Revised "expert" picks are:

Win: Sunriver

Place: High Finance

Show: Bluegrass Cat

Are you going to use those psychic powers right after they run?

Buy Danish,

I had the Daily Racing Form disguised as DRF. You do realize that your first picks will probably win, don't you?
Ha! I will not have you reflecting on my psychic powers. Place your bets #1 Steppenwolfer

#2 Sunriver #3 Sacred Light

And now my powers are exhausted. Might have something to do with the hour. I now proceed into a seance. G'nite all.
Win - Bob and John (4)
Place - Steppenwolfer (11)
Show - Bluegrass Cat (9)

Research: Several tosses of my lucky Susan Anthony dollar coin.
Wow, it's hot out today! At least there is a Belmont Breeze to keep one cool. I'll go with the long shot, big money:

Win: Hemingway's Key
Place: Steppenwolfer
Show: Sunriver
And down the stretch they come!!

It's DavidU with a little help from Jazil.

Apparently DavidU is the only one to figure out that with the whole thing sponsored by Emirates Air that a Dibai horse would win.

Where's Chuck Schumer? Our stables security has been turned over to Dubal Horse World. When will it end???

Congratulations DavidU!
I'd just like to point out that I won.

And the UAE won 2 out of the three races.
RW- Since I get to pick first next year I will take a page from the Book of Dusty and go with a horse with 4 legs with a little hispanic looking guy on top hitting it, that runs faster than the other horses.

I guess I should just say UAE also. It appears I can't spell Dubai to save my ass.

Why do I feel like that would be a winning pick? Dusty would at least give the horse a name, even though the horse wouldn't be in the race.

Now you'll have to start scouting the 2 year olds to get ready.
Rw- "Now you'll have to start scouting the 2 year olds to get ready."

I don't know, I think I'd feel dirty ogling at 2 year olds.


If you think that's bad, the first place you really get a good look at the best ones is at the Breeders Cup in the Fall.
Oh say can you see

Dubai by the sea

Where all the lil horses

Are running and tossing

And winning the prizes

Much to my surprises

(These lines are to distract you from noticing that DAVIDU WON!!)

Black Beauty didn't win. Foiled again!!

Jazil's a LIBERAL!!

Jazil kept running and won so he couldn't possibly be a liberal. A liberal would have stopped to ask Bluegrass Cat, Sunriver, and the others how losing would make them feel.
May be, RW, but your latest picture clearly shows Jazil kicking his feet at BLACK BEAUTY. An obvious liberal tactic used with a sneering neigh-e-e by many.

I didn't notice that Jazil was kicking dirt in the face of Black Beauty at first. Maybe you're right. Meanwhile back in the recovery room I bet Barbaro was saying those other guys were just lucky he wasn't about 10 lengths in front of them.
ah dear Barbaro,

wonder if he is still enjoying his swimming pool?? Haven't heard any recent reports on his recovery. He's got lots of steel in that leg.(My son has less. The doctor still hasn't decided to put a pin in that bone. The motorcycle needs more than a pin.)

They had a reporter hanging out with Barbaro today. Barbaro didn't seem impressed, but was doing pretty good.

I hope they figure out if they need a pin for your son before he heals up wrong. Don't worry about the motorcycle, this can fix it up.

Great idea on the duct tape rehab. Now we don't have to sell the house to finance motorcycle repairs. What a relief!! Thanks.

I also mentioned duct tape to the son's doctor. But he said insurance didn't cover it. Bummer!
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