Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So when does Joe Wilson get frogmarched?

Click the title or here for Bob Novak's explanation and the picture to get the post from Wizbang. Lot's of bloggers have posted about this non-case for ages and I would love to see their posts linked in the comment section. Since this blog has only been around since January our first post on the Wilson caper was here, although other than comments their isn't anything added to this article from Real Clear Politics. In March we excerpted a story from the Duluth News Tribune (no longer available free on line) here.

The kiddies were getting restless waiting for the Fitzmas that was always around the next corner. Then it happened Fitzmas had arrived!! The party was just cranking up and the DUmmies were dancing. But as they partied through the weekend a strange thing happened, Fitzmas never began. For the next few weeks they anxiously told us that the end was near. They were right!!!! With that they turned their sites to Cheney, we didn't really have the heart to beat them up over that one.

Now that the source of this super secret, classified, deep cover sleuth's name was her husband's "Who's Who in America" entry, is there any doubt that the severely deluded, but ever resilient moonbats will demand that President Bush be impeached for allowing this book to be published?

The antique media will still try to run screaming headlines like this one proclaiming that Rove was a source, but the story will fizzle out once you get out of the headline and into the text. I know that at this point you are babbling something like. "RW, that link was Fox News. What the hell do they know?" Get over it. Fox News isn't that much better than the rest of your favorites, but they are a slightly closer to balanced so I am trying to ease you back to reality. Besides if you were paying attention you would see they are trying their best to spin it your way. Would thanking me be too much to ask?

I know this is up for debate at ml's, but really, isn't it old news in light of current events?

I haven't been following along today. What set Midori off?

Did Honu remove his/her negligee here? Is he/she nekkid now? Do hes were negligees? Questions, too many questions.


Take it from me...don't use the word "objective". It's bad luck and will result in an attack. @-
You answered #2 at ml's. #1, #3, #4 & #5 aren't necessary unless you're so inclined.

The funniest part of RW's old story is that Novak walked out on CNN when the reporter put that book on the desk last August of 2005.

They gave him a timeout on CNN and now he is trying again on Fox News.

1. Yes, but no news ever gets old to Democrats if they think can attack you with it. They could have video of Valerie Plame having a three-way with Kerry and her hubbie while planning the whole conspiracy and it would still be Bushitler and KKKarl Rove's fault.

3, 4, & 5. Honu started ending posts Love, baby honu so I don't know what to make of that.

Do you have a point with this non-stop walkout story? You're starting to act the way you do when you go out in public.

You can't ride a dead horse. You need to get a fresh mount.

That ^^^ reminds me of a memo at work about useless committees. Funny stuff.

I told you it is like beating your head against the wall.

Sigh again.
Wow getalife Fitzmas is really heating up. It looks like Rove's big leak was "Oh, you know that too", if that's a nefarious conspiracy the more is more of a genius than I thought.
Yes, you need to update about the lawsuit. I emailed Charles but he did not post it for some reason.

The lawsuit says that Dick Cheney said she was fair game which they took to mean she could be shot and hung from a tree or some such foolishness.

It'll be fun to post it and rank on it once Smoking Gun gets a copy of it.

My comment @ 7:10 yesterday, just above yours: nefarious conspiracy the more should have been: nefarious conspiracy then Rove...
I would be surprised to see this case making it to court.

The three stooges will not want to testify under oath and I think there will be a rather large settlement out of court.
Joe, Valerie, and __ are the three stooges?

Fill in the blank.

Since you have to prove damages in court on a financial civil case would you like to tell me how making someone go from government salary to moonbat icon has damaged them. If they had any shame it might embarrass them, but they make tons more money now.
Libby, Cheney and Rove are the three stooges. Who is Curly or Shemp you ask?

Larry would be Libby. Moe would be Cheney and Rove would be Curly or Shemp.
First, Robert Novak has been repeating the nonsense that he learned Valerie was undercover because he looked her up in Who's Who. Excuse me? If you looked up Valerie in Who's Who back in July 2001 it said nothing, I repeat NOTHING, about her working for the CIA. The only way Novak knew that she worked at the CIA was because Karl Rove told him.

Bill Harlow, the CIA's spokesman said more than he should to Novak but at least he warned Novak not to print anything about her identity.

Second, more than 10 former intelligence officers (myself included), identified by name, have stated that Valerie was undercover when she was outed. Those are cold, hard facts. -- Larry Johnson

Novak doesn't say he found her status from Who's Who he says he learned her name from Who's Who and does Larry Johnson say how he knows Rove said this?

The government tells the press not to print things all the time. How come this one time you think shouldn't have been printed, but all the others should have.

Keep in mind this would never have come up at all if Joe Wilson and the New York Times hadn't lied about the nature of the trip.

CIA would say that the rubber band man in the office supply commercial was under cover. If she was under cover Fitzgerald would have indicted somebody for outing her and that really is the bottom line no matter what Larry Johnson has to say.

Maybe it isn't the lgf people that think you're joewilson, I think it's you that thinks you're joewilson and here's a newsflash. Valerie ain't giving you any.
From the real Joe Wilson:

As the CIA itself has officially confirmed, Valerie Wilson did not send Ambassador Wilson to Niger and she neither suggested him nor recommended him for the trip. Furthermore, the Ambassador agreed to travel to Niger pro bono with only his travel expenses being paid."

Its the lgf that thinks I am the real "joewilson." LOL.

The CIA needs to be investigated big time, so maybe that will be the silver lining to this.

Just what we need is the CIA shipping people all over and not paying them so they will be free to yak to the Treason Times.

I'm reading the lawsuit right now. If it's funny enough I'll make it a new post, so far it looks like I'll just link it. It's 23 pages of moonbat talking points. In fact there isn't a word in it I haven't heard from you. Maybe you are doing Valerie.
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