Monday, July 24, 2006

We've got mail! From Midori no less.

Some of us saw a comment from Midori pop up and then quickly go away the other day. For unknown reasons I actually checked the email on this blog and found out why.

From Midori:

I was looking for Getalife's blog and couldn't find it.

What happened to it?

Anyway, I did a search for your blog and got your email address.

To get to the point: I was invited to participate in this on-line community, and wanted to invite you and Getalife. I joined late last night.

The web site is

There are three forums:

» Neutral Ground
» Left Side of the Aisle
» Right Side of the Aisle

When, and if you register, you have to indicate whether you are left or right of center.

First things first, to answer Midori's question getalife deleted his blog for reasons he won't divulge.

Now the forum itself. While I appreciate the invitation and the thought I don't like signing up for any kind of forum that won't let me view it in advance and this one seems especially pointless. If you're on the right it seems you can only talk to people on the right and the same for the left. The Neutral area says that everyone can talk but can't discuss politics. I don't see any other reason not to sign up if any of you are up for this sort of thing. If I'm wrong about the format maybe someone (hint to Midori) can clue me in.


the news and general discussion areas are open to both the left and the right to discuss politics.

I deleted the entry because I felt it was better to email you, as I was talking only to you and had/have no time or inclination to do battle on this blog.
I deleted my blog so the FBI could hunt down real terrorists instead of blog terrorists.

The lgf anf gcp had hunted me down and they would have posted "stupid" comments.
I would have to ban them for being "stupid."

Getalife, you're too funny!!!!

Thanks! Maybe I'll check it out again. Contrary to popular belief though, I hardly ever post anywhere but here or ml's.
Allow me to clarify "here" for OotMVoD when he comes stalking. "Here" would be this page, the after dark page, the sports page, and Nicole's.

So the invitation was to you only? @-

I'm claustrophobic, I'll stay above ground if that's O.K. I like breathing fresh air, and I love natural lighting.

It was a nice invitation Midori. Really, I'm being sincere.
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