Friday, June 02, 2006

The unwavering consistency of Howard Dean

At least Governor Crazy Howie MD waited until a different appearance to contradict himself. Most of the Democratic moonbat parade does it in the course of a speech or in John F'ng Kerry's case a sentence.

Dean called opponents of homosexual marriage "bigots." He said, "At a time when the Republican Party is in trouble with their conservative base, Bill Frist is taking a page straight out of the Karl Rove playbook to distract from the Republican Party's failed leadership and misplaced priorities by scapegoating LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) families for political gain, using marriage as a wedge issue." It's not only morally wrong, it is shameful and reprehensible," said the enlightened Dean.

Now flashback a week or so and picture Dean on the set of the evil bigot Pat Robertson's "700 Club." Dean appeared as part of his effort to reclaim "values voters" for the Democratic Party. On that program Dean reportedly said the party's platform provides that "marriage is between a man and a woman." Later, Dean had to apologize to gay rights leaders for incorrectly stating the party's platform position.

Surely I'm misreading one of these two reports. Which is it, Howard? Or, perhaps I should say, "Which face will you be wearing today: the bigoted or the enlightened one?"

hey crabman,

i'm impressed by of use of LGBT! don't forget the i's (intersexed) - lol.

don't worry, i'm not going near ml's today. i refuse to be provoked.

or poked.

hahahahaha. hope you're doing well.

Be careful adding to that acronym. If somebody adds in extrasexual and your intersexed and then rearranges the letters we may wind up with a group called GIBLET.
Wow you are now triple-D

Dangerous Devil Doll

Débutante Devil Doll

If we added a fourth it could be a porn remake, Debbie Does Devil Doll. (Please let me know if you would like that erased)
i like the debutante. i'm the bell of the ball.

i would make a terrible porn star. things you would hear me say:

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5. jc, do you have three legs, or something? i don't think so.
6. the only tea bag i'm interested in is sitting in boiling water. want to try?
Well could be DD's cup size. 'Ya think?

Onto Dean...."Watch me wiggle, see me jiggle, hear me giggle". (I'm singing ^^^ here.) J-E-L-L-O.

Sorry Devil Doll, don't mean to talk about your personal parts while you're in the room. Hope you don't take offense. My boobs are exposed somewhere in here, but my ni**les became dislocated over at ml's, so I'm gonna check to see how they're faring over here.
no problem oo. you can talk about my personals all you want.

did somebody pierce your nips over at ml's?

i saw ricky was back! he's so dreamy.
as a lot of you may know, rw and i are close from a long time back. he's probably too shy to tell you the story of what happened during his vacation drive. but, rw told me the whole story, so here it is...

rw's adventure
i like havin' the house to myself. how about some waylon jennings on the stereo? am i showin' my country origins? fire one up brother...

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He'll be the first to tell you, Bob Wills is still the king"

I read the Howard Dean flip- flopping story, which piqued my curiosity about "The Dem Party Platform" - something I haven't checked out since that last election cycle.

I mean, as a former Democrat, I should be educated about their platform, right? Maybe it was hasty of me to leave, and I should be willing to give them a second chance?

So I did a search for "Democrat Party Website" and this is where it took me.

If one clicks on the "Read more" button, one ends uphere

I'm just trying to imagine being a wide-eyed "mainstream moderate" youngster who is objectively trying to choose a Party or candidate to vote for. How many are going to look at this (hilarious) picture and say, "That's it! I'm a Democrat! When can I vote, and how do I donate time and money?".

I'm serious! Is this Howard Dean's brainchild? I couldn't do a better job of sabotaging the Party if I was paid to do it. Of course he probably figures no one actually reads their website, just like he figured no one who is on the fence watches the 700 Club.

His days may be numbered, which would be a darned shame.

P.S. Loved the JoRo Squirrel train, but now I can't get the song "Love Train" out of my head, with new lyrics -

"Get on the Squirrel Train..."
devil doll,

I wish you and I had a dollar for every time we have had to perform this part of the adventure:

Mario Andretti wouldda sure been proud
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then I figgered I had better go ahead and split before the cops got there

When I hit the road I was really wheelin
Had gravel flyin and rubber squeelin
And I didn't slow down till I was almost to Arkansas

Buy Danish,

I don't suppose they had a link to the 700 Club appearance, did they?

