Sunday, July 16, 2006

Meet Kyle MacDonald

Maybe he can trade that house and move someplace that someone would actually WANT to live...? ;)

Wow, a post that I can actually COMMENT on. Never thought that would happen!

I have to put up fluff pieces once in a while to get you over here. Maybe you could trade him a cat.
Don't be afraid. My curiosity has done me in here at your place. I was in the back room. Edited my profile (changed e-mail address), saw the "sign out" at the top of the page. Said to myself, "hey, I've never done that before, let's see what happens".

I now have to sign in everytime with a password I can't remember and have yet to get a response from e-blogger when I ask for help.

So OO is nooooooo mooooooooore, and still sloooooooooow, and laughing at myself.

This message was posted by OO.
Let's see what happens when I become the "Other". Curiosity is a terrible thing to waste.

I like this guy Kyle. Reminds me of the "Travelling Gnome", the "Kidnapped Flamingos". American ingenuity in Canada?

He's a wayward wanderer, kinda like me. Life can be fun if you want it to be.

If you follow his comments down, I congratulated and mentioned I had a really awesome blue rubber band. A few minutes later I got an email form him that said:

Go for it!


If you have to start over with a new blogger profile maybe you can grap @@.

I'm sending you an e-mail. I've got a hairball?
I like this fluff piece.

Maybe you will not have to contact the FBI on this post.

I saw this guy on CNN and he traded an empty half keg of Bud with an IOU for the beer.

He traded a generator for the beer keg and traded the keg for a jet ski.

If you click each thumbnail of the trades, the whole story is told. The stories seem a little too involved to be someone that just logged on to his PC one day and started trading, but it's too good a story to dig much deeper into.
I'm back, like it or not.
WOW!! Those @@'s are really out there too.

Nobody has commented on the post below this one. I hope it didn't get missed because of this post. The video is overlayed with actual pictures and really shows how despicable all those people touting the "loose change" video are and it is absolutely worth watching. It's a little unnerving imagining the terror, like Charles said at his site, but worth seeing.

I'm always (*)(*) out there. I did watch the video. I'd seen confirmed evidence of the plane parts on other sites. The only thing I had not seen was the computerized re-enactment.

My Gawd....there was a tree? Maybe the conspiracy theorists can find what they're looking at in the trunk.

You would be amazed where gadem's latest conspiracy "Jews Photograph 9/11" comes from. It is historical in it's origins. Found it online.

Believe it or not. There are even moonbats in Jihad. gadem would fit right in.


I got your response. Thanks.
You're welcome!
Nine more comments to go? You da man. So is there like, something special to accompany such a grant accomplishment?

It's down to two more now for 10,000 visitors, I have no idea how many comments there are. It seems pretty cool for a blog that has been up 6 months until you realize that some blogs get that many in a day.
I'm cornfused again. Sometimes when I come in, it will have me "posting as @@", other times, it asks me for my user name and password.


I'll bet the sites that get 10,000 in a day are NSFW sites.
Now I'm @@ again after that ^^^ post.

Your computer may not have been set to remember you, but even if it was blogger sometimes gets stubborn. Sometimes I have to shut down my system completely and reboot before I can get into the post editor.
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