Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lopez-Gorebrador still looking for a chad

If Al Gore ever wanted to make his mark upon the world he has done it and it's not his mad scientist routine either. Al has made the contested election and the subsequent pall of doubt over the results a part of our daily life. Liberals love to pontificate about 200 years of tradition when it comes to things like the filibuster, which isn't really the case anyway but I digress, but when it comes to the peaceful transition of power that the United States always did hold up to the world as the shining light of democracy, Gore's legacy is that he has completely scrapped that and made trust in democratic elections nearly impossible.

Mexico just had what is quite possibly the most above board and transparent election ever and just because it was a close election Andrés Manuel López Obrador is contesting the results and creating a situation where national unity in Mexico will be impossible. Al Gore did the same thing in the United States in 2000, although he and his fellow travelers just claim that President Bush is the one dividing the country.

Thanks Al! You do the mascot of a jackass proud.

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