Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Wilsons seem to believe our Vice President may be a cannibal

The title link is to page 15 of the court filing by the Wilsons. It seems to be a 23 page collection of all the accusations we've been hearing and reading for 3 years. You may remember most of them as the ones a Federal prosecution has found didn't happen. I really doubt this will go very far when they find out that voters are being turned off to other candidates by this second bite at the apple attempt to keep themselves in the public spotlight. This is a person that claims to like being undercover, right?

Here's the lawsuit from the beginning.

Bad news for Plamegaters you can't even get PMSNBC fired up for this one.

**UPDATE** Amber Frey stands in for "the spy", or so it seems, at the press conference. Not to be petty, but could Val have afforded all the cosmetic enhancement while still on her CIA salary?

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