Friday, August 18, 2006

Adding the Al Qaeda Bill of Rights

The Wall Street Journal destroys the argument made by this Carter appointee that is trying to single handedly destroy our form of government. Keep in mind we have three coequal branches, or at least we are supposed to have. For strictly partisan purposes there are some that want to make the President a figurehead. I think you can safely place Judge Taylor in that camp.

Unlike Judge Taylor, Presidents are accountable to the voters for their war-making decisions, as the current White House occupant has discovered. Judge Taylor can write her opinion and pose for the cameras--and no one can hold her accountable for any Americans who might die as a result.

**UPDATE** What does it say about your ruling when this comes from CNN?

From CNN's The Situation Room:

Jeffrey Toobin: "This judge, today's opinion, said it was unconstitutional in very scathing terms. But this was a very liberal judge. You look at theā€“the sources she cites in her opinion, she almost exclusively cites other liberal judges. I am virtually certain that other courts will see this differently, and the only way to resolve those sorts of differences is to have it wind up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court."

Network roundup from Newsbusters


Brilliant in its simplicity.

"Congress was duly informed, and not a single specific domestic abuse of such a wiretap has yet been even alleged, much less found.".

I guess the WSJ has not heard of our very own N-GA who has alleged that the government desires to tap into his conversations.

This was great:

"But the wiretapping program is not preventing anyone from speaking on the phone. Quite the opposite--if the terrorists stopped talking on the phone, there would be nothing to wiretap. Perhaps the plaintiffs should have sued the New York Times, as it was that paper's disclosure of the program that created the "chill" on "free speech" that Judge Taylor laments."

Beautifully put!
Buy Danish,

I like the way the judge decided to put her own leftist prose in the decision. ..there are no hereditary Kings in America..

The text under the Cox & Forkum cartoon says our buddies from CAIR were involved in this lawsuit too.

That hereditary king reference was amazing - at least she didn't call him The Chimperor. I guess we are all members of a royal court and not voters.

In case you missed it, Rush read this today about who the ACLU plaintiffs from Detroitistan are.

I'm debating whether or not to fill Huge Pontificator in on the details. He is in one of his kumbaya moods and I'd hate to unleash the demons just before the weekend.

These are some comments I left earlier this morning at another location:

"Fortunately there are higher courts to deal with this matter, as her decision was not based on the law, but on ideology, including her fantasy that Bush is trying to establish a monarchy of "hereditary kings". Apparently the millions of people like myself who voted for Bush were employees of his imperial court. This is political balderdash, not measured review of the law."

"I thank Judge Taylor for helping the American people decide which political party is strong on national security, particularly in light of the thwarted London airline bombings which no doubt would have happened as planned if not for the providence that wise men and not bleating sheep were elected to higher office in both the United States and the United Kingdom."

"It should be noted that joining the ACLU in the suit was CAIR."

and from Detroit no less.

What a surprise?
Buy Danish,

That comment about the judge screwing over the Democrats is so true if Republicans are smart enough to push it. The problem is we need a better class of Republicans too.

The Dems will start bitching that national security is being politicized and the Republicans will come up with some grand compromise. I wish they would have learned from the 40 years they were second class citizens in Congress.

I'm going back behind enemy lines at Cox today so I won't be around. I see ml sneaked in a toon about the brilliance of this judge. Why are federal judges that rule against abortion or allow you to say Darwins theory is a theory such inept fools, but one conveying special rights on terrorists is the next Solomon? Oops, maybe Solomon is too biblical...the next, as portrayed in the movies not the real guy, Clarence Darrow.

Jay not jay,

What do you suppose CAIR stands to gain from this? It's not like they are a glorified front group or anything.

Say hi to Niketa for me!

The cartoon judge looks like she's ready to use that gavel in an unconstitutional manner.

Scooter would probably agree that just weilding it is a hate crime, while Huge Equivocator would pretend that it is court-sanctioned affirmative action.

You haven't come by to say hello yet so I thought I'd come by to say hello.

Are you mad at me again?


I scrolled through Wooten's Friday "Black Middle Class.." story and there was a long story from PoliFore about Diebold Diebold.

Part of his BIO info is that he used to be a mime. Eccccccchhhh!

The funny thing is that right after revealing that tidbit he proceeds to call other people "clowns".

What's a mime? A know-it-all clown with a college education and a french T shirt?
Buy Danish,

I should have paid more attention to the names around where we were working. I probably set up a new phone and computer for Miss Niketa. Has she posted anything since we visited?

I just read the article you emailed. That is so true and SO damn scary. It also describes the left in lots of ways that have nothing to do with Islam.

Polly Prepuce as a mime, now why doesn't that surprise me!


I am so mad I can't see straight about your constant relocations. harumph!!!!

Actually I've been working...STOP LAUGHING! I'll fix all my links, which I hope you know includes having to fix my profile and save it to each page and then republish each page, but don't feel bad for me or anything.

Scary stuff is right. I try to keep a sense of humor about it, but it is frightening how the Marxists and Islamists manage to provide aid and comfort to eachother and unite in their common goal to destroy us, all the while pretending that they hate eachother.

