Friday, August 04, 2006

And you wonder why the leftists get all their stories from Yahoo

I'm still not able to get anything but blank pages to your links. Semper is working on it.

I'm getting great stuff from Stratfor. To sum it up...Hezbollah is under great pressure hoping for help from the International Community to implement a cease-fire. His offer of a cease-fire was for psychological advantage only.

Ahmadinejad is gathering Muslim leaders in Malaysia garnering more pressure for a cease-fire because Hezbollah is his "useful tool" in the region.

President Bush has taken a 9 day vacation, leaving Blair to encourage a cease-fire resolution from the U.N. :-)

War strategy....ain't it interesting?

Since we all know that the President is never really on vacation, I bet the spin won't be that he is cutting the August recess short to work on the Middle East. It will be that he is running from Mama Moonbat.

Maybe the ingrates in the press will be so happy they don't have to hang out in Crawford that they'll take it easy for a couple of stories.
I too wondered why the leftest always get their wonder bread from yahoo. And they always want to wager on something they can't disprove. Silly.
Hey RW -- hope you are well and had a great day golfing.

Hi @@! Holding your own, as always, I see at MLs (was just catching up on the last two days of ML & JW).

RW -- I have a question for you - from something I read on JWs blog today -- sorry, I can't resist reading it :-) -- and I know if this is true, you will tell me where to find it WITHOUT calling me infantile names.

Writer Markus said: "The radical extreme nut liberal left (like Sheephead Sheehan) in this nation love to talk about Cuba and how great it is under Fidel’s communism."

Is that true? Is she actually advocating Fidel's communist rule? (I know, of the kajillion words on that blog, these stand out - it's my hatred of Hugo).

So I googled Cindy - even typed in communist sympathizers (scary) and could not find anything about it. As I was never a fan of Cindy and her methods, her using the insurance money from her son's death to buy a farm in Texas, under a false name, pretty much sealed my opinion of her. But I just have to know -- is this, too, her sentiment?

Thanks, RW!
honu, I don't mean to break in, Castro is not the problem at this point, but check this out:

Hi Jay -- by all means, break in when I don't know something.

Thank you for that story -- I had NO idea, and believe me, I am not immune to world events and usually consider myself pretty well read (can't say that now). I think Hugo is our country's biggest threat. . .he is befriending Cuba, Russia and Iran and plans to outfit Bolivia (Bolivia????)

Thank you for this and I apologize for my ignorance on Cindy Sheenhan -- I really hadn't given her another thought until Markus' remarks today.

Thanks, Jay -- Honu
Honu, no apology required, I didn't see Markus' remarks, my bad


It's not easy being green...

Apologies.. Jay not jay.
Hey Jay not Jay -- yes, Honu's know all about being green!!!

Again I had no idea -- obviously she didn't make good on her threat to run in the June CA primary? Or was my head in my shell then, too? Shouldn't we be worried about her new land purchase? Dang, what a nightmare for our CIA folks. Then again, Hugo could never enter this country, right?

Thanks - Honu
oh, honu, ha hah, you green beauty. yellow and blue...

I just found out too. damn...

Jay not jay
jay not jay: yellow + blue = green?

Somewhat esoteric -- elaborate?

and it was all yellow...
(mageneta(sp), straw yello and sky blue)

late again! i was wondering how to get ahold of those guys. they need to get their fact straightened out. plus i wanted to know where i could buy some cheap smokes!

Jay not jay is right about the Cindy/Hugo connection. There are some pictures in my January or February archives. The same people that idolize Chavez seem to have felt the same about Castro for years though so I'm sure she supports him too. Cindy Sheehan is an insignificant player here though. I think she will say whatever she's told to and I don't think she has the knowledge to make an informed statement.

Here is a story that tells a little about it.

They've probably changed their email from to by now.
Hey RW - thanks for that article -- read it earlier today. I went back to your archives, but the links are no longer working to some of your more interesting stories (not all Cindy related).

Also, I wanted to acknowledge @@ - she had a message here for me this morning but it's gone now? OR - and no loud sighing -- this comment page is longer than one page and I don't know how to get to the second page? OR - I imagined the message from @@. . .

Thanks -- hope you are having a nice week-end. I know you're a golfer -- did you see the story about Tiger's ball hitting the fan's hand and bouncing back onto the fairway! I just love Tiger.


I didn't realize it when I started this blog, but a lot of links quit working pretty quickly. The New York Times wants you to end up paying for them, with Yahoo news they just go away, etc. As time goes on I'm starting to know which sources to use and when to excerpt more of an article. If you can get enough information from what I have posted you may be able to search it out and find another source for the story.

@@ did have another comment here earlier. She's getting sneaky on us and deleting them I guess.