Have you noticed that JoRo and a couple others that change from day to day like RE, N-GA, and Goldie et al., make a few posts every single day that talk about what a frenzy the conservatives are in and that they could easily have predicted the response to the cartoon from the wingnuts?

I noticed that today they did it before there had been much of any response to the cartoon. In fact there wasn't much said about it all day. I bet that if all the conservatives stayed away one day they would still carry on this imaginary conversation.

Get on the squirrel train, squirrel train...

Darned if they didn't omit that 700 Club appearance. Maybe if you could figure out how to steal their IP address, you could re-do the site and create a link there. I can dream can't I?

Re the moonbats, JoRo is my favorite because he just posts sermons and talks to himself. He rarely, if ever, has a "dialogue" with anyone. The only person that I can remember his yakking with is Dinosaur Goldie, or one time when he sung the praises of Castro versus Batista to me. It's really hilarious to watch. I don't know if he has even figured out that he is "JoRo"! I think he is that oblivious.
hey earl,

god bless that charlie daniels' - you know what i mean?

ain't ya' proud of me for not going to ml's today?
howard dean? vote green, baby!

it's friday; i'm alone, again; oh yeah!

where's that ricky? hahahahahaha.

just kidding, of course. except for the green party quip.

and ricky.

Don't go Monday either. ml has a theme going.

Buy Danish,

That's hysterical, but I bet you're right about him not even knowing he's JoRo.

Did you look at any of the links Midori provided showing that you can steal IP addresses? They are all for some serious espionage and heavy duty criminal activity and apparently she really thinks someone would go to the time and expense to do that to her just to post a few comments on a blog.
i love that show Earl!

I'll have to try a wake up call for JoRo, although like this week I won't be around too much. Maybe you can test the waters in my absence.

I missed those supersecret spy links from Midori! Since I didn't see any, I did a google search myself, but didn't get too far, and I was afraid that if I kept typing queries about how to steal IP addresses that the FBI would come knocking on my door.

Of course it doesn't surprise me that Midori thinks you or anyone else is so interested in her that you would bother to go to all that trouble. It's the same bunch who think that Bush sits around listening to their conversations. Yawn.

Maybe you should do another poll for her though, just to keep her conspiracy theories alive.

I'm off to bed, but thanks to you, I will have trouble sleeping. "Get on the Squirrel train..." AAARRGGHHH! Dammit R.W. - what have you done?
Buy Danish,

Good luck sleeping! As you can see right above your last post mgc is playing the "Squirrel Train" right now.

People all over the world

Join hands

Start a squirrel train....


My Name is Earl is one of the best new shows in years. You couldn't get a simpler concept and the list can last as long as there's an audience.
yes, sir that is the truth! and that randy, he is a piece of work!

you haven't stopped by in a while. getting too liberal for you at g string?

glad you are back - i think. vacations are so much fun.
Sorry mgc,

I do stop by that bastion of liberalism you are running over there, but I don't always comment. You're just supposed to know I was there!

Aren't all you left coasters supposed to all have personal psychics anyway?
Hey, are you back, RW? By the way, what do you think of the new avatar?
The real face of child abuse.

Personally, I could care less whether homosexual couples are married or not. What is needed is a realistic approach that recognizes that homosexual couples are deserving of rights from their union, such as medical care, recognition in court for the purposes of distributing estates, next of kin status for medical decisions, etc. The whole marriage thing is a bogus issue. I suspect both sides like it, tho for different reasons. Liberals like it because it is a way to make people take a stand, conservative like it because it evades the real issue of whether homosexual couples are entitled to civil right.

I normally pick up after myself whenever I visit someone :( but I can't clean up my mess in the back room. I've had three failed attempts and can't find this "Delete" option.

Everything looks good, but when I try to pull up the text, I get a "cannot find page" message. I give up for now. I don't want the mess to become too much for you. I may be banned forever. I was reminded of something I need to take care of while I was in there. I'm on it today.
Now that RW created "ML after Dark" I'm not really sure where to post, so here goes...

While everyone is up in arms about the southern border, over in the north.....

At a news conference earlier in the day, a CSIS official said a series of terrorist attacks plotted against unspecified targets in southern Ontario were “inspired by Al Qaeda,” adding that the ring of suspects arrested posed a “real and serious” threat.
The "Saturday Night Special" is up over at the Al Jazeera Constipation's cartoonist's blog. The first two items posted, as DavidU referenced here, I think play a huge factor into this war on terror.

