Sunday, July 23, 2006

You might categorize this post as flexible

This is just the kind of fluff piece our great friend
Nicole is always clambering for.

i used to date this girl. we had to go through this every time before we were intimate. it was her way of getting limbered up... foreplay if you will. man, i sure miss her sometimes!
Was the movie "Hoop Dreams" written about you two?
Alright, let me remind you see those rings she's working with? What do they mean to two married guys like you two.


Actually my daughter can do those moves. She learned in cheerleading and dance.

No......I can't do it. I've been working on licking my elbow though. Practice, practice, practice. I'll leave you with your fantasies.
You try to do one little thing in appreciation of the arts and immediately you get scolded.

Totally off topic. This new subscription of mine has the most fascinating articles, but they're got me scared to link anything. They said they track your IP address. No copying, no linking.

Google "Why Hezbollah Fights" Stratfor link.

So whose best to intervene, Syria, Iran or neither? Syria is offering?

I guess I should be ashamed about my intrigue over this issue. Curiosity, my worst enemy.

It doesn't make any sense that they tell you not to link anything. A subscription service should automatically keep a non-subscriber from reading the story.
I didn't see the Stratfor link, but I did find my all time favorite photo journalist by googling "Why Hezbollah Fights"

In Russia, potential protestors find themselves conscripted into military service. "N-GA, turn and cough soldier."

Gonna give it a go from Google.

Hysterically funny & frightening. And the heading says "Join or Die". "Why You Should Vote Democrat Instead of a Third Party". Just in case you were considering it. Moonbat Central. Sounds so familiar, don't it? Oh Lawdy!!!!!

I've been reading on a cloudy day.
Sorry on the Stratfor link. I guess it has to be direct to Google. How can they detect it if I cut & paste to text and e-mail? For what I paid, I ought to be able to light a fire with it.

They load up my e-mail everyday but Sunday. They do have a 7-day Free Trial going on. It really is interesting insight.
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I guess the waters weren't as calm as Midori told us to begin with. I came back to get the URL and poof.....

It must have been one of the so-called "moderates" who intervened.
Buy Danish,

Those "moderates" tend to be the biggest moonbats out there.

The description of the site sounded like preparing for a gangfight with everybody stashed away in their own areas.

Maybe Midoriliz will come back and tell us the address again.

How did you find yourself at that second link?

Yeah, a lot of those moderates were probably at that Snuff Israel demonstration in S.F.
Buy Danish,

The top post at LGF is a rally that is supportive of Israel. Scroll down about a quarter of the way and a series of reports from pro-terror marches all over the world begin.

Everytime I try to post the site where I got the UACT link, your site is not available.

This site is probably just acting weird. Try posting it at the after dark site.
Yeah. I missed it. I admit it.

But I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten NEARLY as much enjoyment out of it as a lot of the guys did. Right?
When did art become just a guy thing?
"Art" huh? Is that what you people are calling it these days?

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