Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Remember Pot to Kettle?

Back on June 21, 2006 Mike Luckovich of the Atlanta Journal Constitution posted a cartoon named Pot to Kettle, seen here as originally posted. As you can see from the link in the title to this post his cartoon drew massive outrage at his blog, as well as several other sites, and on the afternoon of the 22nd the name of the cartoon was changed to mask the truly despicable connotation of the name. The cartoon was bad enough on it's own, but the title told the true story of the meaning. Shortly after the name was changed Mike issued this response/excuse. In it you will see the mention of two soldiers that Luckovich at least acknowledges were treated unimaginably. The "bad timing" excuse touched off another round of outrage, discussed on his blog and here.


This is what Mike Luckovich and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution were comparing our government and our military to in Pot to Kettle and these are the soldiers that Mike thinks just threw off the timing of his cartoon. This site has the details and at the bottom of the post some disgusting and graphic pictures that will show what our enemy is really like and what despicable people like Luckovich think about our military.

You will be able to turn back without seeing the pictures if you choose. The Jawa report has placed them far down the page with a warning of when to stop scrolling. I am purposely not naming the soldiers on this post to cut down on the number of blog searches that might bring the families to content they don't want to see.

Hat tip: Gulf Coast Pundit

Our first discussions were here before the AJC had opened Mike's blog for comments.

Cartoonist Joel Samuelson may have best summed up my feelings here.

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