Monday, July 24, 2006

Breaking News from the Left Coast

WARNING: Do not click the title of this post if you are eating, drinking, have recently done either, or will soon be doing either.

oh man that was disturbing!

I know, it's amazing the horrible things people will post these days.
Now that's what I call a "fluff-y piece".

Surely they've cut out an indentation in the mattress for that unfortunate victim with the hairy legs.
Just in case you dropped in at "Neutral U", I wanted to make it perfectly clear that I have never been there. I stopped in for a look-see. Somebody posted the same "Finch Evolves" link I posted here.

I am innocent.....well kinda.

I can't make heads or tails out of that site. Everywhere I click I get more sets of rules and I don't think I've seen an actual post from anyone at all.

Phew! I couldn't figure that site out either, but attributed it to my relative inexperience in the blog arena.

Do you think Midori is getting paid as a moderator? I think it's a fair question after she and Getalife went on the "Andy, RW. Danish and the rest of the neocons must be being paid to blog" routine.
Buy Danish,

The site looks just like DU so maybe I just have a natural aversion to it. It also seems like there is a moderator on every corner which is a little creepy.

It did seem to have a surfeit of "minders". So far I think I get what one CANNOT do. It is what one CAN do that has escaped me.

Speaking of creepy, maybe OOTMVOD is a moderator! For a self-declared Thoreau expert, I guess he missed the Civil Disobedience chapter, particularly the bit about "That government is best which governs least".


Replace "government" ^^ with "idiot stalker boy blogger" and who knows - you may be able to perform a miracle and turn that "F" into a "D minus".
RW: NU seems to have different forums. Looks like it pigeonholes on topic. No running dialogue. I can't even find where everybody is posting at ml's these days. I've been busy, so I'm checking in late afternoon.

I apologize in advance, but I left you an e-mail. Prepare to have your vision impaired. Quotes too.


How's the vacation? It's just not fair that your life is so wonderful. @- <-----(Thought you might be missing ml's)

Was that the flipped over version of mgc's virgin?
It's not really fair to keep @@'s fun and games all to myself.

Open at your own risk

I see the frog. Maybe Rushncap can disect it for us. Bada bing.

As for my life being wonderful, let's just say that it doesn't even begin to suck like some imagine.


I sent you a picture too.

Buy Danish's entry in the Zarqman virgin contest.


I blame you for this!

Three virgins will have to do. I do believe we have had our fill.

I'm off to read another chapter of James Michener's "Caravans". All I can say is "wow"!

If I were Oprah I'd feature it on my tv show. As I'm not, I'll just recommend it on RWs blog.
Finally, humor that we can ALL enjoy! ;)
Buy Danish,

I think the audience's are similar.


Is this what my blog needs more of?

don't blame me man, blame allah! besides, who the hell wants a virgin? i wouls rather get a friggin whore!!! experience baby!

I don't even want to think about the actual intimate details of any of the three examples represented here as virgins. I do know that whatever keeps me from encountering them is the path I'll take.
Good evening, RW -- this is totally off your topic, but I noticed on your home page links to various sports sites.

Sports question. . .do you know why ESPN fired Harold Reynolds today? (duh - I clicked on your ESPN link like I'd find it there). I just really like him -- especially on the Home Run Derby. Just wondering and thanks!

I like his work a lot better than a lot of ESPN reporters. He does a great job on the College World Series.

This is the rumor, but I know nothing about that site.
Thank you, RW -- I just love him on Baseball Tonight (I met Chris Berman on a flight from BDL a few months ago - that was cool - my brush with greatness). I play in a fantasy baseball league, hence my love of all things baseball. Dang, I sure hope that rumor isn't true.

If you read all the way down there was an update that also makes sense. I can see him getting upset about them pre-determining how they were going to spin the A-Rod story too.

ESPN has gotten so into their own hype and staged production that they hardly ever let an event just unfold anymore. Maybe you have to to keep an audience these days, but I miss the days when the game was the story and the announcers were good enough to keep up with what was happening in front of them.

I just dropped in at the Sandwich Shop.

Talk about exposing innocents.... This person has got to be the "ultimate loser." Most sane people would have let this go already.......

Pathetically demented.

I'm lousy at forgetting where I left comments. No...I'm not a teenager, but I never voted for Jimmy either, I lied, but for very good reasons.:-)
Hey RW -- hope you're having a good day. Sorry, didn't mean to blog and run last night - my modem keeps blinking on/blinking off and I don't know why. It just came back on a few hours ago.

Agree that ESPN is all Hollywood now, but when a big sports story happens, you can't beat their coverage. I thought the ESPYs were awesome this year. Plus, they handled Big Ben's accident better than even the P-burgh papers. . .didn't report anything until they knew the facts.

Where is the Sandwich Shop?

I don't watch too much on ESPN so I missed all those things.
RW -- ESPN's a nice diversion from life on the road, like reading a good novel.

By the way, does Andy visit here? Just wanted to thank him for a link he posted a few days ago (catching up) re: Peggy Noonan. Embarrassed to say, I was not familiar with her but am really taken with her commentary.

Thanks -- baby honu

You have a strange way of going about things. When you wanted to complain about something on this blog you posted over there and when you want to get a message to someone over there you post it over here. :-)

Andy will probably see your message. If that Peggy Noonan story was from Opinion Journal you can get it automatically emailed to you each morning and you won't miss any of her articles. She is an excellent writer that has some surprising viewpoints at times. She doesn't toe a party line and always makes you think.
Hey wiseguy. . .I'm having fun catching up on all the AJC blogs now that I'm home for awhile. So where exactly, if not here, would I post a thank you to Andy WITHOUT being told I'm too stupid to post to a "live thread". [See, I read what y'all write :-) ]

P.S. Is there really another thread, other than the one on July 19th (Honu asks humbly).

Actually there is a new thread, but if you don't have it saved from earlier today you can't post on it until later this morning.

We wouldn't rip on you for that anyway. That's reserved for people that claim to be smarter than everyone else and can't find their way out of a dead thread. I'm convinced that if we told you there was a new thread you would move to it. For some reason the school teachers either won't or can't figure it out.
RW -- you'd be very proud of me right now -- I'm watching AC on Donnie Deutsch and not even throwing anything at the television. I'm reading Noonan archives for balance.

What is the name of Mike's new blog? I don't see it on the July 19th page. And last, do you really think OOT is a teacher? God help the children in Georgia.

This is the newest one. Speaking of AC she has a good one today. Someone looks familiar in the comment section too.

I doubt OotMVoD is doing any damage to the school kids. College sophomore is my guess.

I've got an early day tomorrow or I guess later today. Goodnight!
Thanks RW! See you tomorrow. . .
Well I'm embarrassed! I was trying to be "covert" with my Sandwich Shop comment. But since it appears OotMVoD had bid everyone farewell (not likely), I was talking about Nicole's.

I assumed (me being the only ass here) that he had followed you over there and contaminated poor Nicole's site with his bitter bile. I guess I misinterpreted what I read which isn't unusual.

BTW, where did his "exit strategy" (farewell message) go? I was crushed that he didn't mention
honu: Peggy has a book out called "A Heart, a Cross, and a Flag" that was written in the aftermath of September 11th, it is one of the best books I have ever read.

She used to be a speech writer for Reagan, "The Great Communicator," if that helps explain anything.

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