Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lopez-Gorebrador still looking for a chad

If Al Gore ever wanted to make his mark upon the world he has done it and it's not his mad scientist routine either. Al has made the contested election and the subsequent pall of doubt over the results a part of our daily life. Liberals love to pontificate about 200 years of tradition when it comes to things like the filibuster, which isn't really the case anyway but I digress, but when it comes to the peaceful transition of power that the United States always did hold up to the world as the shining light of democracy, Gore's legacy is that he has completely scrapped that and made trust in democratic elections nearly impossible.

Mexico just had what is quite possibly the most above board and transparent election ever and just because it was a close election Andrés Manuel López Obrador is contesting the results and creating a situation where national unity in Mexico will be impossible. Al Gore did the same thing in the United States in 2000, although he and his fellow travelers just claim that President Bush is the one dividing the country.

Thanks Al! You do the mascot of a jackass proud.

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Third world countries need to have their elections monitored. Gorebrador (I love that btw) because of a damaged ego and a insatiable need to promote left-wing ideology put this country on that level. And Jimmy is helping. Both are stubborn jackasses.

There is no doubt in my mind that it was his childish trantrum that created the great divide. I think of it as his successes in "marbleization". The greatest of the Democrat's ploys.

You know, I dislike him as much as I dislike Ted. I put Kerry in a close third with several others. I just think Kerry is plain stupid which is why he has to marry money. Can't make it on his own or outside politics.

Thanks for your appreciation of "Gorebrador", as far as I can tell it's an RW original.

I heard that when Kerry was between marriages he was crashing on friends couches like a wayward teenager. Now you may not have heard one other thing about him, there's a rumor that he served in Vietnam for a few days. Let's hope he knew more about the business end of a weapon than Al.
"Where is a mishap when you need one". J/K...that was a terrible thing to say.

"SHOW ME THE BODY." J/K...that was a horrible thing to say.

Wait...I didn't say that, the liberals did.

Question? Does the period at the end of a quotation go inside or outside the quotation mark? From a purely asthetic view, which do you prefer?

@@ said "A mishap perhaps". or
@@ said "A mishap perhaps."

The first one is balanced, the second one is imbalanced.

No need to respond. I'm just having fun.

Actually that is a question I think about every time I end a sentence with something in quotes. Too bad the test I linked at Nicole's didn't have that on it. So I have no idea, but I usually put the punctuation outside the quote.

Speaking of Nicole, her site is ignoring me again I think. Maybe you killed it with the toothless cook comment.
Whoo Hoo a funny bunch, and articulate!
I believe it depends on whether the
ending of the sentence is a quote as to where the period ends.
If you could catch her online, thegodessoftheclassroom over at Lgf could answer that for you easily and with expertise.
The poster 'oo' is very wordthy ( I just made that up) and should tout as a finished wordsmith.

I think my sarc detector has gone haywire. I can't tell if we're being anonymously dissed or not.
RW, oh no! I'm not dissing you to the curb! The poster 'oo' is very funny.
dim sum

Only time will tell. I guess we could check out the goddessoftheclassroom over at Lgf. If her (*)(*) are on display, maybe our new poster is someone who would prefer not to be exposed.

There is one individual at ml's that prefers I not use my words for humorous play. Hmmmmmmmm....

Maybe they'll prove to be a welcome guest here and engage in some "healthy" discussion. We know how much Niketa appreciates it.

Niketa, is that you???? Naaaaahhh!
Anonymous poster. "Dim Sum", great name to post under here.

Here's to Chinese take-out. Maybe it'll work on North Korea and get the "little guy" to quit firing his blanks.

There's quite the battle going on at ml's right now between Andy and the spammer perv.

I think our anonymous poster is fine. I just wish he/she would use the "other" option and name himself/herself Pat so we would feel like we were talking to someone. Besides they are going to get their posts confused with some really vile things said by "anonymous" on other threads.
Thanks '00', I like yours too.
Dim Sum such a great way to eat
chinese, even the chicken feet. hehe
dim sum

I might have to and register this nic
before some one steals it from me.

Oh myyyyy! Maybe I should be filing away some of the "quotes" I'm seeing over at ml's.

Dim Sum:

Good idea. There have been a lot of Anonymous visitors here, but it's always best when we can call someone by name.

One of the minor disadvantages to going on vacation is not knowing where to post.

I left some comments at "After Dark", although come to think of it, it was not yet dark, so I should have known better.
Buy Danish,

I saw it over there. The nerve of you posting over there before dark!

I liked what this nut that's yelling at Andy had to say about how he's one of these Republicans that is so disappointed with big government that he is now going to vote for Democrats.

As soon as someone makes that argument they have lost any credibility with me.
The guys in the white coats showed up.

You're slipping. You could have lifted that picture from the DUmmies hours ago.
That's funny Getalife. Are they coming for you, the spammer at ml's, me? I'll go with the one on the right. The other one is too "fluffy".

"Cowboy up @@Annie". Eeeeaaaahhhhh!


You read the DU?


They are coming to take me away. Semper too.

We know too much.

It's always fun to look at DU to see what finch will be posting at ml's. You can pretty much count on him coming up with it about thirty minutes after they do and you can already have your rebuttal ready.

Goodnight OO!

I have not read finch here in a while. What did you say to run him off?

Goodnight OO!

Well he's Seneca over here. I think he got upset when we caught him using multiple nics to pat himself on the back. He still posted for a while, but then he went completely nuts and quit coming here.

Hell he even got nuttier than you. lol Maybe you should redirect those guys in the white coats to South Carolina.
oo asks:

"Does the period at the end of a quotation go inside or outside the quotation mark?"

Always inside when dealing with quotation marks, so

@@ said "A mishap perhaps."

is correct.
ew1(sg)&Dim Sum?:

RW requires we pass a punctuation test over here.

He's such a stinker, er "stickler".
Never mind. RW will fix my link. He is very "reliable".
OO's link
Oh no! I sent RW to pick up his "just dessert", now he's gonna comeback and undo his good deed.

Gore thinks he "the decider", but he's just "the divider".

Staying on topic to avoid punishment or banishment. :)<---
Oh no! Forgot the "apostrophe" s.

Gore's missing a marble. :)<----

Is that a bolo tie on your smiley face?


Does that punctuation mark rule still apply when the last word of a sentence is put in quotes to indicate sarcasm?

For some reason I always end up putting that one outside.
No RW, it's a detour arrow to my guilt for my comparison at the sandwich shop.

I'll know if it worked when I enter the white void to what I once knew as RW's place.

Maître D'adieu

You're killing me today. "White void?"
I was just wondering what banishment looks like from out here. You were banished from Nicole's, and Getalife has been banished all over the blogosphere. I just thought it might look like a white void.

I may have killed some ants accidentally in my travels. I had to kill a snake once in a panic state, but nothing premeditated.

O.K., I have banished myself and am on a diet now. No sandwiches. I may waste away but I am glad to make the sacrifice. =:) I surrender.

Just do it the way Hollywood stars fast and diet between meals. Since you probably meant comments instead of sandwiches just don't post unless you are posting.
I'm so flattered to pop up on your blog and find my quote still perching in the upper right corner. *sigh*

So why do you always hide your comments on a dead thread?

Does the sigh mean you really aren't flattered?
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