Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So when does Joe Wilson get frogmarched?

Click the title or here for Bob Novak's explanation and the picture to get the post from Wizbang. Lot's of bloggers have posted about this non-case for ages and I would love to see their posts linked in the comment section. Since this blog has only been around since January our first post on the Wilson caper was here, although other than comments their isn't anything added to this article from Real Clear Politics. In March we excerpted a story from the Duluth News Tribune (no longer available free on line) here.

The kiddies were getting restless waiting for the Fitzmas that was always around the next corner. Then it happened Fitzmas had arrived!! The party was just cranking up and the DUmmies were dancing. But as they partied through the weekend a strange thing happened, Fitzmas never began. For the next few weeks they anxiously told us that the end was near. They were right!!!! With that they turned their sites to Cheney, we didn't really have the heart to beat them up over that one.

Now that the source of this super secret, classified, deep cover sleuth's name was her husband's "Who's Who in America" entry, is there any doubt that the severely deluded, but ever resilient moonbats will demand that President Bush be impeached for allowing this book to be published?

The antique media will still try to run screaming headlines like this one proclaiming that Rove was a source, but the story will fizzle out once you get out of the headline and into the text. I know that at this point you are babbling something like. "RW, that link was Fox News. What the hell do they know?" Get over it. Fox News isn't that much better than the rest of your favorites, but they are a slightly closer to balanced so I am trying to ease you back to reality. Besides if you were paying attention you would see they are trying their best to spin it your way. Would thanking me be too much to ask?

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