Thursday, August 10, 2006

ALLAHPUNDIT has spent the evening traipsing through the cyber newsstands of London.

A fascinating read that I've shamelessly linked to and will offer nothing in the way of a personal contribution.

I can't offer any comment on your topic because of "my linky thang", but according to my e-mail subscription, it appears as though the IDF push is moving forward. Yeah!!! I'll forward if you want.

I thought this one from them was cute:

"After we, as airline passengers, have finished taking off our shoes and our belts, holding up our trousers while someone pats us down, we have depended on Gatorade to lift our spirits. Well, there goes that comfort. But then, Gatorade's (colors always did remind us of something fatal)."

Funny how the liberals want to continue "drinking" the "Kool"-Aide and we conservatives are willing to "give up" our "Gator"aide.

Enjoy your golfing RW.

Thanks I will.

Try this or just go to and look for the evening update referencing the terror plot.
Well I fly out tomorrow with kid and dog in tow. Luckily it is not a transcontinental journey and it is not 8/22. I'll be on the lookout for fidgety Asians anyway. I should have trained my dog to snarl at perfumed men.

I'm sort of listening to the evening news and hear Kofi "Rwanda is not genocide but Israel is very bad" Annan babbling away. I wonder if he is Huge Gas Bag?
Buy Danish,

Are you planning to cause a stir with any favorite lip gloss that simply can't travel without?

I sure hope we haven't caved in and screwed Israel over this time, but with Olmert and his go-stay-go-wait philosophy maybe this is for the best.

Predictions please? Dang U.N. Resolution. The timing is suspect to me. I heard Tony Snow talking about assurances of a second resolution, which he couldn't elaborate on, that would deal more strongly with Hezbollah.

Also, I'm hearing that the Israelis aren't pleased with Olmert's slow and cautious maneuvering and willingness to accept any resolution. They want Hezbollah gone. Since the resolution is being carried back to both Lebanon & Israel for review, does that mean either/or could reject?

Speculation is that the Israelis are calling for re-election of possibly Netanyahu. Good looking guy, but is he more aggressive?

And, why haven't you shown everybody your underwear yet? Nicole has hers on display or are you one of those guys who didn't take his Mom's advice.

"Son....never go online with holes in your underwear. You'll never know who might see them."

You may answer all, none or some. If you have to choose, make it Israel/Lebanon. The holes in your underwear are really none of my business. :)
Oh, and have a safe trip Buy Danish. You have my permission to feel up any guy who looks suspicious. Better to be safe than proper.

I will miss my Burts Bees lip gloss, but will be causing no stirs, sir.

As far as Israel goes, if one follows its history with groups like HizHez-bollah, U.N. resolutions seem to be made to be broken, so if they get screwed again they can always "redeploy" somewhere far from Nagasaki.
"Speculation is that the Israelis are calling for re-election of possibly Netanyahu. Good looking guy, but is he more aggressive?"


Netanyahu is the man! Not a weak, bone in his body.

I second Buy Danish. Netanyahu would be steamrolling the hezbos and to hell with the UN.

Buy Danish,

Why don't they just start selling all this stuff inside security? We could make a killing with a shop using airport prices for high end products. Although it wouldn't work in Atlanta where you have to be a crony to get a shop license.

I just left my take on the day while I was gone and took your challenge to psychoanalyze rushncap.

I think I'll pass on Nicole's most recent chain letter. What makes you think I'm not going commando?
Well good on Netanyahu then.

I know you are both very decent people, but did either one of you really take a good hard look at rushncap's 1st sentence posted at 5:01?

Somebody sure could have fun with that one if they have access to ml's. ;)

It's that damn word game thing I like to play.


I like commandos. They're brave souls.


Your psychoanalysis of poor rushncap is profound. You have nailed it!

If I may paint some more details, it is obvious that instead of using wire hangers, the "giants" in the form of mommie and daddie dearest used Sequoia branches to punish him.

I speculate that his not yet fully fluent emigre' parents eagerly embraced the works of the great American commie child psychologists, but confused the word "on" with "in" when they got to the chapters on spanking. They may also have confused the words "belt" and "Branch" - an easy mistake to make.

Either that or they were evil s.o.b.s who thought that Stalin was a Prince of a man, and just tortured the kid for no reason.

Maybe @@ can help him before it's too late?

Oh well, to heck with rushncap. Let's make a sequel to "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte" (working title: "What ever happened to Baby Rushncap?") and rake in the dough.
Buy Danish,

The only thing I don't see is how we will make any money with that movie. If we make the same film and call it "What ever happened to Baby Rushncap, who said Bush sucks?" we could get all the Will Joneses of the world out in droves to see what the evil GWB did to commie rushncap.

BTW, that Will Jones goes to every AJC blog and God knows how many others pushing that Loose Change piece of garbage nonstop.

Maybe we could have a scene where capitalist Trade Center Bomber Marvin Bush beats commie rushncap with sequoia branches, while W smokes a cigar and Cheney watches his Halliburton stock skyrocket.
Buy Danish,

Does KKKarl Rove get to sneak into the NC State science lab and steal all the secret fossils that prove Darwin was God?

I think our movie could be a blockbuster. We can market it to the Right as an "Uproarious comedy" and to the Left as a "Dramatic tour de force exposing the dark underworld of Repubscum Evil".

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