We on the left coast have long known how vulnerable our ports and Canadian border are to terrorism. In fact, an alert Washington State Transportation worker caught a terrorist getting off the ferry from Victoria, B.C. in the little town of Port Angeles, WA. Despite this, our funds for fighting terrorism have been drastically cut while places like Nebraska and Louisville have seen an increase in their funding. It is a sad day when pork trumps terrorism.

I really think you should post in both places and often. Seriously though, it looks like "ml After Dark" might have been a one day wonder in need of being shut down.

That's what happens when you take the advice of a vicious lib, like getalife, when you set up a new site.

As for the borders, it's always seemed like they have separate issues that are overriding in each case. On the Southern border we literally have a human invasion going on and terrorists seem more likely to enter through the North because they can easily get to Canada and stay there while they are getting acclimated to the West.

I love that last story urging illegals to sneak out and vote. How does she get away claiming she misspoke on that one? At least the guy that said Schumer should put a bullet between the Presidents eyes admitted he said something stupid.

Many places in the country that need money to shore up anti-terrorism activities have patiently waited for years because they were a less likely target than others. Places like New York City have obviously decided that these are funds that should just supplement their operating budgets from now on and to hell with the rest of the country. Look at Schumer's statement that Atlanta was filled with a bunch of peanut farmers so what did they need.

I don't think this recommendation can really be considered pork since it didn't go through Congress. I doubt if it makes great sense either since it is government, but these are recommendations based on intelligence gathering and pandering politicians may well pressure the DHS to send the money to high profile areas that they happen to know aren't really targets right now and leave a huge vulnerability that they know exists but can't talk about.

If they cave in to politicians and to people like you that have already decided you know what's best and our food supply in Iowa and Nebraska or the CDC is devastated I hope the Schumers of the world won't be the first in line condemning them and asking why they didn't know that was the real threat, but I know they will be and I'm afraid their will be many like you that will jump right on that bandwagon.

Man that was a long response to a comment that wasn't even directed at me!
My contribution to this Peanut Farmers vs. New York feud is:

"Salt Peanuts" by: Charlie Parker

Listen and Enjoy!

That's ok, but I thought my thoughts were original. You mean there is someone else who has already voiced them? I thought the purpose of the government was to provide for the defense of the country. The ports have a demonstrated need for better defense. The terrorist caught by the Washington State ferry worker was the key to stopping the attacks on the LA airports. The Washington State Patrol has a man in charge of threat assesment and response and his take is that Washington, D.C. doesn't even seem to know that Washington State exists. Spin it all you want, but our domestic anti-terrorism program is a great indication of this adnministration priorities: where can I get the votes?

Fine I'm just spinning by pointing out possibilities.

From now on instead of thinking that there may be reasons to protect things that don't have loud mouthed politicians clamoring for their protection, I will contentedly send my money wherever you decide I should.

Christ almighty I wish just once you could say something without some ridiculous claim that every single thing this President does is strictly vote motivated.

Next time you address DavidU. I hope to God I'm smart enough to stay the fuck out of the conversation.

It would really be nice if there was some magical solution to all the cares of the world that you and your fellow travelers seem to think there would be if only we could fill the halls of power with Democrats, but it isn't true. Jeez you had Clinton for eight freakin' years. Why was there any problem left in the entire world after that?

The more I type the more pissed off I am getting so I'm going to hit post and shut down.


You mentioned Frist in your post. How can you possibly support the man? His family chain of hospitals, HCA, is an object lesson in how to abuse government programs like Medicare. One of their hospitals opened in my hometown about 10 years ago and they tried to attract doctors from the community. They gave free seminars on "creative" billing. By latest count, they have paid close to 20 million dollars in fines for fraudulent billing and I can't even count how many of their middle management have been sentenced to prison terms. Then there is the whole business of the Schiavo fiasco, where he gave the country the benefit of his "medical" expertise by diagnosing Ms. Schiavo without ever having examined her. The autopsy subsequently proved how wrong he was. Anyone who would prostitute his professional ethics for political gain is not to be trusted. Dean may be a fool, but he is not a professional prostitute like Frist.

