Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Times Watch catches the bias, but misses the revisionist history

Times Watch, in this article titled "Bush and the NAACP -- Bring Up Willie Horton, Ignore NAACP's Notorious James Byrd Ad" somehow misses Adam Nagourney's tiny little twist huge gaping change of historical fact.

Mr. Mehlman’s much-publicized apology to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People seems to have done little to address the resentment that built up over what civil rights leaders view as decades of racial politics practiced or countenanced by Republicans. One example they point to is the first President Bush’s use of the escape of Willie Horton, a black convicted murderer, to portray his Democratic opponent in the 1988 election, Michael S. Dukakis, as soft on crime.

I guess it sounds more palatable for the New York Times to say that the Republicans were picking on a Democrat over the unfortunate case of an escapee committing a few new crimes, except for the inconvenient fact the Willie Horton didn't escape. He was a convicted murderer serving a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole that Michael Dukakis decided to let out for a few days under his blanket furlough program.

The judge that sentenced Willie Horton in Maryland after his conviction for brutally assaulting Clifford Barnes and raping his fiancée wouldn't even let him go back to Massachusetts so he could be sure Michael Dukakis wouldn't let him out again.

**UPDATE 7/20 2:15PM Clay Waters at Times Watch points out this Boston Globe story that further tries to muddy the status of Horton.

Dukakis could not be reached for comment Friday. As the 1988 Democratic presidential nominee, Dukakis was hit by negative ads from national Republicans, including one that used the case of Willie Horton, a Massachusetts inmate who escaped while on furlough and raped a woman and assaulted her husband. That ad has become a storied example of negative campaign techniques.

As long as NAACP will continue to defend criminals like Will Horton, Bush should just ignore them. Fuck those manipulative bastards!

I'm not so sure it's the NAACP as much as it's just Democrats in general trying to pretend he was fine and Republicans were just taking advantage of the situation.

It's such an old story that I guess the Times thought they could just change furlough to escape and nobody would notice.
This whole thing was probably raised from the ashes because of the Michael Steele campaign. He's a black Republican and the Democrats won't sit back and watch their constituency be taken away from them by legitimately progressive policies that will free African Americans from the Democrats' grip.

I tell you, it's shameful and transparent for anyone who wants to see.

I dropped off some new quotes and a comment.
It's 5:36pm on a Thursday. My eyes are bugging out of my head. I wanna go home.

That's pretty much it from me.

Oh and I think @@'s " African Americans from the Democrat's grip" comment was, erm, interesting. ;)

Now I'm officially done.

Thanks for the quotes, the rest confused me too much.

Tell them I said you can go home now and they should pay you overtime for suffering through this much of the day.
Hi RW - good catch! I hadn't thought about the Willie Horton / furlough fiasco in a long time. That was the year I voted republican, and this was one of the reasons. (I won't tell you what I did in '92.)

love, baby honu

How was your trip?
RW -- tiring but successful. I flew into CT on Tuesday night, between the storms that Buy Danish mentioned on Mike's blog. In all of my travels, I have never seen lightening like that, from the air and when we landed -- and I know it got worse as they moved into Maine. All is quiet here now.

Wow - caught some of the idiocy (sp?) that went on last week with the threat. I don't see how that's even remotely funny or entertaining to anyone. You really are a saint to run a website --

Missed talking to you all.
RW -- not a complaint, but I'm going to go over to the latest ML After Dark thread (yes, I know how to do that now). Just not into looking at the nekkid pix on my left while I'm typing (smile).

You're going to hurt Sonia's feelings you know. I think it makes this an appropriate challenge to one's typing skills and powers of concentration.

On some blogs Sonia dresses as the Pope.

Here's hoping my comment at 4:50 was in no way offensive. It's only my opinion.

So you really do have political views???

Apologies to the host here.

No need for apologies imo, you see today where CyMc didn't even show up for the stem cell vote and several others?

When will Herman Cain run?

Or will they try to run him out too?

CyMac? You are either in it to represent the people or you're in it for some other reason.

We have a duly-elected Mayor in a city in my county who only shows up in the office after closing. City employees "in her office" can only make contact with her through e-mails. Unbelievable. The people now realize a vote for her was a big mistake. She sold them a bill of goods. Typical politician.

BTW, I'd vote for Caine in a "heartbeat". My kind of guy. Tell it like it is, not how you want to hear it.
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