Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What would the Democrat Party do with a good man?

Why they would savage him of course. Joe Lieberman is a good and principled man, with the exception of that year he got hoodwinked by Al Gore, so sometimes it's hard to remember that he ran for reelection to the Senate in 2000 while also running for Vice-President. He was easily elected in Connecticut that year, although he fought tooth and nail for six weeks to keep from taking the job. So what changed?

Lieberman supports the Bush administration's efforts in the overall war effort, including the liberation of Iraq. Beyond that Joe is a pretty much a straight line party man, but in today's Democratic Party you better toe the über liberal, moveon.org mark or you will be a pariah. That being said, Lieberman may be breathing a sigh of relief and beginning to cruise to his parties nomination, which will pretty much assure reelection, now. Yes babblin' Barbra Streisand has endorsed Lieberman's opponent.

Lieberman is facing the toughest challenge he's had since wining his Senate seat in 1988, a Greenwich millionaire cable company executive named Ned Lamont who is tapping into an anger from both local and national Democrats at Lieberman for taking positions at odds with the Democrat orthodoxy. The liberal blogosphere has made defeating Lieberman one of its chief causes of 2006, poring in thousands of dollars to Lamont's campaign and constantly bashing Lieberman, especially for his fervent support of the Iraq War and standing as the strongest Democratic supporter of President Bush's policies there. Even celebrity Democratic supporters, like George Soros and Barbra Streisand, have donated to Lamont's campaign.

Joe, it may not be much but I sincerely urge all my Connecticut readers to get out there and help you at the polls. (I hope that will be enough to make you forget that whole Sore/Loserman incident)

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