Sunday, July 16, 2006

We have a winner!! Our 10,000th visitor...

....fits this blog to a Tee. From Dallas, Texas we find someone actually googling the words to "A Horse With No Name" and ending up here.

Referring URL horse with no name
Search Engine
Search Words going thru the desert on a horse with no name
Visit Entry Page http://rw-theorigina...alife-has-scoop.html
Visit Exit Page http://rw-theorigina...alife-has-scoop.html
Out Click
Time Zone UTC-6:00
Visitor's Time Jul 16 2006 10:50:34 pm
Visit Number 10,000

We're #1 in this search and here we thought we were goofing on getalife and his unnamed sources.


What am I -- 10,002??

Aww flut.

I think you get extra credit for knowing you were 10,002 ;-)

Maybe 20K is yours.
You know I think since # 10,000 was looking for things to do with that song and 10,001 was traipsing through on the next blog button, we really should send it to committee for reconsideration.

If you move to Dallas and start singing really bad oldies you win.
i just wanted to say i was here and throw down a little yodel!
Hey PooPoo Head:

I got the "DING DING DING" on that song entry, but no mention. I'm crushed. @--


Now wouldn't that be a kick if they had googled your revised lyrics and wound up here.

I'll just have to accept that my lyrical talent has been POO POO'd by GOOGLE. Well POO POO on them.


You'd have to google your words and see if they point back to here.

Did ml's blog quit posting, or is it just not updating for me? I see comments in the "latest" box, but not on the actual thread.

I just sent you a note on that very subject. I thought it was just me.

I had a response to Professor Zero, but it has not gotten to its destination.
I'm not sure about ml's. The comment block disappeared at one point. I posted for rushncap after that and it went through.

Your second post of the threat might have made them mad at you. The word limit warning at the top disappeared too.

I've been running around in your closet. I found something to wear. Whaddya think. I have another...would you like me to model it for you?
Buy Danish:

I've left the morons next door at ml's. I'm shopping in RW's closet. Would you like a sticky bun, a danish pastry or a danish flag?

It's fashion show time. It is very fashionable to be a conservative at ml's, haven't you heard?

That wasn't me that reposted the threat over there either time. I'm surprised they deleted it though since it claims to have compromised their site and in their case the information is stored on their servers.
Interesting. The second one has been removed as well. I didn't even look at the name it was posted under.

That something, something Republican Values appeared to be the gleeful terrorist.

I sure wasn't going to cut & paste it.
RW Honey....does this make my butt look fat?

I'm not sure about that, but it beats the crazy blinking eyes. I'll have to drag the green squirting picture back out if this keeps up.

I thought it was Andy that copied it over to ml's site because of the way it was addressed like an email to his contact over there.
O.K., I'll stick with the "Griffon". It's strange that they didn't post notification of a shut down. I don't understand these things, but maybe somebody is doing a comparison of the "State of the Republican World" IP whatever and the terrorist.

Did the GM @ AJC respond?


I'll take a flag, thank you!

Oh well, since MLs is a bust, I think I'll go for a nice, vigorous swim. Contrary to ootmvod's assertions, I don't drink gin, never mix my drinks with drugs, and if he must know (and he does seem unnaturally interested in the details), I wait until cocktail hour before I drink anything anyway - except the rare beer on a really hot summer day when sports are out of the question.

I enjoy my athletic pursuits (like the 3 sets of tennis I played today) far too much to sit around getting loopy, but Professor Zero sure sounds like an expert on the subject of abusing the boozing.


I know you'll see this message at some point. Just trying to help you with some authentic details just in case the fiction bug really takes hold and you need to sound like you actually know what you're talking about for a change.

Cocktails are at 6 tonight. I suggest that you write it down so you don't forget next time, like you did with the gin.

Got that punk?
Buy Danish,

Here's a fitting flag
Oh and I have not heard back from, what a shock.
Well since OotMVoD has nothing to do but mind other people's business, he can vicariously play tennis and enjoy cocktails with Buy Danish.

Who would have thought there was a man out there who enjoys shopping for womens clothes. Impressive.

Please, no green squirts for you RW.
It was me who posted the email the second time, right after they deleted it I received a very testy email basically saying in no uncertain terms that if I did it again, I would be BANNED!

Right after that, the blog stopped accepting posts at each cartoon and now also no new ones are showing on the front page.

They do NOT want to know about our little threat over at the AJC. It is NOT a good subject.

What I'm pretty much going to hypothesis here, and feel free to correct me with any factual evidence, our threat originated with the full knowledge and perhaps assistance of some AJC staff members.

Didn't cartoon boy just come back from vacation?

Isn't he already in hot water from Pot To Kettle?

Are not the lunatic moonbat fringes eating their own now, the ones that don't toe the theme from the fever swamps, such as Lieberman?

You think maybe they got tired of the AJC being a sounding board for Conservatism at their cartoonist's blog?

I know I gave several different lines of reasoning but I'm thinking someone is taking a mandated sick leave, possibly a permanent one, from operating a web blog.

With it being so close to the elections and all.

Just a thought.
5 minutes after I post that comment, Luckovich's blog comes back up.


They're monitoring you, RW.

I'm laughing my rear end off.

It makes no sense that they wouldn't want that posted over there. The threat specifically says that the AJC servers have been compromised and anyone that has visited their site has had a crime committed against them, yet they prefer that their readers not know it.

I would think they would have it posted in big bold letters along with all the reasons it wasn't credible.

I know that someone from the AJC has been on the after dark site checking it out.

I'm also amazed how many of the people at ml's blog apparently work for the government.

Isn't it interesting that they are finally ready to ban some people. We'll see if they pick sides on this.

Many of us have warned them in the past that there are some real creeps posting stuff at MLs, and since they have ignored our suggestions, such as setting up logins with passwords, they are suddenly looking really incompetent - to say the least.


My swim was great, thank you. Cocktails in 40 minutes-ish, but no, I do not wish you were here.
By the way, I have an update on the Braves recent success at the top of the Sports page that I believe tells the story in a unique way and even encompasses some sports that don't always get the exposure they should.
I stopped in at Wooten's and he informed the posters that their posts were being recorded and please not to post twice.

I think Wooten just meant the comments are being remembered so that when the system came back up they would post and not to double post.
Andy getting banned, that is rich.

You used 29 characters in that post. You better start paring them down or you'll never be able to meet the new restrictions.

Where is that new limit posted anyway?
O.K., I was hoping it was something more than that. But alas, there is no hope for ml's.
It was at the top of ml's page but is gone now.

I've learned how to clean up my mess in the back. Do I have to sign out? The last time I did that I became anonymous.

I'm following Dusty's lead. Going back to philosophy.

It's always been strange to me how you can cook a goat only to find it was a huge mistake.

If the art of goat cooking is an essential part of philosophy I better stick to battling moonbats.
You go for it RW. It's what you do best.
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