Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Wilsons seem to believe our Vice President may be a cannibal

The title link is to page 15 of the court filing by the Wilsons. It seems to be a 23 page collection of all the accusations we've been hearing and reading for 3 years. You may remember most of them as the ones a Federal prosecution has found didn't happen. I really doubt this will go very far when they find out that voters are being turned off to other candidates by this second bite at the apple attempt to keep themselves in the public spotlight. This is a person that claims to like being undercover, right?

Here's the lawsuit from the beginning.

Bad news for Plamegaters you can't even get PMSNBC fired up for this one.

**UPDATE** Amber Frey stands in for "the spy", or so it seems, at the press conference. Not to be petty, but could Val have afforded all the cosmetic enhancement while still on her CIA salary?

Because he eats people for breakfast?


And I don't want any scathing responses either. You know I pay no attention to your politics. ;)

Someone should send a CIA agent to your site to covertly turn that damn cat around or I'm going to make it "fair game."
I think by "fair game" Rove was referring to a "yard bird".

Chik'n is good for breakfast too!
Jay not jay,

I have a feeling if they were serious they might have skipped the either/or definition of "fair game." Maybe when they sit around their drum circles with their "no blood for oil" and "why are my gas prices high" signs leaned against the nearest pot plant they envision a jury that is getting ready to figure out whether they should give a death sentence for attempt to cannibalize or life without parole for political hardball.

In these fantasies it will never cross their mind (singular) that this is a civil case.
I would like to see a nice counter-suit after the fact.
I would love to know where the funding for the spy and her pimp's legal bill is coming from. I'd be shocked if Soros isn't kicking in big bucks.

This is where we need a loser pays legal system big time.
Absolutely, loser pays. It would save soo much money for everyone and cut the bs.
Jay not jay,

I wouldn't want a straight loser pays system because you could have a situation where you really wouldn't have equal justice, but a case like this begs for it.

You know the Wilsons aren't putting up any money and they probably don't expect to win any, but if they could financially destroy Libby and/or Rove they would be thrilled.
No, not a straight loser pays system, but if it is a civil case without any legal basis, there definately needs to be some method of recourse to filter out the nonsense.
Jay not jay,

Maybe a judicial panel review that would say the case had merit or not and then make the law firm guarantee the case if they lost. Disbar the attorney if he got three cases turned away or something.

I know that in the early days President Bush was trying to do some tort reform and got slapped down at every turn.
If they want to reform medical care, cutting down the bs lawsuits against doctors and insurance companies are a good place to start.
Jay not jay,

We might also want to make sure our CIA agents aren't married to camera hogging egomaniacs too.

As BigDaddy would say. RW out!

Although there's a good chance he would have said BigDaddy out. Nite
Kudos, to Joe and Valerie Wilson for doing what they said they will do. This case will never make it to court. Cheney under oath is very dangerous.
RW's gonna do a cat?

Getalife: Just wanted to let you know here, not at ml's that you can banish yourself from Kos, TO & HP now. You have Dan.

If I'd said this over there, the lefties would have attacked him. Well, they already did. Maybe he can maintain his cool. It's difficult with all the hate the left hurls at us though. Poor @@ has succumbed. I am ashamed!

I'll drop in to read the article later.
Who let Andy out?

I enjoyed talking to Dan even though he did not answer my why question.

Probably a good thing if he is still enlisted. I hope he does not have to go back to Iraq.
So is there going to be any doe hunting involved. They list 10?

Seventh Day Adventist Church vs. @@

Millionaire Developer vs. @@

Who pays? @@

I'm an advocate of tort reform, but would somebody explain my chances up there.
The icing on this cake is the flavor
of 'discovery'.
What color do you think the Wilsons
will turn out to be when the defendents lawyers start asking for
letters, bank accounts, files,and etc.?
It's known they live beyond their means...uhoh!

dim sum

I just can't see this getting to that stage. Normal people are going to point to Fitzgerald closing shop and determine there really is nothing there.

The criminal charges should be dropped immediately against Libby to clear the deck for this to go forward. Wouldn't you love to see the donor list on the "Send a Wilson to Camp" fund?

Personally I think a full investigation looking into Plame/Wilson/Kerry has a much better chance of finding wrong doing.

hot & sour
OO, hopefully this cat is not unleased to avenge the neocon dog attack:


(if the link works)
Hot and Sour are good.

dim sum
Jay not jay,

Click over to Nicole's and you'll see the cat. The second post down is the cat that needs turning.


We're in dangerous territory with the dog and cat talk filtering in with Chinese soups.

mien course
This case stinks.


"Demo-cats" are prone to hissssy fits. That cat probably took off and ran in front of a car driven by a Republican, was picked up by a underpaid disgruntled Democrat and then carried to a landfill owned by a Republican capitalist.

The circle of life.
That cat was crazy as hell. It got the last laugh though.

I'm sick of those those commerials where the Big Guy and Cox thrash each other.

Hot and Sour /dim sum
July 14, 1967 The Who kicked off their US tour as the opening act for these guys?

It's a "peeee weeee" on that tour.

"Who" do I see to complain. J/K
Oh. I forgot about commenting on your topic.

Like Getalife said, I'd like to see this happen for one reason.

Cheney will eat them for lunch. A formidable opponent indeed.

Snaaarrllll with a grin.
Wow, the anti-cat movement is really gaining some steam isn't it?? Poor kitty. :(
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