I was not aware that there were loud mouthed politicians clamoring for more protection for ports, refineries, and nuclear facilities. I thought that was just common sense speaking.
As for the votes, tell me you really don't think Bush is trying to mobilize the conservative base by his latest foray into the illegal immigrant fray. Talk about flip flops.

I will concede one point. I am referring to domestic policy when I say that it is oriented towards the vote in the next election. Since all the conservative pundits are talking about that, I can't see how you could take such offense.

I guess I didn't get out fast enough.

Where the fuck did I mention supporting that fucking clown Frist? That post is a damn article by David Limbaugh quoting Howard Dean.

Jesus Christ dude, if you want to trash me in my own house get your fucking facts straight.

Here's a couple of facts. I've never supported Frist I think he's the most ineffective majority leader the Republicans could ever have named and is the best friend the Dems could have asked for.

As for Terri Schiavo, I never saw any reason that the parents who were perfectly willing to take on all the responsibility while any other testing was done couldn't do that. I also never saw any reason to believe she was anything other than brain dead.

Now I'm really gone, I'll read whatever other crap you want to accuse me of tomorrow and get pissed off all over again. Hell with any any luck you can single handedly ruin this site just like someone did ml's.

You are right about Frist. Your run on post with the italics confused me. I can't blame you for supporting Frist. Sorry about that.
The debate over DHS funding of state and local anti-terror programs should go way beyond NYC and DC complaints about being short changed. There's no accountability for this cash, and it's not just big cities that may be wasting it.

I've been reading for years about DHS grants being spent on things that have little to do with fighting terror. A quick search turned up this item from 60 Minutes.

"It's as if you've won the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes and you say, 'I'm a big winner today. Where can I spend this money?'"

It's not just how much money, or where it's going. It's how the cash is being spent. And this is a bipartisan problem.

My gripe with the Schiavo case has nothing to do with her family or husband. It has everything in the world to do with the political posturing that occured around what should have been an extremely private dispute. Did you know that while Bush was flying to Washington to an emergency meeting about Schiavo, a truly revolutionary event was occuring in Texas? For the first time in our history, a state hospital was denying life saving treatment to a child over the mother's objections. Nevermind that the mother was crazy and the child had a hopeless condition. This was truly a precedent setting case. Where was all the sound and fury over this one?

I don't even have the first clue what to make of that 11:58 comment of yours.

Would government intervention have been warranted in your mind in the Texas case? If so, why? It seems you are saying people in a hopeless situation should die and they should do so quickly and quietly which would seem to mean they at least got one situation right.

I have never advocated for either position in the Schiavo matter. The extent of my feelings about the case were summed up in my 10:10 comment.

I am sick to death of you trying to take any radical conservative position and tie it to me personally or an overwhelming number of conservatives in general for that matter. What gets more annoying is that if for any reason you and I continue to communicate then in a few weeks you will be telling me I'm an idiot for supporting Frist and accusing me of marching in a "Let Terri Live" rally.

I, for the most part, let it slide when you came over here a few days ago to accuse me of trying to stop any drilling in the Gulf, even though you had already done it dozens of times elsewhere and had to know that wasn't my position. I don't think I'll be playing the part of good host with you in the future.

OH and I certainly apologize for my post being a confusing "run on", I didn't know you were an aspiring English teacher. I also didn't know the few words I added to preface the linked article excerpts would even be enough to qualify as run-on, but I'm not a writer and I have never professed to be. Hey, there's an opening for you. In a few weeks you can tell me how I am always claiming to be a professional writer.

Touchy, touchy. I didn't accuse you of opposing drilling in the coastal waters. I just pointed out the inconsistency of your position in supporting the president's brother. Instead of leading the charge to accesss easily available energy, he is giving in to the real estate and tourism industry in his state and opposing any offshore drilling. Even 100 miles offshore. If he can't do the right thing in Florida, how is he going to do the right thing for the whole country?
As for Schiavo, I was responding to your post about how you felt. I had mentioned her in the context of what an idiot Frist was (something we agree on anyway) and you had responded with your comment. I was expounding on that, not accusing you of anything. Just pointing our what a bunch of hypocrits the politicians involved in the Schiavo fiasco were. Would government intervention have been warranted in the Texas case? It was government intervention I was referring to. The state of Texas maintained that they were under no obligation to keep this child alive despite the mothers' position that there was always hope. The one living relative of the child was summarily denied her request to keep the child alive. The first time in our nation's history that has happened. Don't you think that was more significant an issue than Terri Schiavo for those who espouse a culture of life? Nowhere did I state that you supported the 3 ring circus that Schiavo became.
There is a difference between attacking a person and attacking his political positions. Even if all your suppositions were true, I can't understand your reaction. Nowhere in any of my posts did I attack you personally.

