Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ronald Reagan tribute (hat tip-Expose the Left)

This is a well done tribute, it's a shame the YouTube play arrow had to be positioned that way.
This great man was the first President i ever voted for when i turned 18.

He was also the first President I ever voted for. Can I pretend I was 18 too?
rw, certainly you may. i voted in 84 and i was so proud to be a part of history. not to mention i shocked my parents by registering as a rep, as i think they both slanted towards dem because of status quo. they really where not interested in politics back then. they are now converted to the right side and proud of it.

Hold the phone!! You are always talking about being old and you were 18 in 1984? I was 25 and a father twice in 1980, no wonder I can't figure these damned internets out.

I didn't vote in 1980 either though. My daughter was born on the day of the debate between Reagan and Carter and a week later when the election rolled around I was a little busy. So we both got around to voting for President in 1984. Good thing because that election was nip and tuck all the way.

When are you going to stop putting up things that make me tear up? He was my first president too. A great orator. A thoughtful, intelligent, respected and well-loved leader. Did you see the looks on the faces of Gorbechev (sp?) and Thatcher? The soldier, the common men & women?


I don't know if you saw the funeral, but the tribute I just posted could have gone on for a long, long time with Nancy clutching that flag. That was a definite tear jerker moment.
Another great American success story that brings more tears.

I'm guessing the AJC used it to weigh in on the "English as the national language" debate. They always have a motive that is obscured.
It is sad that you have to read every story in the AJC with an eye out for an agenda. That one seemed pretty straight forward.

How could anyone in the liquor store business go without security cameras?
John Wayne supporting Ronald Reagan was very cool.

The support went both ways.

Great biography.

We could use some Americans like that these days.
getalife, are feeling ok? you're saying some awefully nice things about conservatives.

very nice tribute to the DUKE
In honor of Ronald "God Bless His Soul" Reagan, I got me one of dem pictures.

What a contrast from the greatest President I think there's ever been to a clown in a bunny suit that almost got in that office.
RW: I'll have you know that I've taken quite a liking to my new picture. If you could watch the demeaning talk, please.

Really though, this picture will save me alot of time in the future, not having to explain why I'm a Conservative.

I liked Reagan and the Duke.

Never followed politics much until I got sick and have too much time on my hands.


Nice avatar. Did you read that Kerry wants W's dad for Bolton's job?

If you see the need to mix things up.
getalife: Clinton can't do Bolton's and Koffi's job at the same time. He'll have to pick one of them.

Let's see, if he's Secretary then he'll be able to investigate the "peace" keeper rape allegations first hand. Maybe get some "reenactments" going, wink, wink.

Plus he's already got all the "Human Right's" commission members on speed dial.

Are you saying Clinton is W's daddy?
Speaking of Clinton
"President Bush said Sunday that ex-President Bill Clinton has worked so closely with his father on tsunami and Hurricane Katrina relief that he's like a member of the Bush family."

Don't ask me why.
Is there any reason Bolton can't do Bolton's job?
John Wayne supported & served in our military.

He played a critical role. He fed their spirits and their guts.

Andy: You are so damn funny!

I think it was a Washington Post article that predicted that Bolton would be confirmed. It would be foolish not to, but then you already know how I feel.

I agree with you. If I were a Democrat I would have just let this slide through and gotten it voted on before the August recess. When they come back they will be in full campaign mode so fighting for the UN over the US is going to make a bunch of Dems looks really foolish.

They already are going to have to deal with an Al Qaeda bill of rights. You would almost think the Democrats were crazy enough to let a lunatic run the DNC.

An analysis of today's turn of events in Israel/Lebanon is in your e-mail from Stratfor's e-mail to me.

I just scanned it a minute ago, very insightful. I'll read it in more depth later. I heard a lot of the same thing the other day and I believe it was Charles Krauthammer on Brit Humes' show.

You are toooooo kind. I'll take my truths straight up please. I've been screwed on the subscription, but I already knew it. Google offers courtesy viewing sometimes a day late it seems. According to them, a lot of the media outlets use their analysis.

Pssssssttt. Don't tell Semper.
This is what happens to someone like me who suffers from "Attention Deficit Disorder" on the internet.

Stumbling & fumbling my way through the world and finding it disconcerting.
Andy is firing on all cylinders this morning at ml's. Thanks Andy.

Sherman's memoirs were exceptional.

No men of fighting age are being found among the dead in the most recent bombing. Kind of obvious where they are and who they left behind.


That site you linked has been doing great work tracking the hosts of al Manar and figuring out how they have been able to stay on. A company in New Jersey was was hosting it and when called on it it transfered to Detroit. This could have been seen as the New Jersey company dropping them, but it turned out the Detroit connection was a sham and the New Jersey company was still doing the hosting.
In light of the current situation I think cartoon #5 needs support over at ml's. It's the only that is topical and really conveys the true need right now.

It seems to be keeping a tiny lead over "Bush destroys the World" or whatever it's called.
@@: You're welcome. I hope you learned something you didn't know before.

RW: Yes, we should all act like democrats with absentee ballots in our quest to make #5 the winner.

Vote early and vote often, y'all.
Could someone please inform me of the purpose of posting on a closed blog when Wooten's is open?

Are you trying to insinuate that my blog is closed?
getagrip: The name of Wooten's blog is "Thinking Right" which infers that the subject matter will be more Conservative in nature.

This pretty much means that the majority of visitors will be wingnuts and most wingnuts are highly educated, well informed, morally upstanding, patriotic citizens who aren't really in need of my assistance.

On the other hand, cartoon boy's blog is socialist, Al Qaeda sympathizing den of inequity that is more likely to attract the more seedier side of the population, you know, the riff raff that you hang around with, classless, shifty patrons of evil, sin and the general dregs of society.

These people I feel I can help.

And a closed blog will not deter me.

I'm breathing easier now with your explanation on the Hezbollah sites. The good guys are hard at work....great.


The Sherman link was new to me. I'm not a history buff. I just keep thinking when I read your stuff, that the dems HAVE GOT TO MAKE THE CONNECTION. IT'S JUST TOO OBVIOUS, but alas....some never will.:-(

No, I understand posting here.



I just checked in over at Wooten's. Why are you posting on a thread with 267 comments, most of which are old, when there is a 17 comment thread available?

Just answering Dusty and Ugotta.
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