As for Polly, I bet he studied in France which is Mime Central Station - hence his "j'adore Midori" kiss kiss kiss routine.
Buy Danish,

And the only thing the idiot leftists can see as a problem is that "dictator" Bush. Of course if he was a dictator they would simultaneously be petrified of him and like him.

I think you're giving Polly too much credit. I see no evidence of education there at all, just someone that would never be paid any attention to in real life trying to have a blog life.

How much credit do you get for going to mime school? I thought it was funny that he said his literate wife reads three "paperback" novels a week. I wanted to respond that really literate people wouldn't be caught dead with a paperback, but it was the day I didn't have the page saved and it sort of required an immediate response.

As for the idiots, they probably would like him if he doled out the benefits they yearn for and he wasn't a Texan. They'd probably consider free daycare a fair exchange for having to give up their social agenda, and since they already dress like idiots and hate cars because they pollute the environment, a burka or a turban and limited freedom probably wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

Time to get back to my paperback.
Buy Danish,

When I saw that comment the first thing I thought was that each of those paperbacks probably had Fabio's picture somewhere.

That's it! I was thinking "romance novels" but Fabio's name escaped me, maybe because I associate him with margarine ads now.

I bet he doesn't even have a wife anyway.
I bet he doesn't even have a wife anyway.

Fabio, Polly, or both?

I was referring to Polly who is probably the one who enjoys Fabio.

Good nite!!
Nuh uh, this case won't hold water. Won't hunt either.

Polly 'P. That is a funny name you guys tagged there! Or Po' Polly 'P.

This dog of a case better not "hunt" or the "Hunt for Bin Laden" and the rest of his ideological soldiers is over.

What I want to know is, how does this ruling help answer the question "Where's Osama"?

Maybe someone like Getalife can explain it to us.
buy danish,

The "mime" thought highly of your posts. Those were the only points he scored. He really thinks he is entertaining hot stuff.

But what has happened to Getalife? He sounds more like Cindy Sheehan these days. Wonder if he will start fasting soon?

Wooten's late posts today hit a new low. Maybe you read "Richard", a supporter of McKinney. He really hates this country, with propaganda oozing everywhere. Maybe he's a friend of Anti-Rad.

He claimed that Cher had to buy helmets for the military among other things. That's his version of Operation Helmet. I got such a bad taste in my mouth, I had to go read the Braves blog. The only thing they hate there is the back up pitcher. Kinda nice for a change.
Hi Dusty!

I bet the Leftists idiots could find political issues to rant about at the Braves blog if they wanted to. Aren't baseball teams owned by Big Fat Corporate Cats who enslave the downtrodden and use a sport to exploit jingoistic patriotism among its followers?

Getalife has reached the outer edges of paranoia. I'm awaiting news that his neocon dentist implanted a chip in his tooth to listen in to his conversations and now there's a radio blaring that he can't turn off.
Hi Danish,

Love your descriptions. You are right about liberal bloggers. They could rant and rave at their mother's funeral. You made me smile.

I needed that. My son has bought ANOTHER motorcycle. Just a small one, he said. Ha! Would you believe that I have already been through OTHER motorcycles, sky diving, scuba diving, lost mountain bike trips and overseas military service for the oldest son? I will say that four sons are a challenge!!

Ah, but my daughter may never leave academe. She gathers degrees with fervor. But I don't mind that. What's one more graduation ceremony?

Now, may I go out and kick the tires on the new motorcycle?
I feel bad for you, RW. I really do.

And if it makes you feel better, we've already started talking about you in the comments section of today's post.

Kick the tires! Think rushncap, Huge, getalife et all while you're doing it. Then ask your son for a nice ride around the block. It won't ease your concerns but you may as well enjoy being an easy rider.

A son's birthday is approaching as I recall. I wonder how I remember that!

BTW, Next time he wants to buy a motorcycle let me know. I'll sell him one cheap.
How's it going RW & all? I've been ultra busy. I just caught a couple of Andy's Brietbart links at ml's. There is a second U.N. Resolution in the works.

I have a vivid imagination. Countries are holding back on sending troops waiting for rules of engagement to be set to insure safety? Kind of makes you wonder. Is the world forcing Hezbollah's disarmament?

I'm going with it. I'm an optimist.
buy danish,

I'd better not kick the tires while thinking of our FAVORITE liberals. Don't want to knock a hole in the thing. Actually, kicking the liberals would be more fun.

Shhh..don't tell. I've done some joy riding on u-no-what. One thing I remember. Never wear a full skirt when joy riding.

What a memory you have. Yep, Aug. 25. But we're living it up Saturday evening. This son is being very cool--no presents, he declares. Has your son reached the "cool" stage yet? He does sound like a cool golfer.
Oh , bother, I'm not anonymous. Maybe I have Motorcycle Syndrome.
I read that second UN Resolution. You are really keeping on top of this. I hope it works too. Sounds like they better get some rules set up.

The Italians are saying they will send several thousand troops. Even offering to run things. Hope they don't back off like the French.

Disarm Hezbollah??? Don't you know they will love that.
Hi everybody!

Thankfully the Cox kiddies are settled in for a few days. This working thing sucks, good thing it's just a contract.
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