The closest thing I have ever said that could in any way be construed as supporting Jeb Bush was in a response to a direct question from you. (Or at least from WashingtonState)

I said the country would not be ready for another Bush right away, but that Jeb might ultimately be qualified. You take that as an opening to attack me for supporting Jeb Bush for President when he doesn't support drilling.

I say that you are attacking me and not my political position for two reasons.

1. You point blank called me a hypocrite for having the audacity to allude to the fact that Jeb may have some good qualities. That is an absurd accusation. If I can only support a politician that I agree with 100% of the time I will NEVER support anyone. I don't know a soul on this planet in any walk of life that I agree with 100%.

2. I take it as a personal attack because you are constantly misrepresenting my position. You can't just ascribe a political position to me, attack that position, and claim you are only attacking my political positions. They aren't my freakin' positions in the first place so you are in fact attacking me personally. You are far too educated to be doing this through some misreading of a comment and no amount of explanation ever seems to shake you to the reality of what I am saying. If it is some chronic memory loss I would think you would randomly arrive at different conclusions from time to time.

My reaction may seem over the top and I would say it was myself were I an outsider simply reading this any readers that think I have gone off the cliff I apologize..., but my reaction is cumulative and I have completely reached my breaking point with you. I'll thank you not to pretend that this is just a one time thing by pointing out the words on this thread with no acknowledgment of the past.
Here comes the "lacking linker". I'm thinking it may be apropos for this topic. Somewhat righteous and constructive anger. I love what the individual can be capable of when motivated by independence and self-preservation. Powerful stuff.

Please be patient with me RW, I'll figure out how to link one day. It couldn't have possibly been a "short & neat" address, it had to be a "long & messy" one.

I left you a note in the backroom. You are within a gnat's eyelash of successful linking!

I guess we all have histories now. I will refrain from talking politics on your blog since I haven't quite figured out how to do it without pissing you off. If I tend to come back to the same topics, it is because I find them short, easy for all to understand, and unambiguous. The fact that you agree with me on Frist and drilling off the Florida coast shows that. I truly didn't mean to get you upset about Frist. I did assume he was a mainstream Republican figure and you would support him. As for taking things out of context, maybe we could both use a lesson in that.

Good point. The people in the areas most affected by the flood in New Orleans have been the ones that have had the most onerous restrictions placed on them.

Here's an idea, talk about whatever you want wherever you want and just leave me out of it. (and yes I realize it was my own fault for entering this particular conversation when you were talking to DavidU. I won't make that mistake again)

Even now you decide that I must just be upset about Frist. Can you even read? Maybe Buy Danish had you pegged all along when she named you "Clueless in Seattle". You have made wild assumptions and have me stopping drilling in Florida, running Jeb Bush's campaign when I take time out from writing policy papers for Bill Frist, you probably think I am picketing or firebombing abortion clinics, and holding up "God hates fags" signs at soldiers funerals when I have time between Klan rallies.

Nice touch saying you only talk about things that we feeble minded folks might be able to understand too.


That was an interesting article that I also have a few thoughts about. They might run counter to letting the people just randomly build back up. It kind of goes against my anti-government intervention default, but I'll write them out later when my blog weekend in hell calms down.
I don't consider myself a democrat or a republican, but an American citizen. Thanks to the political talk shows, people seem forced to agree totally with one side or the other. There is no middle ground anymore. Political campaigns are based more on mudslinging than on outlining a person's qualifications for the office for which they are running. I do not feel that any politician truly represents their constituents. They see it more as a pass to push their own personal agenda. The real issues, jobs, the economy, corporate responsibility and national security are being pushed to the back burner while our illustrious politicians genuflect to special interests and discuss matters like gay marriage and whether somebody is brain-dead or not. I don't think these are matters for the federal government.

