Sunday, August 13, 2006

Aren't these people fasting?

First it was Jamba Juice and now BBQ. I'm fasting after lunch until it's time to throw that Porterhouse on the grill. Beer doesn't break a fast does it?

CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) -- War protesters extended the olive branch to their new neighbors in President Bush's adopted hometown by hosting a barbecue Saturday - and a few even showed up.

I get the feeling that Jamba Juice link was aimed at me for some reason...

I thought you didn't even know what Jamba Juice was? Besides, I've seen your holiday get together menus, you are much more a bbq kind of girl.
A high priced BBQ Joint.

I'll get my plate at Southern Pit in Griffin. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!

The late great Lewis Grizzard, God rest his soul, would send you to Sprayberry's.
Well, unfortunately Lewis died before Southern Pit opened. They have a "vinegar base" sauce that "he" would have loved.;)
If we're going to talk about good BB Que, I have to give propers to Daddy D's on Memorial Dr.

Harold's down on McDonough is pretty good if you ignore the roaches climbing the wall from time to time.
Yeah RW, I've been to Harold's, Southern Pit, OB's all those southside joints, but I have never been to Strawberry's. Strawberry's is now on my list. If you are ever in the ATL I recommend Daddy D's 1st and Fat Mat's Rib Shack 2nd.

I was just troll'n buy and thought I would comment.
All this Bar-B-Q talk has made me hungry and thirsty. But I shall wait until tomorrow to bring the Manischevitz. I know all of you have been missing it.

And I have missed all of you with but a word here and there. That was my cure for feeling mean as a snake every time I read ml's blog. Now I'm ready, six guns in place, pointy toed cowboy boots on and Red Dog in place. (If I'm late, you'll know my horse is hung up in traffic.)

Bring your Bar-b-q samples (except from Harolds and the roaches) and we will live it up tomorrow. Or tomorrow night or soon. I'll be looking for you.

Are you sure Manichevitz doesn't go best with roaches?


Is Strawberry's a new way to say Sprayberry's or is someone really brave enough to open a bbq joint named Strawberry's? If they are I bet it's good to get away with that name.


Do the quotes mean you doubt Lewis was a he?
RW: I'm ashamed to say that I understand your comment regarding Lewis, but then again, it could just be me.

A little vinegar in the humor that was Lewis.

Hi Dusty, I'm so glad your back.

I'll have to reread some of his books to see what his BBQ sauce preferences were. The man had some serious issues with BBQ.

Now was that in "Don't Bend Over in the Garden Granny, Them Taters Got Eyes" or "If I Ever Get Back to Georgia I'm Going To Nail My Shoes To the Floor?"
Now, RW,

To test your suggestion, I went out to the woodpile, saw a bug (roach ?), poured Manichevitz on him and he fell over dead. So there. Scientific proof that roaches and Manichevitz do NOT go together.

To paraphrase Getalife: Why do you hate Manichevitz?

Hi, @@, would you believe that RW is already knocking my favorite beverage?

My neighbor suggested I try Red Rock Cola for a change. Whoeee, I think they put hot sauce in that stuff. Oh well. Always enjoy your comments. Cheers!!
So Manichevitz is the PERFECT beverage to have at Harold's, just keep it in a spray bottle next to your Brunswick Stew.
Aww RW, did I hurt da widdle feelings?? I sorry. You can [ab]use whatever outdated slang terms you want.

Just not on my blog.

Speaking of outdated, did you notice that you are using baby talk AND a "talk to the hand" picture?
I guess Nicole's site is down. With all my linking problems, I came over to see if I could connect through your link. I know, I doesn't make sense unless you're technologically delayed like me. There's no rationale to my thought process.

I left her a twenty in hopes that she would overlook my recent faux pas.
Hi RW! Hope you had a nice day. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your level-headed answers to RE earlier today. I just finished reading MLs -- wow, and here I thought he wanted a serious answer (duh). Wish I would have seen his "Most Christians believe. . ." before I flew. He would not have thought I was very courteous then.

I know, I always get here late, so really, sorry to bother you. Just wanted to make sure I thanked you properly.


I hope your trip went well. I didn't really pay much attention to RE at first because I thought he was just doing his typical Christian bashing, but then I realized he was serious and his question just made no sense to me.

I'm sure you saw it the day I tried to discuss the flaws in Darwinism with them. I did it with science and their lack of scientific evidence so they just wanted to try to paint me as a religious zealot and dismiss my argument.

Don't worry about when you come here. There are no buzzers that go off when anyone comments or anything. :-)
Thanks RW -- and now, good morning! Am dog-sitting for a friend who needs medication every four hours, so it's nice to have some place to go to talk. . .even if it is to myself!

Re your fasting headline. . .did you read Steyn's column (think it was late June) on the movie folks fasting? I was laughing out loud -- go back to his archives if you didn't catch it. . .it's hysterical.
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