Tiger needs to watch his language, but he is a great golfer. My grandfather and I used to go to the Masters every year. One year we were sitting behind the 7th green when Arnold Palmer hit one over the green into the crowd. My grandfather instinctively stuck his hand up to keep the ball from hitting me and it dropped to the ground in much better shape than where it could have ended up, but still behind the green. When Palmer got up there he looked at my grandfather, smiled, and asked him why he didn't bat the ball forward a little.
RW -- what a great memory for you! Did you ever get to play the course at Augusta? I've worked there many times (I'm a corporate event planner) but always missed so much of the play. Have never even seen Tiger up close let alone someone great like Arnold Palmer!

But my friend, Mo here in CT lives on the TPC in Cromwell, and during the Hartford Open two years ago, Sergio Garcia stayed in a house next to hers. . .he (with Martina then) came over and played a pick up game of soccer with all of us. That was pretty cool. He even did cell phone calls to all of our friends who couldn't be there. . .no one believed us!
Well, RW -- according to MSNBC, Fidel didn't die yet. But I tend to believe Peggy Noonan. . .this is all a cover up to put Raul into place, who's apparently even worse than Fidel.

You know, why is it okay for Cindy to be seen hugging and supporting Hugo, but the Dixie Chicks get banned from radio for editorial remarks? Shouldn't Cindy be given the same treatment? Where has the sanity gone in this country? You're right, however, she is insignificant. But it still really pisses me off.

A few years after my grandfather was too old to go anymore I was working for a company that did all the sound work there. (I grew up in Augusta) We were considered part of the working press. The day after the tournament all the real working press gets to play the course and then a few weeks later they would have an outing for the rest of us. I got to play the course twice during those times.

The Dixie Chicks aren't banned from anywhere, but if a stations listeners don't want to hear them and threaten to quit listening to the station what would you expect the station to do?

This is a market driven decision not a ban. In fact, the Dixie Chicks get news coverage that they would never have gotten without it. How many musical groups have you seen get a two segment profile on 60 Minutes?
RW -- wonder if we ever met each other over the years at the Masters and didn't realize it!

Okay, okay -- I'm not a Chicks fan. Ban was probably the wrong word. But my fuzzy point was, if Americans hate them for their comments -- outside of the US regarding Bush and Texas -- then why do they not hate Cindy when she said she'd rather live under a Chavez regime instead of the Bush regime? You have to admit, the DCs did disappear for quite a while.

With Cindy Sheehan there was still that sympathy factor because she did lose a son in the war and a lot of people think she is just being used.

The Dixie Chicks made their comments on foreign soil and alienated what is probably the most overtly patriotic group of people in the country. Then they made it worse by saying they didn't really like country music fans anyway. That being said, I think them going away for three years had as much to do with them pumping out babies as it did with their statements.
RW -- Dusty is a contributor to the JW blog, and sometimes I see him/her post on MLs. I think it was a few days ago, Dusty's post -- re: Doctors Without Borders -- stated it was despicable that Americans can reap all the benefits our country affords them, but then go outside the US and trash us.

I agree totally with that. . .and I think that was my point with Cindy, whether she lost a son or not; so did a lot of other mothers but that doesn't give her a pass.

Sorry, I don't know how to go back to find Dusty's quote. Sometime last week, however.

Dusty is a she and I saw that. She is an unapologetic American patriot which drives some of the leftists on the AJC blogs crazy. They try their favorite trick of calling her stupid or naive or whatever their catch phrase of the day is. They try that with all of us on the conservative side and it never phases any of us, although I don't think they notice that.

In any case, Dusty didn't say that Americans shouldn't have the right to do that. She said DWB shouldn't allow the people they send out to do that if they are going to raise money as an apolitical group.
RW -- I like everything Dusty has to say. . .I remembered the name because she wrote a poem on the 4th of July on JWs site that I admired. (Didn't know her gender).

And you are right -- that was exactly the context of her comment. I, however, unapologetically believe that Americans shouldn't bash their own country while in another. Or should have the sense not to. . .

I think all three of us agree that they shouldn't, but we also probably agree they have the right to as long as they are willing to accept the consequences.

There is another interesting war picture story developing over at lgf. I think I'm going to post a link to it and head to bed. Goodnight!
Goodnight, RW! Nice talking to you, as always.

And yes, we all agree (smile!) Goodnight for real.
I'm not tricky, I just have second thoughts about my bad behavior. I should be commended for that RW, not referred to as tricky.

I'm shocked, shocked I say!!!!!
Oops! Sorry, make that "sneaky", not tricky.

I would never be sneaky.....

Poor Honu was worried and Jay not jay may have already seen it since he hasn't been back!
Wow! A 1950's model car with a Massachusetts tag. Did you find an old family photo of mine?
I don't read Yahoo.

And apparently all your readers are vacationing at THIS post.
Maybe these guys double as the Lebanese tourism board.
Have not seen what? Maybe it's better not to know:)

Uh oh, I guess I could be shocked, but yet, not surprised? That is possible.
Jay not jay,

It was from @@ so there is really no telling what it meant.

/sorry @@!
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