Thursday, August 24, 2006

Democrats in charge? Let's nip this one in the bud.

For insight into the Democrats' brand of appeasement foreign policy, look no farther than former President Jimmy Carter. Just a few months into his presidency, he urged Americans to reconsider our "inordinate fear of communism." Carter kissed then-Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev on the cheek. Brezhnev invaded Afghanistan.

Carter, a staunch Bush critic, helped to usher in the "Iranian Revolution" of 1979 by leaning on the Shah of Iran to "release political prisoners." To show their gratitude, Iranians seized 90 hostages at the U.S. embassy, holding 52 of them for 444 days, before releasing them minutes after Ronald Reagan took office. At the time of the hostage crisis, Carter sent what some called a believer-to-believer letter in longhand to the Ayatollah Khomeini. The letter praised the ayatollah as a "man of God."

The other major Democrat line of attack accuses the Republicans of fiscal irresponsibility. This is their strongest and most persuasive argument. For it is true that this president, with the approval of the Republican-run legislature, ran up bills at a rate faster than any president since Lyndon Baines Johnson. Even if we exclude the cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, homeland security and Katrina relief, the Republican Party turned its back on their alleged "limited government" philosophy.

But the Democrats' primary criticism is to call Republicans too stingy. About the monstrous expansion of Medicare with the prescription bill for seniors, Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., said, "Because the administration and the Republican leadership refused to provide the funds needed for an adequate drug benefit, more and more seniors are facing the ridiculous 'donut hole.' That's the huge gap which leaves enrollees with major out-of-pocket costs."

Hey RW – hope you are well and had a good day.

I remember when the helicopters crashed in the desert attempting the rescue. And I remember feeling such an incredible sadness that President Carter’s, and America’s, mission failed. I knew the fallout would be incredible, and simply asked the Lord, why? Who in America didn’t want President Carter to succeed?

It’s how I feel now about our current administration. . .just such a bottomless sorrow that nothing seems to be going President Bush’s or America’s way. But yet I am so in the minority -- there seems to be so many Americans reveling in these perceived failures – where is this dissent coming from? Why would anyone who lives in the USA, who enjoys the freedoms unique to our country, want to see our leader fail?

I liken the democratic solution for what ails America today to those who put blind faith into New Year’s Eve resolutions. . .without forethought, they commit to personal, unattainable goals for their next year on this planet.

I wonder when we lost our way as a nation, and what is the solution? I can’t dismiss Larry Elder’s line of reasoning, nor can I ignore the argument against the current “stay the course” mentality.

A fragmented argument, eh?

I remember driving down Washington Road in Augusta, GA. very late the night the news came that the helicopter rescue had failed. It seems like even though it was almost instantly obvious how doomed that mission probably was, there was nothing but a sense of sadness at the loss of those soldiers accompanied by a sense of pride that we had at least tried something.

It would have been very easy to blast Carter for it, but no one did. I'm not sure when the old adage about politics stopping at the waters edge stopped, but I wish it never had. Our country cannot fail or even suffer any significant setbacks when we unite behind our international goals.

I think the climate today has gone beyond honest disagreement and moved to openly cheering for our failure to further a political goal. It is almost exclusively Democrats doing this, but it would be equally despicable if it was the other way around. Sadly this will truly endanger our future as a country because the enemy we face today will thrive in this atmosphere. The comical side of this is that if Democrats united behind the President in crushing Islamofascism it would be accomplished in short order and they would then end up getting power because in peace time people turn to the Democrat message of domestic freebies.
Absolutely, RW – but comically sad. Sometimes do you think it is a misplaced anger by both parties against each other? That maybe each are venting an anger and a frustration at a personal situation that they cannot seem to climb out of, thereby directing that frustration and anger at our country and the rest of the world?

I truly believe that our ideologies are formed as a direct result of our personal experiences in life. I am a Clinton fan for one very selfish reason – in the last days of his presidency, he passed a Medicare law that allowed for transplant patient operations, over the age of 65, along with all of the exorbitant costs of the medicines needed to keep that organ functioning, to be covered 100%. I have a 76 year old father who is alive today (he received his transplant 6/03) because of that one, seemingly innocuous, law. To me and my family, it has meant everything (my father is Rory’s -- the Marine -- hero.) As you can see, it just keeps paying forward.

Both of our feelings go much deeper than that, RW, and you and I realize the cost of this U.S. citizen insurgence against our current administration can only end with everyone losing. You are so right. . .if everyone in the country stood behind the President, instead of throwing roadblocks at every turn, the democrats would indeed gain that which they are seeking (and it wouldn’t be so bad for the republicans, either.)

That ^^^ was a very nice exchange of thought. I'm inclined to add that unless the Democrats move towards a more moderate stance in their policies, the country is doomed to fail even during peace time with them. I never viewed Clinton as far left.

RW: I'm reading from Stratfor that they may have a bead on Bin Laden. The odd thing is that it is based on a 2003 video.

Zawahiri is taking some risks as well. Seems like he's putting out videos from within a metropolitan area using advanced technologies. It would be great if they get Bin Laden so you guys don't have to keep responding to the "Where's Bin Laden" question.

Stratfor is not always right, but it's encouraging. Something that we don't get enough of these days.
RW and honu,

That is a fine exchange.

I was wondering. Didn't honu say at one time that she was anti-war?
Is that a general stand or a specific war stand?

I certainly agree with both of you. If we could show undivided support against terrorism and not let politics divide us, peace would come sooner.
I think it is time to whack my fingers with a ruler. Yes, it is ME again. Sorry.

