Saturday, July 01, 2006

Didn't Osama get his talking points from the DNC?

As Allahpundit points out, OBL doesn't seem to think Iraq is a distraction from the GWOT. Little Green Footballs points out the sheer monotony of the Al Qaeda themes.


I found either your source or someone that's following you around.

New picture huh. What is it "a Midori squirt"? Speaking of squirts, Daniel, will on very rare occasions, come up with what Midori refers to as "cogent" comments. Thing is, they're cuts & pastes from leftie blogs. It's hard to track them down, but they are definitely familiar.

What am I doing in leftie blogs. I'm the one ^^^ following Getalife around.


How goes it with you? Why no site? Have you gone underground and won't give the conservatives your address? J/K see >>> @-

It was supposed to be a temporary fireworks picture, but you have just made it a little less appealing.

The comment section is working for me at mlAfterDark. That template is squirrelly sometimes. Scroll around some and various text will reappear. Did you click on the picture of that girl on the sports page for a closeup?
Your new avatar is freaking me out . Make it stop.
I could put this one in, if you would prefer.
No, not that one!

That blog on your first post is pretty cool.
It is cool in that "I've seen these same stories on 873 other blogs in the same order so I'll be independent minded and post them too" sort of way.
Man, you read 873 blogs?

Did you know the meteor was coming?
I just read your links and it seems like 873 blogs. What meteor? The one the size of rushncap's ego?
No...I'm not seeing fireworks. It's a green squirt. Sorry. I really tried.

Getalife has not spoken to me here or at ml's. I'm thinking about letting my feelings be hurt.

Where is DavidU? When is Danish & Dusty going to return? It's getting boring at ml's when I pop in.
And why in the world would I zoom in on some girl's butt?
Sorry oo,

I was talking about the meteor you and rushncap were discussing today.

You said you read all the links I just thought that since that picture is actually a link you may have looked.

Buy Danish is about 4 days into a 6 week vacation so I don't expect to see her much. Dusty said she was going to be real busy for a while and DavidU snuck out without a peep.

I think getalife is dissing you so Midori won't get mad. I think he's got the hots for her.

I like the new one better. I was ready to set one up for myself like DavidU suggested, but it looks like I need my password, which I forgot and can't seem to retrieve through e-mail. Not that important.

Getalife & Midori...I'm "green" with envy.
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