Friday, July 28, 2006

Pander and run---see the Dems do have something new

After years of struggling to define their own approach to post-Sept. 11 foreign policy, Democrats seem finally to have hit on one. It's called pandering. In those rare cases when George W. Bush shows genuine sensitivity to America's allies and propounds a broader, more enlightened view of the national interest, Democrats will make him pay. It's jingoism with a liberal face.

The latest example came this week when Democratic senators and House members demanded that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki either retract his criticisms of Israel or forfeit his chance to address Congress. Great idea. Maliki -- who runs a government propped up by U.S. troops -- is desperate to show Iraqis that he is not Washington's puppet. And the United States desperately needs him to succeed because, unless he gains political credibility at home, his government will have no hope of surviving on its own.

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isn't he a shite also, which would most certainly mean he would fail if his country men thought that he was against "their own". dems are so desperate to grap on to something that they can win with that they fail to view the big picture. if this new government fails.... how can the troops ever hope to leave iraq?

Did you read the transcript on Bolton's nomination hearing? I was shocked (not really) to hear Dodd & Biden both use comments published in the NYT to put forth their opposition to him.

All indications are that he'll be confirmed. God, I hope so.

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When I lived in Cali, the biggest employer in our town besides Travis Air Force Base, was "The Onion Factory". Even the cookies my Mom was baking couldn't cover up the onion smell. But I love the smell of onions to this day. Just not second hand onions.

He is an Iranian puppet who will support Iran.

That is your big picture.

They do that all the time. The Times runs a hit piece before any hearing and the Democrats wave it around. I really think it's one of the reasons they scream like a bunch of colicky babies whenever an unscheduled debate hits the floor of either chamber.

Be careful, the people here aren't as easily intimidated as some of your other sites. MGC might kick your ass if you get too arrogant with him and he likes you. :-)
getalife - so if he is a puppet, what would be your solution to this problem...."let's get out and run away"? this is not france and sooner (9/11) or later we (USA) would have been attacked especially with the decimation of our military under the clinton admin. our military was cut so much, why wouldn't you attack the "infidels"? this man may be linked via "religion", but i think he lacks the power to become a puppet of anyone. more than likely he is lucky he is still breathing. if all we think is that we need to run and "stay out" (liberals) our way of life will cease to exist. these crazy fascist only want us, all of us, dead!
My take on your topic RW. Politicians make decisions for all the right reasons and some for all the wrong reasons.

Once again, the Democrats are doing it (pandering) for the wrong reason, destruction of their opponents.

Maliki, on the other hand, is doing it for all the right reasons, trying to hold his country together on common ground while behind the scenes, he knows the real score. Exhibiting a patience and understanding of long term results that will benefit all of Iraq.

The only results the Democrats care about are the November results. Self-interest, they promote it and live it.

And no, I did not know the Democrats wave NYT articles around all the time. What are they...lazy, uninformed, irresponsible? All three?

You are "the master". I was going to sign off as "grasshopper", but Andy kind of ruined that for me with his responses to OotMVoD at ml's.
Hey, where did my twinkle go?

It looks like you may have linked to that picture directly on a page that is either gone or down. If you can show me how to find the image through a google search or something I'll turn it into a URL that won't go away.
Hi Andy - thank you so much for that recommendation on Peggy Noonan's book. I will buy it this week-end.

Had it not been for that link you posted, I would not have known who she was. That's sad, isn't it? If I had simply seen her biography prior to your link, I would have simply written her off as someone who couldn't possible know how someone in the middle thinks.

Midori -- if you are reading this -- seriously, instead of attacking Andy for his viewpoints, try clicking on one of his links. You may find something there to your liking, or perhaps a viewpoint you didn't consider. Or maybe not -- wouldn't hurt to try, though. You agreed with me at one time on one of my very "heartfelt" issues, remember? Perhaps I'm not wrong this time either?

(Hi RW -- hope you're having a good day, and again, thanks for this place -- See you later, baby honu)
honu: That's why I do what I do, it's "answer" 2) on my 11:31 Luckovich blog post. The mainstream media suppresses a great deal of unbelievably good commentary and opinion because it doesn't fit the message they want to get out.

If you like realism mixed with hilarious sarcastic humor you really should check out Mark Steyn, he has several good books and a website SteynOnLine.

Another good one is Victor Davis Hanson, he has weekly columns in National Review and The Washington Times. He tells it like it is.

It looks like your picture comes from "themejunkie" and they are reworking their servers right now. If it comes back up I'll still go ahead and give you a new URL for the picture so you won't lose it when they do something.
I remember it was "Big Daddy" who introduced me to Steyn on this site, that and other things we will not mention.

RW: I was gonna tell you not to bother with the pic, but I've disappeared twice while I was here, so I'll get it to you. Thanks.

Don't you ever get tired of babysitting someone like me who has no internet knowledge?

You are a patient guy.

I just state the facts I read and you can arrive to your own conclusion.

In my opinion, Malarki should not be trusted due to his rhetoric concerning the Israeli conflict with Hezbollah.

He is the leader of the new Iraqi government supporting a terrorist group.

Bottom line, I read too much.

There was too much bad ass talk at Wooten's so I decided to call their bluff.

They cut and ran just like I thought. "Van" is no jarhead. Some of my best friends joined the marines and I know how they talk.

You can blog with Hank Johnson here

I hardly ever go to Wooten's. Is there a place I should look to see what you are rambling on about?

As for Hank Johnson, I sent him a message offering to campaign over in the Gwinnett section of the district and he didn't even respond. Maybe I'll support CyMc after all.
I thought you posted at Wooten's. He wants to take some of the bloggers comments to print with real names and pictures.

Of course, I had to tell him about blog terrorism and maybe that is not a very good idea.

I hope he took you seriously on that one. These left wing stalkers and nutcases would be fire bombing houses.
RW: You give our liberal friends too much credit at 8:40. I can just imagine their attempt at fire bombing your house ending up with them being the ones on fire.

A molotov cocktail they would probably drink.

But I wouldn't put it past them to be peeking in your windows or stalking you on the phone.

Or maybe buying up 5 acres of land right next to your ranch in Texas.

I don't think I said they would be fire bombing the right houses.

I heard that Mama Moonbat used a sham buyer to purchase the land and then flip it to her so the community wouldn't object. What happened to the meme that everyone was on her side?
Hi RW -- hope you are well this evening. Do you by chance have an on-line subscription to WSJ? There is an article today - "In War, Bloggers Talk Across Front Line". It's on the first page, and I can get to the article headline, but no further since I don't subscribe.

I apologize if this is abusing my privilege here. This article may be about two of my acquaintances-- one in Israel and one in Lebanon.

Thank you, either way -- Honu

I don't have access to that story. It appears to be in the print edition today too, so I bet you could get your hands on it pretty easily.
RW -- you mean they still PRINT newspapers. . .that's so last century (smile). Thank you for checking and that never occurred to me to check the print edition. I'll find someone who has it or maybe I can purchase that one story.

Thanks!! -- Honu
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