You seem determined to take everything I say in the worst possible way, so I suppose this is an exercise in futility. The short, easy to understand, and unambibuous applies as much to myself as it does to anyone else. It is easier to argue about those issues than the more complicated ones. Now go enjoy your weekend.
I think this would have all been handled different [At least it would have saved at minimum 4-6 posts] if I had just said:

WS- I agree with you regarding more attention and maybe even more funds (I don't know the current amount of funds directed at WA)going to the State of WA from DHS.

You make some good points about representation, but I'm not sure it's really possible to fully represent your constituents. The process is always going to leave the winner representing people that disagree with them and many that will actively work to undermine them.

I think it was Winston Churchill that said something to the effect that American Democracy was the worst system of government in existence, with the exception of all the others.

Either that or you could have set up a link so that we could listen to "Salt Peanuts" with one easy mouse click :-)

I have no intention of writing this off as a one time misunderstanding about your motivations. I have spent weeks doing that and you just slowly work your way back to the same characterizations of me.

Consider this me doing with you what Bill Frist would not do in the Senate. I've invoked the nuclear option and my default position will be to assume the worst from you. Trust me it takes A LOT to get me to this point. Congratulations!

I agree that it is impossible to fully represent the people at the same time, but it is also possible to alienate a majority of people. Which is truly more important right now, getting the marriage amendment into the Constitution or keeping our country safe another terrorist attack? I'm pretty sure the latter is a bit more popular (it is to me at least). I think people need to quit listening to talk shows that feature only the extremes and start using some common sense of their own. It's all talk, but is anybody really listening?
RW- I thought about looking to provide a link to it actually, but since I had not looked at my fantasy baseball team in three weeks (Yes, I'm ashamed to admit it…I even got a certified letter in the mail asking me to appear in court filed by my team for criminal and financial negligence) I had some serious damage control to attend to last night.

Plus I was trying to research some type of Contagious disease that just happens to flare up every other day that lasts a month, so I can use it as an excuse to get out of work to watch the World Cup. And search and Google as I might I did not find one leaving me with no plan to escape work.

But back to topic, Salt Peanuts, Charlie Parker, Jazz…listen to it people!

With the World Cup in Germany can't you adjust your schedule to watch it? I did that with the America's Cup when it was in Australia once and I only had insomnia for six months afterward.

Plus yacht races might be the only thing in the world more boring than soccer!!!

Here's a sports contest you can sign up for. You win tickets that you can enter in raffle drawings that you will never win, but it's free and fun and includes World Cup.

My team name is cci9284 so you can watch the progress as you put my picks to shame.

Genital Herpes, not that I'm familiar with it, I'm just repeating the commercials.

Flare ups! Naahh, probably won't work unless you're planning on engaging in activity with your boss.

"For the first time in our history, a state hospital was denying life saving treatment to a child over the mother's objections."

"The state of Texas maintained that they were under no obligation to keep this child alive despite the mothers' position that there was always hope. The one living relative of the child was summarily denied her request to keep the child alive. The first time in our nation's history that has happened. Don't you think that was more significant an issue than Terri Schiavo for those who espouse a culture of life?"


The above quotes from Clueless illustrate why it is impossible to have a "conversation" with him.

He is b*itching about Frist and Schiavo, but indicating that he thinks it's terrible that a mother was not able to keep her daughter alive.

No matter what one's position on the issue, it is impossible to follow his logic because the Shiavo case was also about a mother trying to keep her child alive, the only difference being that Terri Schiavo was a married adult child.

I read this sort of stuff from him and I'm left with my jaw hanging open in amazement.

BTW, I can't bear Frist either. His $100.00 gas rebate was the last straw for me. We need majority leaders who aren't also planning to run for president - it's that simple. I actually really like Saxby from the great state of Georgia!
Apropos of nothing, I found this "foolproof" plan that would guarantee a Democratic party loss in all future elections in today's Washington Post. I was written by a die-hard Democratic cynic.

"Why Not the Worst?"

Cynic that I am, I enjoyed it very much.

I forgot give my 2 cents on "yacht racing": Yacht racing is great if you're the one doing the racing, or if you're following the race in a boat!

I used to race Herreshoff 12's when I was a teenager, and I loved it (and the rougher the seas the better), although I, or more specifically my crew, never really mastered the art of efficent spinnaker raising. Many a time I'd have a great start and would be way ahead of the rest of the fleet until the dreaded spinnaker leg, at which point disaster would inevitably occur, and the spinnaker would end up dragging under the bow of the boat instead of flying proudly and prettily in the air.

