Thursday, June 01, 2006

This could get quite interesting

US director Michael Moore reacts as he holds the Palme d'Or for his winning film entry "Fahrenheit 9/11" during the awards ceremony at the 57th Cannes Film Festival , May 22, 2004. The film, by Michael Moore, is a documentary that criticizes US President and the war in Iraq. [Reuters]

Michael Moore's steadfast insistence that Fahrenheit 9/11 was truly a documentary, in spite of it's factual inaccuracies, seemed like a decent gamble as award season came around. Now he may well have to pay off big time or admit that the movie was less a documentary than a "based on a true story" feature film you might find on Lifetime.

Calling Moore's film a "documentary" always seemed like a stretch to me. Documentaries at least strive for objectivity.

But funny and effective? Yes.

Is that you wiggling over at ml's as well? @-

For what it's worth you are one of the few libs with any credibility over at ml's. You need to bite the bullet on your outing over there or you are going to look VERY foolish.

So why haven't you joined in with WS and myself? I would enjoy your contributions. I am all gut-wrenching emotion and practicality. You & Danish have so much more to offer.

Oh, Michael Moore has always looked like a fat, unwashed, gluttenous couch potato to me. Never saw or read anything about Fakenhype 9/11.

Mainly because I was on vacation. I like WashingtonState, but it takes a lot of work for me to have a discussion with him. You guys seem to have worked it out where you can just check in and respond many hours later. I have a tough time disciplining myself like that.
This is all very interesting over at ml's. So where are all the liberals?

Funny stuff. I guess I could set an example of how to be a man by confessing that I thought about it once, but I was too afraid I would mess up like Finch. I never forget that I am Slooooooooow OO/@@/(*)(*) right? @-

I never know if my boobs are gonna show up as a pair or disconnected. We'll see.
Sigh. I admire the slimer for cleverness. But I ain't seeker and vice versa. Our politics don't mesh. I favor the 3rd party theory.

I'd protest more, but then I'd sound like whatsisname.

Please drop it. There is NO WAY that wasn't you and I'm serious now.

I like you so if you don't want to admit it then drop it, but don't try patronizing me or your other friends here.

Did you see where the veteran with his arms blown away is suing Michael Moore? I don't have all the particulars but it seems they rearranged some comments he made about pain to make it look like he was against the war in Iraq and help in the USA. He seemed to be very angry about that and mentioned all the help he had gotten. I hope that soldier gets millions from old movie traitor Moore.

Please don't hit for asking this, but do you know that if the title to one of my posts is in blue it means it's a link to another story?

This one is to the story of Sgt. (or Cpl. depending on the source) Damon and his lawsuit against Michael Moore.
OMG, I just checked back in and I must say I can't see how in the world Dusty can provoke such a reaction.

Dusty: You're basically like me with your posts (harmless) I have my theory as who it is you provoke and why, but wandering eyes can visit anytime. (No, I'm not talking about you Finch.)

Finch: I've got to agree with RW on this one. It was way too obvious and had your personality written all over it. It's not as if you will provoke Andy to dislike you even more by telling the truth. I like you too, but you've been tagged buddy. BTW, I want to know who gave me that "pat on the rump", was it you/Seeker or did you pat both cheeks at once.

RW: Can I practice linking in the backroom. It's summer and I inspired to try my pitiful computech skills.

Practice away. If you want to delete your own posts after you practice go ahead. It will display "deleted by author" or something like that, but I will clean those up.

No, I didn't know. Everybody's title seems to be in blue, except mine. I wondered about blue.

Oh well. I will get mgc to sing "Am I blue ooooo" tonight.

Will I get the "blues" over this? (OK. I promise not to say another word.)

I didn't mean everybody's name. Click on the blue text that says "This could get quite interesting" on the main page and you will go to a story in China Daily that tells the story of the lawsuit.

You do need to get registered on blogspot so your name is in blue since you seem to have acquired a stalker/jacker though.
I, for one, am going to miss sparring with "seekling" in the morning, yeah, right.

By the way, what names, besides "seneca," does ole finchie use over here? (snicker, snicker)

So far this is a little more behaved site, although "UPS" showed up at ml After Dark last night.
RW: Yes, I noticed. I attribute that to the fact that this blog has a competent manager in charge of it. Unlike the AJC, who allows any old goofball to run their blogs, like cartoon boy for instance.

Or it could be that you have more class than your average blowhard liberal cartoonist, not letting the children run wild and take control of your webpage. He seems to almost take pride in the juvenile foodfight outbursts that erupt at his place with such regularity.

Your server also seems to be vastly superior to that of the Atlanta Urinal's, seeing how the comments here appear almost instantly.

Blogspot/blogger is about the worst web hosting service there is and it's still light years ahead of ml's place.

Somebody over there might want to go back and see that when the blog posted instantly the food fights were almost non-existent. All we had back then were occasional kos kiddie swarms.

Maybe it just went to hell when your stalker "blogger/pinko Andy" showed up, but I still think instant response usually ended things faster.

Creeping back to my friendly little cave now...

Hey!! Don't be sneaking away like that.


psst...where's that friendly little cave? Some of us need a place to get away too you know.
dusty,, blue, blue suede shoes. you can do anything you want, but lay off my blue suede shoes...

p.s. michael big fat f&$%ing liar moore is a fat disgusting mutant freak from the semen of satan!

You are true blue right down to the shoe. Love it!!

And your (PS) description hits the mark. I hope that wounded veteran gets millions from the despicable Moore.
Did you mean to leave me home?
It's 6:46, I've checked out the new cartoon and I won't be on the board today. Things may get waaaayy
out of control with this one.

I can't believe ml would put this kinda crap up. Robin was a "boy", right?



I'd love to see this Moore problem all over the news and talk shows like his movie was. It's only fair, but we'll have to wait and see.

I'm with you on this new sorry cartoon. I'm disgusted. (Maybe there is a YUK AWARD they can give ml.)

Moore's lawsuit will probably be mentioned with two lines on page ten in Atlanta. AJC loves liberals.

Just call me "anonymous" at 10:15. I have some wild and crazy fingers this morning.
Okay, here you go:

"Friendly Little Cave".
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