Sunday, July 30, 2006

Photos that damn Hezbollah

The immediate condemnation of Israel for a retaliation that unfortunately killed civilians including several children is misguided to the point of complete absurdity. If the outrage was directed at the people that hide behind women and children and fight in their midst, maybe it would stop. The only thing that is accomplished by condemning Israel and demanding they stop is to ensure that more and more terrorist fighters will fight among civilians.

LGF has more here.

it is sad that civilians are being killed, but they were warned that they should get out or they risk death.

it is amazing that the world is blaming Israel and calling their strikes dispreportionate. hezzy keeps launching rockets into Israel, they response. it is not Israels fault that they have superior weapons and they do more damage than hezzy's crappy ass 1950's rocket.

i would agree that hezzy are a bunch of cowards who are only "using" the innocent, very naive and stupid people of lebanon as a device to gain sympathy because Israel is "killing" innocent people.

There is a good bit of evidence that Hezbollah, or the hesbos as Rush calls them, is forcing many civilians to stay that would like to get out.

I'm sorry but this is a fight that needs to be finished. Hezbollah started murdering US citizens over 20 years ago.

The Palestinians have been known to stage massacres to blame Israel and I certainly wouldn't put that past Hezzbollah.

i agree. this must be finished or it will never stop. although, even if hezzy was erraticated, it would only be a matter of time for the next group of religious extremist to rise from the rubble.

you ever read revalation? i doubt it will ever stop until someone bigger than us finishes it.

That may be true, but that time may come only when we give up on trying to improve our situation.

As long as we persevere and strive to improve life and humanity maybe that day never comes.
Condemnation of Israel for killing innocent civilians is being used as a tactic by Hezbollah. It is just as effective as physical combat, causing Israel to pull it's punches and weaken it's rightful response to Hezbollah's aggression.

The liberal drive by media is complicit in this "tactic" and the attendant killing of the innocents, just as sure as if they were the ones killing the civilians. Instead of them denouncing Hezbollah for the outrage of using women and children as shields, they are actually legitimizing the collateral damage by blaming Israel, which is Hezbollah's objective.

The blood is on the drive by media's hands as much as it is on Hezbollah's.
More info and another video.
This Lebanon/Hezbollah issue doesn't have to be that complicated. Turn it over to the women. They'll sweep the streets clean of Hezbollah, as well as their houses.

I believe one of them is quoted as saying "We made it dirty, we should clean it up." I have no idea what she meant by that. I drew my own hopeful conclusions.

On a more serious note. From Stratfor's e-mail:

The Israeli bombardment of Hezbollah's infrastructure has taken its toll on the organization, according to a source in Lebanon. At least 600 Hezbollah fighters have been killed as of July 30, and most of the group's social, military and economic infrastructure has been destroyed.

Let's hope their Lebanese source knows what he's talking about.
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Should we go over and start an argument? getalife is in a foul mood today if we can find him.
I'm here, I'm here. The persistent troublemaker. Are we gonna play?

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Goodnite Nicole. Goodnite RW.
I noticed the condition of some of the
'victims' as they were being 'evacutated' from the rubble. Strangely they all look like they had just bathed and were wearing clean clothes. How about that?
I am of the opinion that hizballah
blew up and finished what Israel began by bombing the area around that building. I mean, 8 hours later? Gimme a break!
dim sum

I'm sure you've seen this site showing the staging of the bodies, but I'll post it just in case.

I stopped in very late today at ml's. Is it just me or have the hinges completely come off the liberals. I noticed it's happening at Wooten's too.

Did you see Bush on Cavuto? The man sees America as part of "the world." I'm thinking the liberals see America as "their little world."

Hi-yaaaa Dim Sum.
I'm just gonna come here for the answers. If things were so bad in Iraq, why would all of these countries be interested in such an endeavor?

They have gone stark raving mad. I guess deep down they know that all their bluster about the whole country being on their side is just that.

As for Iraq it doesn't seem to be nearly as bad as portrayed, but I heard someone today describing the real problem we face if we are smart enough to see it. That is that we are trying to fight a regional war in one country and that simply isn't going to work. Hopefully we are going to strongly pressure Iran while Israel gets it's job done in Lebanon and Syria.

Iran and Syria are the keys to this whole thing and we do sort of have Iran surrounded.
@@: Another insanity factor for our left wing friends is the fact that, rather unbelievably, the Republicans are forcing a minimum wage hike through the Congress right now.

This is a horrid idea for many different reasons but it does effectively undercut the whole entire democratic election year strategy. It leaves them without a slogan to stand on, other then "cut and run" of course.

I think the reason they are taking it so bad and basically freaking out is that it is forcing them to think of some new ideas. This is dastardly torture that the Cons have inflicted upon them, it took six years of committees, consultants, hair pulling and caterwauling to come up with the minimum wage hike.

It must be Rove's evil genius at work.
I haven't heard anything official but it looks like your hard work has paid off and cartoon #5 is the winner. The vote counter is no longer changing and hasn't for awhile now.

This is a good thing; maybe they will hire the wingnut who drew it.

BTW, have they made the suspension permanent?

How much you want to bet they decide to have a runoff? Maybe they will scrap the whole idea because I don't think for a second that when they accepted that cartoon that it would a) win or b) be so completely descriptive of the current situation.
RW: I know, they made a late run with their little cracked head but fell short, as usual.

They started catching up about 1:00 today so we managed to get a extra push going.

the guy has some pretty good toons. At least everyone at a North Carolina college isn't like rushncap.
From today's email:

Hannity & Colmes Tonight, 9pm / 2am ET
Exclusive! Don't miss Sean and Alan's interview with Sen. John Kerry, as he speaks out about Ambassador Bolton, what the U.S. should do to calm the strife in the Mideast, and more!

Fox News lied!! It was just with Colmes. Leaving aside the Fox bait and switch, why is Kerry scared to talk to Sean?

Would you please tell Andy that I have a hard time looking at him in that get up and typing without laughing.

The article from Stratfor that I mentioned "Why Hezbollah Fights" made the Syria/Iran issue very clear to me. Something I wasn't aware of since I'm in the learning process. The article talked about how Palestine was relatively insignificant to Syria/Iran or Hezbollah. Just fuel for their fire. I read a lot of articles about unrest among the population in Iran over their leadership. I'm not that familiar with Syria, they seem like less of a threat.

So let me ask you this...are the two, Syria & Iran in competition for the region?

I'm paying attention, really I am.

Andy: (@@ said with her eyes closed)....

On the minimum wage issue. I'm willing to give some concessions to leave the liberals high & dry come November. Rove is an "evil" genius. @-

I doubt that they are in competition for the region. If I had to guess Syria thinks it's an equal partner that would be dominated by Iran as soon as they were no longer needed.

"Palestine" has always been a straw man. There is more of what they call Palestine in what is now Jordon than Israel and they never complain about Jordon not giving back their land.

There's a lot going on behind the scenes that neither the media or the public is aware of. I have confidence in our leadership. This will be a great accomplishment for the world if we could just get the support. Which is why I found the Yahoo article so interesting. Countries who didn't support going into Iraq now want to invest.

Strange bedfellows. Nite.
You're "Paris" link came up blank.

Nite again.

I guess blank could be a reason, but it works on my end. Paris has outlawed toplessness and g-strings at their fake beaches.

More from Ynet on the Qana incident.
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