I haven't raced in years, but nowadays I love following the boats around in the harbor - it's a beautiful sight.

I was not taking a moral stance on either issue, only pointing out that this was going on in Bush's backyard while he was flying to Washington for the Schiavo circus. The uniqueness of the case in Texas was that it was the first time that the only living relative of an infant had been denied a request to keep the infant alive; no one had ever done that before. The morality of both situations was not the subject of my post so much as the politics involved.

Yacht racing is fun as long as it's someone else's boat. Anything with "marine" on it costs a fortune. I used to race in a fleet of 24 foot boats and it was fun, but the cost was prohibitive.

The only thing wrong with that article is that the lines between satire and reality are WAY too blurred. I thought at least half of that was official DNC policy.
Buy Danish,

Thanks for taking over that alleged conversation. If it isn't a moral issue I don't know what it could be. If it's supposed to be a political issue with WS or WBF, whichever he decides to be from post to post, who is being pandered too if you take both situations at face value? It seems to me like one would counter the other if there really was something to the theory.

Good luck!

I actually love the Americas Cup races, but one of the funniest takes on them is from Jim Rome. He calls any insurmountable lead, in a sport event, being boat raced because he says as soon as one boat is an inch ahead it's over even if there are hours left in the race. The way he goes on about it is hilarious.

Very funny, and it nails the modern Democrat.


You have been harping, or should I say seething, about this Schiavo thing for as long as I can remember, but you keep changing the reasons why you are so angry about it.

Since you are so upset about the little girl in Texas, it would make a lot more sense if you framed your argument this way:

"I agree that Schiavo's parents should be able to keep her alive as long as they are willing to look after her. There is a similar case in Texas, and I feel the same way about that child."

The whole issue of keeping terminally ill people alive is an ethical minefield. Here is what I said to OO:

"There is no ethical obligation to prolong life if it means using extraordinary means. Legally, most states consider tube feeding an extraordinary means. Ethically, I am not so sure. Does yesterday's extraordinary means become today's ordinary means? I don't know. But I do know that it is a very difficult issue, especially with all us baby boomers reaching that stage of life. What I object to is the politicization of the whole case. It is one of those grey areas in ethics that needs to be ironed out, but not by politicians."

I am not unsympathetic to your point of view, but am concerned when politicians start to get involved with complicated ethical issues.

Re your note to Seneca - you're right - I thought it was their party platform too. Pet Bereavement is one of Hillary's issues, isn't it?

Clueless is trying to take the ethical debate out of a moral issue and turn it into a political one, but then complains when politics were involved.

For the life of me I can't understand his thinking process, which is why it is exhausting to deal with him.


I was just about to post my note to RW, and then saw your post to me:

"I am not unsympathetic to your point of view, but am concerned when politicians start to get involved with complicated ethical issues"

So why are you bitching that Bush didn't intercede? He's not superman. He can't be there for everyone everytime.

The Schiavo's asked the politicians for help, that's why the politician's got involved, so you have a lot of nerve complaining about it!

Apparently you think it's okay for the American public (i.e. you) to interfere in the wishes of parents who are trying to save their child?

Maybe you should stay out of it? I'm off to the pool...
WashingtonState and/or Bigfoot,

I left this message down on the post you and OO were talking on. I'm copying it here so there is no confusion. Thanks.

OO I apologize for interjecting here, but this has gotten beyond out of hand.


I don't go for the insane psychobabble of "the inevitable clash of alpha males", I am about as far from the textbook definition of that as you can find.

Like OO said I am very pragmatic which seems to contradict the whole idea you've conjured up, but beyond that I have firmly held beliefs when I have studied an issue and think there is a proper course of action. You have demonstrated that you have zero respect for that and you ascribe the worst of all conservative positions to me.

There are issues that I am far more conservative than the leaders in Washington and there are many issues where I don't come close to toeing the party line, but one thing I am is consistent. If I tell you how I feel about an issue it is heartfelt and studied. You will not be reading one day and see me espousing the exact opposite position. I can be persuaded by logical argument from someone that has studied an issue, but I am never swayed by feel good argument or party politics.

This is why you and I clash and not some idiotic image of bull elks showing off to get the girl.

