Saturday, July 22, 2006

The wild and wacky world of William Jefferson (D-LA) makes the front page...

....of the Saturday Washington Post. The situation surrounding the Louisiana Democrat just gets stranger and stranger. On the one hand he hasn't even been indicted. on the other hand if he were a Republican this would have been front page news for weeks. The Post has finally deemed it a front page story, but decided to run it in the Saturday edition. If a newspaper ever wants to bury a story and still be able to say it was front page news you can rest assured it will be printed on Saturday.

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uhhh, look how small LA is.

They pull Rev day, in and day out:

New O'leans, casinos, Fat Tue., numerous bowl games.

Where are all those taxes going getalife?

Maybe you folks should take some of those foreignor's money to keep the city above water? First priority?

ohh, just wait for W or the next one to take care of it.
very sad!
"Atiku Abubakar...divides his time between his homeland and Potomac, Md., where he and one of his four wives maintain a $2.2 million mansion."

Okay, I realize this is not the point of the story, but I find the cultural differences between Americans and others fascinating, as is the offhand way in which this detail is reported.

That's weird - I lost your links again. I could restart my computer but then I'd have to start all over at MLs and watch that little hourglass do its thing for what seems like an eternity.

I just noticed your little "pearl" of wisdom for the idiot stalker boy(s) at the top of your home page.

That is a fascinating question indeed.
Corruption is running rampant is La. as is in Washington.

The local sherrifs are always in the news doing something wrong.

Duke and Jefferson lead this pack of criminals and I would love to see life sentences handed out to detour these criminals.
oops is=in


Are you interested in deterrence or just detours?

I wish you could take your tough stance and apply it to America's enemies, not just third rate criminals.

No more detours though - just a straight road to victory.

P.S. I can't be sure about Jefferson as he has not been tried yet, but I don't think Duke was leading any "pack of criminals". I think his crimes were of a more solitary nature.
Buy Danish,

I don't think the disappearing links are likely to be your computer. If they are you might be able to fix the problem by clearing the temporary cache. If you are on IE click tools and then internet options. Select delete files and a box will pop up asking if you want to delete temporary content. Check that and click OK and then reopen the page.

I guess if you're in Hollywood, you're a Democrat, or Vice President of Nigeria, the press doesn't care if you have multi-million dollar mansions everywhere either.

When you said sherifs I thought you were finally getting on board with the GWOT.

I'm sure the stalker will be upset. Butterscotch died this morning.
Hi RW and others!!!
Hi Nicole!
RW, Butterscotch was your pet, yes? R.I.P. Butterscoth.

Butterscotch was also the very first post on this blog back in January. Thanks.

Re my 7:54 - it was the part about the 4 wives that piqued my interest.

Off to try to clear my cache...
Buy Danish,

I knew that, I was just adding on the houses and wealth part. I'm sure having all the wives is just peachy too, unless Clinton and Reno feel the need to prove they are McGrufflike. In that case you are a dangerous cult that can only be dealt with by putting you under siege and burning everybody to death.

Cache cleared! Links Up and Active!

Good point about Janet Reno. If she was still in charge do you think she'd be storming the gates of Potomac?

Sorry about Butterscotch. (That was tough to say as rodents are my least favorite creatures, but I know I have to put that aside and be polite).
Check this out, the secret vault of antique media style books is unveiled.

Hat tip: GCP

Sorry to hear about Butterscotch.
Buy Danish,

She probably would if there were any Cuban children trying to live in peace there.

It's not like this was a rat that was found raiding the pantry. Think of the difference as the same difference you find in people. Butterscotch was sweet and mischievous like @@, where a sewer rat is like OotMVoD.
Thanks getalife.

Well, I'm glad you compared @@ to a rat and not me!

That Point Five story was brilliant - particularly the last 2 paragraphs.

I also enjoyed the "about 5% sooner" link to NewsBusters.

These miserable Libs don't stand a chance in the War of Words.

Changing topics a bit, did you catch the Kerry comment where he indignantly, and most undiplomatically, told Rush to pick up a history book instead of a doughnut?

I wonder if Kerry would dare say that to the brilliant and noble David Gelernter.

I don't have my HTML code handy, but here is the link that I know you know how to access with, or without blue lines:

It's entitled, "When Will They Ever Learn...
Why do so many American Jews hate the president who stands by Israel?"

It very nicely reviews modern history and takes a great dig at Richard Cohen.

As an aside, it is notable that unlike those victims that Ann Coulter describes so accurately, David Gelernter does not even mention his terrible Unabomber afflictions, nevermind try to use them as a shield to immunize himself from debate.
Here is Buy Danish's link.

Now I'll go back and read it. What's with the fat Republican jokes lately? It's hysterical seeing Mothra drag his lard ass in front of a camera to discuss the size of Karl Rove's butt.

Thanks! If you like that one, you will like this earlier one from 2004, entitled "Bush's Greatness":

Regarding Fat Republican jokes, it's probably their not so clever attempt to get across the subliminal message that we are fat cats while they are lean and Ghandi-esque.
Buy Danish,

Great article, thanks. The situation he describes is similar to Shelby Steele's thesis in reference to white guilt.
I've been dreading the day that I would drop in to hear bad news.

I'm sorry to hear that RW. Please let your wife know that I'm crying with her.

Now please excuse me. I might be able to riff with the best of them, but my heart breaks easily.

Thanks I'll tell her, I think she is actually a little relieved.
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