Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A tale of two launches

The contrast between our shuttle launch and North Korea's pathetic attempt to show it's muscle couldn't be more stark. Discovery's launch worried many Americans because we believe that it may be somewhat outdated and dangerous to the astronauts on board. North Korea's fizzled attempt at a missile test proves that while a madman runs that country, it's capabilities are minimal and decades behind ours. We should continue to pressure North Korea's neighbors to solve this problem and not bow to the political left in this country that wants to play up Kim Jung Il's power simply to distract us from our mission in the Middle East.

For anyone more interested in the space travel angle of this post, Pravda has an interesting theory on what makes a space mission successful.

That was some interesting information from Pravda, but as the saying goes..."Too much information".

I know this is cruel, but I'm hoping that North Korea will suffer from "premature launching?"

I have no compassion for what may befall "the little pr*ck".
Am I the only one that keeps misreading "Pravda" as "Prada"? I sometimes think you're authoring fashion posts.

Good afternoon/evening, RW. ;)

Well isn't there a movie out called "The Devil Wears Prada"?

Can't you just picture RW with a horn & tail. Naaaahhhhh! But then again, maybe.

I am authoring fashion posts. Being a conservative is not just the right thing for our country, it's also quite fashionable.


I thought you weren't going to bring that weekend up again.
If that weekend was this past weekend, I don't remember much about it so.....


Maybe I misspoke. I remember, he had horns and a tail, but I think he was barefoot, no Pradas. How tacky.
Hold that launch! I brought a passenger.

The best argument I can think of for space exploration...a home away from home for all the crazies.

That is great! It almost has all the tinfoil hat theories I was asking the moonbats for this morning. Do you have the page saved at ml's to post it? If not do you mind if I put it over there?

It's a public domain. No I don't mind. It's bound to surface in the form of what they call a "cogent" post. Conspiracies are all they've got. You know, can't disprove a negative.

It's a safe place, like a "padded cell".
In the CBS Link within, a suicide note was mentioned. His wife was pressured to turn it over.

I think it was published. A terrible invasion of privacy.
Oops! I'm still learning slowly. But this linking over here is fun.
RW, Do you know anything about this site?,

I was looking around in it today unimpeded when all of a sudden, they wanted me to subscribe. Teasers!

What I was reading was fascinating. All the global puzzle pieces. Sound analysis of strategy. Without any bias.

If you could be a dahling, advise as to registration requirements and risks. I don't want to leave myself too exposed. No rush, but I wouldn't mind paying for what I saw briefly.

I don't know anything about them. Here's what Wiki has to say. With Wiki you never really know, but that sounded fairly reasoned.

This group thinks they are basically the devil which may be a good sign because these guys seem to be eaten up with BDS.
RW: When I was reading what was made accessible to me on Stratfor, they claimed predictions that had been right and those that had been wrong.

I'm running around the globe all day via the internet checking out what the world is doing, how the citizens view their leaders, their economies. All the little pictures that might give me a "big picture". What am I gonna do with all these pieces? Probably leave them in the box and just stare at the lid.

Oh well, it's still fascinating. Maybe I'll subscribe.

Everybody appeared to be grumpy at ml's today.
oo, I don't know about the tail but I could see him in a Prada sport hoody tracksuit, courtesy of ebay.

Get on that.

RW, I think you might be a wee bit confused. It's CONSERVATION that's fashionable. Glad I could clear that up.

How did you know I get all my clothes from Fluffy Bunny?

Conservation is also fashionable, that's why people that care about the environment should help the Republican Party that really fixes problems instead of Democrats that just want to restrict free enterprise with feel good measures that do nothing to help out in the long term.

Glad I could clear up your clarification.
Nicole, the day ended up badly and it was nice to find you here. I'll check out the "hoodie" and it will definitely have to come from e-bay if it's Prada. because I'm frugal. And RW is "fluffy"?

I had no idea RW. I thought you were extremely tall, but tall and "fluffy" will test my imagination.

Somebody is teetering on the "razor's edge" next door. Am I to assume......? It is worrisome, but we've all tried to help in our own way.

Once you look at Nicole's link you'll understand the "Fluffy". I don't think I qualify as personally fluffy even if my six packs might be more like 2-liters.
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