Friday, July 07, 2006

Well maybe everyone but Eric Lichtblau knew

Eric is only Kerrying on at the "Waffle House".

I like my word games whether Midori does or not. I'll try "harder".
I like waffles and midori!

Nicole obviously doesn't know our Midori.
You know I'm dumb and stupid whenever I visit this blog. Come on!
What, no Bush birthday wishes??

The Midori in question is over at that blog I sent you too that scared you before. We don't consider you any of those adjectives.

Happy Birthday W, even though that was yesterday!

I left you some homework at Nicole's.

Do I get extra points for a musical post in response to your assignment?
oh my god! i think i just met the captain of the "rollo" from "dangerous catch" on discovery.

i'm working in the chesapeake. he is sooooooo hot. what is he doing out here! he was with his wife - pretty hot, too.

he had on an old giants hat with his curls coming from underneath with black framed glasses. i asked what he did, and he said he was the "skipper" of a boat. i know it was him.

i am soooooooooo infatuated.
double d,

If that was him his father owns the Rollo and I think it's based in Seattle.

I freakin' love that show.
Race against the ice, the next to last show Captain Eric went off on the crew. I also think he got screwed by a phony government regulation that cost him big bucks.

Tell him we'll be happy to raise hell if he thinks they were wrong to make him empty both holds.
seattle, hell. he's in maryland. and so cute! maybe i could sign up for king crab. would you watch that?
omg, i think his name was eric!!!!

maybe he's on vacation. i am sooooooooooooo turned on right now.
devil doll,

Are you sure you're gay?

King Crab season was the first few episodes, Opillio (Snow Crab) was when they screwed him over.

He probably is on vacation because there is no crab fishing right now.
Devil Doll:

Am I reading you right? "He"? You do spend a lot of time in the bush with your job, so maybe you're just "thorny".

"Bi", till later. @-

I left you a more complete Truett's answer after you shamed me at Nicole's for letting a poor little grasshopper go hungry. I'll try to do better in the future. :-(
Master RW:

And I left you an "EXCELLENT" for the sheer fun of it. @-
I see your excellent and I've raised you a quiz!
I folded but left you vulnerable.
I folded but left you vulnerable

Are we playing poker or bridge? To link at Nicole's is the same as here.
I'm playing dirty. Poor "little grasshopper", victim of RW.

BTW, I'd like to be your Congresswoman. My name is
Cynthia Mc-Can-Me

I'm going to crossover and vote for Hank Johnson in the primary, but I think it's hopeless.

I've been dropping in over at ml's. Midori is going to be accusing you of being a "Netvocate". A Republican scoundrel on the payroll. Oh wait, that's what she thinks you are anyway.

"Librecon", we know they always come up short in their abilities to accomplish anything worthwhile, but "Libracon" from the Zodiac is soooooo.......well, just look:

Libra Positive Traits
Diplomaitic and urbane
Romantic and charming
Easygoing and sociable
Idealistic and peaceable

Libra Negative Traits
Indecisive and changeable
Gullible and easily infuenced
Flirtatious and self-indulgent

They are, however portrayed as good politicians. Well, of course they are, they've got a gullible constituency.
I bet she'll really be thrilled that I offered to place something ahead and then a test showed up at the new toon.

I guess we have to see what Andy wants to do with his word. I think the negative traits work in your zodiac version, I'm not so sure about their positive traits unless those are the Republican Libras. I was going for the leprechaun angle for visual effect.

It was just for your entertainment. Remember, there's a "Lucky Charm" and then there's........if you can find me somebody who's charming, easygoing, sociable and peaceable over at ml's I'll be convinced of their attributes.

Unfortunately, the few that were, like AntiR, DavidU, the former RE and WS (no guilt intended) have left. All you guys have to work with now is the "SHOW ME KENNY BOY'S BODY" crowd.

Well, there is Getalife, I forgot.
When Semper included him the other night, I was ready to kick butt. Maybe that's why Semper doesn't get on much. I've got long legs and a big foot.
In case I didn't make myself clear, it's a no go.

I remember when you had finch on that list too. ;-)
Put me on that gullible list. That was a "stab to my heart". You are brutal today, stomping on "Little Grasshopper".

And besides, who the hell can even identify finch anymore. He's gone underground so many times.

Please don't try to start sorting the voices in his head. I'm afraid that might be one of those "don't go into the kitchen" moments at the movies.
Oh no OO,

What did I say to your husband?

You didn't say anything. It's just that you are more liberal. Semper is very, very conservative.

If I'm not kicking butt on my own behalf, I'm gonna be kicking it on yours. Everyone else is fair game.

Not to worry, we are adversaries in the best of times. It's all in the game we play.


Speaking of "voices droning". I'm armed for bear, but I'll be hunting North Georgia Mountain Goats, depending on the situation. God knows I wouldn't want to provoke a spamfest in retaliation.

Can you imagine how the people that are banning getalife would react to the mountain goat you're hunting?

Tell him not all "vicious libs" are bad.
I'm actually leaning towards getting a patent on "Neolib" instead, but since I can't make up my mind I'm going to release both of them for public use, forgoing any royalties, so that you may freely bash the "attack and invade" liberals with them.

