Saturday, July 15, 2006

This amazing video and simulation should put to rest the Flight 77 conspiracies

It should, but I'm sure it won't. The title link is to the post at Little Green Footballs and has some other very interesting material.

nice work.

If you happen to go to the latest post at the after dark site, about half way down a threat was left claiming to have compromised every computer on this and other sites.

You can read the comment string here.

We've contacted the FBI over the threat itself. I doubt that the claims made are true, but you should make sure you are taking proper precautions with your computer security.

Just to let you know I didn't miss this...
I guess with the kook conspiracy theorists "flying" under the radar, the call to bring this evidence to the national stage is not as loud as it needs to be.

That's a shame.

The plane debris and the 46 pages of eyewitness accounts are irrefutable.

Well, unless you are a moonbat, that is.
I was surprised that more cameras at the Pentagon entrance did not capture the plane.

Too bad because it will be a part of history. They should use this computer model.

Maybe in the future there will be more cameras with digital storage used. The time lapse film recorders like the ones used here can miss a lot and really distort things. A lot of people seem to think the security tape was like a movie film, but it wasn't.
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