As far as trying to come up with some centrist consensus for issues I think that generally results in very poor legislation and seldom solves any real problem. When a problem that government is involved in reaches critical mass it is going to need strong leadership and unwavering commitment to the ideals that you believe will fix the problem once and for all. Centrist compromises will never manage that for truly difficult problems.

Now back to the real issue here. I would rather delete this whole blog than ban someone, so I would like to respectfully ask you to leave this site and not return. You can reach the same people at getalife's site or at ml's. Feel free to take any parting shot at me and then please leave.

Actually, I think the Weingarten column spotlights the fringe minority of the Democratic Party. Like it's author, I don't identify with this crowd. Unfortunately, it's the one that seems to be in the driver's seat.

I think the GOP wrestles with similar not-in-the-mainstream elements. The fissures between President Bush and Congress, and among Congressional Republicans, are indicative of that.

Which makes predicting what will happen in November pretty much of a crap shoot.

It's your blog. You want me gone, so be it.

I'm chasing you around the blogosphere apparently. I was just talking to you at Nicole's place.

I still think that November will be much the same as usual unless something really major happens to fuel a nationwide drift toward one party. You know how it works with Congressional elections, most people that say throw the bums out are talking about the 434 bums that aren't their reps.

Of course, we know I don't have that luxury with Ms. McKinney.
OO- I'm not above using the Genital Herpes excuse, the only thing holding me back is that what happens when Jessica Alba comes to work at my office ( It could happen! Really it could…everyone needs to stop hating on my Dream!). Then it would create the awkward situation of having to explain my "Genital Herpes" or my lying....and neither are good conversation to have when I'm trying to get someone to go out with me :)

So I might just have to go with: “I got lost coming to work everyday for a whole month”, and work from there or something…...

I guess I got the last word in to Clueless. That's one way to win an argument!

Once you tell Jessica that you lied for the love of soccer you might not have a problem with her.
RW- That's what I'm hoping, that's what I'm hoping!

Speaking of Hot females who DavidU wants to date, why don't they just call the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, a dictator. I've been reading about his 'powers' and basically that's what he is a dictator. He can fire the President, and change laws without any type of discussion, heck even Chavez and Castro don't wield that type of power.

(That’s what I call a seamless transition Up There –Alba to Ayatollah- in one small paragraph)

It was certainly an interesting transition, but seamless?

Shouldn't "speaking of Hot females..." be followed by a hot female instead of an Ayatollah?

OO cautiously cracks open the door, peaks in to see if the coast is clear to say.......

I both love and agree with Churchill's opinion of Democracy.

I appreciated the hospitality you extended to WS & myself for our discussions on children and the programs that may benefit them.

Quietly closing the door, but I will return if that's O.K.
Oh, BTW, if Andy stops in, I'm enjoying the weekend news, kinda gives me a jumpstart for Monday mornings.


Of course you are, but if you closed the door and have to open it to find out, how are you going to know without opening the door anyway?

Sorry that the other conversation had to be a casualty. It had just reached a point that was unacceptable. I'm sure getalife has an available room.

Not a problem downstairs RW. We had pretty much wrapped it up anyway. Solutions are never easy or guaranteed to solve the problem. They're usually just a band-aid until the next one presents itself.

Getalife's is not really a place for serious debate. He likes it that way.

And life goes on.

My apologies to you, in all the craziness here today I missed your response.

I don't really think the majority of people spend their time listening to extremists on either side. It seems like that to those of us that read blogs, but that might be because people that participate in political blogs are the ones who might hold the most polarized views.

As for Congress I sometimes think keeping them very busy on things that matter very little might actually be a good thing. (I mean that somewhat jokingly which you probably know, but I thought I'd be safe)
I have spent much time reading liberal and conservative blogs. Most of them only want to preach to the choir and don't want to be put on the hotseat when they have to defend their opinions. I do not agree with everything you post, but I do give you credit for sticking to your guns.

(Yeah, maybe we could donate jigsaw puzzles and coloring books to congress to keep them busy, too.)

That would be a fantastic idea. We could get blogs across the country to hold a donation drive for "Coloring Books for Congress Day" and tell them we were going to keep doing it until they grow up.

I think most of the time we have a pretty good cross-section of views here and people that can do a pretty darn good job of backing them up. I know it doesn't seem like it today, but I would much prefer to defend my views and try to persuade people with different views than to post in one of the political echo chambers from either side.
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