This should be fun. This is not exactly how I thought the libs, er, the Neolibs would come around to the Bush doctrine of preemption, but whatever, now that they are here, let's tag them.
Okay, maybe I should not be exposing this NAFTA superhighway project.

First, I am banned from the lgf. Then I have a stalker saying why I was banned without giving his name. The FBI monitors the lgf.

If you do not hear from me, you will know what happened.

Contact the NY Times for the scoop.LOL.
Who is banning Getalife? Do I need to kick some conservative butt after I get through kicking Semper's? Oh, BTW, I make the rules. I can talk about him here, but he can't talk about me. @-

I've got that old goat by the go-naa-ds and can deliver him posthumously pompous if need be.

I'm off to watch mine & Getalife's favorite show "The Sopranos", I'm only on episode 4. Can you believe that Getalife? I like to make a good thing last.

You guys have fun.

Great show, enjoy those crazy Italians.
How about that, getalife not "debating honestly." How rich.

They will stay on the Bush Doctrine of preemption right up to about a week before it gets used again. Then they'll look like this.

Maybe this NAFTA superhighway theory of yours will get you picked up, but I don't think it will be the FBI.

Here's a tip, most FBI agents don't run around in white coats.
Yes, Andy.

I am not a honest debater at the lgf because I was not a yes man or a "dittohead", if you will.

You did fare better over there than GCP. Apparently they ban anybody that doesn't toe the line there and your posts disappear too.

Why they expected any lib to debate honestly is beyond me.

It is like a cult.

The whole idea of a debate is two or more seperate thoughts on any issue.

If you all agree, there is no debate.

I saw one comment you made where you said something like "if you think DU is bad you should see the nuts at HP", I thought sounded fairly honest.

I could see banning someone that just posted internet rumors, like the sex crimes spam, that you see at ml's. Or if someone was posting videos that were truly eating your bandwidth on a blog that you are actually paying for, but not for just having a different opinion.

Besides once we hear from one of you myrmidon libs we know what all of you are going to say. :-)
Damn, I thought I was being original.

Hell, I am just trying to get to the truth but that is not an easy task these days.

You do tend to dig out the kook theories first. How did you like the picture of your grandfather's mob I linked for Andy?
I saw this segment on CNN about Murtha being treated like a rock star.
He is sort of like a moonbat homing beacon. That video is up on Yahoo's main news page.

Here's some info on him.
Here is what Colin Powell just said about Iraq:

I ran into Colin Powell and asked him if we are ever going to get out of Iraq. "We are," he told me, "but we're not going to leave behind anything we like because we are in the middle of a civil war." Powell and Jack Murtha both talking about civil war in Iraq -- shouldn't that be headline news?

Is he a kook?
My guess would be that you haven't put Powell's comments in context and you may have even edited them selectively.

Is this what has you getting banned in more places than a Muslim bikini?

And on the off chance that your portrayal is accurate then that would make him a kook. He has been hanging out with Bubba you know.

Yes he has in Aspen.

Now this from Bubba:

Bill Clinton Says He'd Ask Rove What He'd Do If Clinton's Political Adviser Had Blown The Cover Of A CIA Agent...

Do you really want to put Clinton and blown into the same question?
Rw, Joe Wilson wasn't banned he was
Banning is rare and infrequent. GCP
is not a lyris list either
Please don't expand what happened over at GC beyond what it is.
Some posters presumpting they had special rights due to seniority to abuse atopical threads.
The site owner had waited patiently for months to see the posters mature and begin to monitor themselves when it came to threads
designated to a certain topic.
M'kay? :)

Look I don't care what they do at GCP or LGF or anywhere else beyond MY commenting on MY site what I think of the overall practice of excluding posters for their opinions. I would never go to their site and complain about their practices.

I posted here that I see valid reasons for banning, or as you call it spamming, someone for a variety of causes. The site owner also obviously has the right to develop their own test of whether a poster adds any value to their site and extend the privilege to comment accordingly.

For instance if a site owner is picky about comments staying on topic and a poster won't respect that I have no problem with that owner revoking the posting privilege.

I am not in any way trying to get into a pissing contest with GCP. I sent them my explanation for why I mentioned the site. I've received no response and I have no intention of pursuing it. I apologized for sending an unwanted poster to them, they took care of the problem in record time so it really shouldn't be a big deal.

I think to play it safe i will remove the link to their site until I hear from them, please let them know I meant no harm and had no ill intent.

From what I've seen there by reading the recent comments I would get spammed or banned the minute I tried to explain it myself.
UPDATE to my 3:04 comment.

I've heard back from GCP and I guess all is well. The link to them is in the blog section and here.
I didn't post to upset you. Just wanted to nip in the bud any more
I don't think you would find yourself being banned, but of course one will
never know if it isn't attempted. :)
Anyhoo, seems like you've got a lively blog, keep up the good efforts.

Thanks! I didn't really mean for that to sound like I was upset, but I guess reading it I can see how it looked that way if you don't know me.

If you would click the option "other" to post you can put in a name, yet stay anonymous to blogger/blogspot.

Hope you come back to visit, it should get a lot more interesting as the election season heats up. I'll stop by GCP sometime soon, I've started posting again at lgf using this name, it used to be "Save Mars" over there, so I'll see you around. (Even though I won't know it ;-)
Thanks RW.
You're alright. :)

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