I saw Richard Miniter yesterday on Fox discussing Bin Laden's whereabouts. It was one of the "stans" that I had never heard of in a different region of Pakistan that we had thought. Is that what Stratfor is saying too?

Anonymous Dusty,

You blow your cover every time you come back and tell us who you were you know. Honu usually checks in pretty late, but I imagine your question will get answered.

I have to go back behind enemy lines in a couple hours. Any messages for the AJC staff you want me to deliver?

This is my third try. Nobody loves me down there even with my real name.

No messages for AJC. I don't think they want to hear any MORE from me. Just cross their wires so they sound more conservative. A miracle!!
This is anonymous. I did not repeat. I did not repeat. Did not. Did not. No, I didn't.

RW, would you work on my wires???

May I go in the witness protection program??
It's not you Dusty/anonymous. It's the evil Dr. Blogspot.
Thanks, RW, for saving me from disgrace. I am still fighting the evil Dr. Blogspot. This is my third try.

Be careful at AJC. Call me if they find out you are conservative. NSA and I will send out two jets to save you.
Dusty: Why are you repeating yourself ^^^? Are you drinking your Manechevitz from a gallon box?

RW: U.S. intelligence suspects al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is hiding in Chitral, a region in northern Pakistan living with a family and is accompanied by only two bodyguards.

Same info?

I should have written in code to prevent some "Creep" from getting the word to Osama. ;-)

Don't you have a party to got to?


Beautifully stated.

While the Dems like to refer to us as "Taliban" fascists and concentrate every ounce of unhinged hatred in their bodies toward us, I heard a story today about people being murdered at a bakery in Iraq.

The newsreader explained that bakeries are often targets of Islamic extremists because they use ingredients that weren't approved at the time of Mohammed.
Hi RW -- hope all is well. Wanted to post my answer to Dusty, which will come next. But I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed talking to you last night. Thanks.

Have a good evening and a great weekend.

Hi Dusty – hope you had a nice day and wanted to answer your question before retiring this evening.

I humbly submit:

Am I anti-war? Yes.
Am I pro-war? Yes.
Conflicted? Very.

As a Christian, I have to support and respect current leadership. As a critical thinking human being, my brain and I spend a lot of time in God’s woodshed. My favorite book in the bible is Ecclesiastes (my family thinks it has everything to do with me being the middle child) which, if you study it, is not all gloom and doom as it appears on first read. Yes, “all is vanities, and there is nothing new under the sun” certainly ascribes to the futility of life. However, the positive message is “To everything there is a season” (I believe that with all of my heart) and the last line of that passage is “a time for war and a time for peace”.

I believe 100% in the bible, so this is very difficult for me, Dusty, and I really haven’t answered your question. Further, you wonder if this is a general stand or a specific war stand? I haven’t a clue how to answer that, either.

(Andy -- guess I get a failing grade on this one, huh?)

Ecclesiastes is the book within the bible that appeals to me as well. Another middle child here.

I also like to think of King David, the lineage from which Christ came. While David was in constant struggle with himself and his natural sins, God was with him during the many wars which he fought. God often intervened on David's behalf. Protected him from his enemies.

David was a man after God's own heart. Weak in spirit, but strong and determined in his efforts to fight so God's will would prevail.
Ah dear friends across the electrons,
I have neither been partying nor playing but in serious contemplation. You bet. I think BlogSpot was falsely accused. My internet system went bonkers and said it never heard of me after my 3:59 post yesterday. My "fixer" son dashed in and out to the Braves game and just got to "fixing" today (and he's gone to another Braves game now). He and BellSouth had serious conversations about routers, westell unit, power Spec,green & red lights, etc. etc. If you think I can fix that---No way. (Only RW knows!!)

I shall leave a message for Honu. Then later the family is off to a birthday celebration (Danish remembered!) at a local eatery which is far better than my "skilled" cooking. The honoree will get there as soon as the Braves win/end. Go Braves.
I take it all back. BLOGSPOT DID IT. Oh, the dastardly deed.

I'm sorry. Hurry, RW. and fix this. Maybe ANONYMOUS did it.

And I might add, Bush DIDN'T do it.
Dusty: You are so funny. I have learned to clean up my own messes here, but I can't help with yours.

While you're off for a good time, I'm on my second day of cutting grass in my monster of a yard.

And here I thought there must have been quite the conversation going on here, with all the new comments.
RW: If someone can make us laugh while laughing at themselves, what more can you ask for in life?

Sharing ideas is great, but a dose of Dusty is always welcome.

Semper loved it.

It is much brighter around here with Dusty around.

Did I accidentally erase the message for Honu or did "guilty Dusty" not let her leave it?
RW: Dusty was going to leave her message later. She had a box of Manechevitz waiting.

J/K Dusty. You're too young to drink. ;-)

Stay away from anything called "Planter's Punch".
Honu: This may come as a bit of a surprise but I am anti war also.

What I am not is suicidal.

If we choose not to defeat Islamic Fascism and instead accommodate it, it will be just like taking our own lives.

War is a truly horrible, incredibly terrible undertaking. You could not be seen as a normal person if you actively wished for it. War should be only be considered as the last reasonable option.

A last option decided only after careful thought, meditation and prayer.

Which means that you get another A+!

P.S. Something to help you uncomplicate the Word of God; read Deuteronomy Chapter 30 Verses 11-20, It truly is not "hidden from us."
@@,RW and Honu,

So good to read your kind words. I had planned to write Honu and had my afternoon planned. Ha! Everybody gathered early. My daughter brought her fiancee who hardly knows us and was I impressive. Yesterday's tee shirt, hair untouched by human hands and my comfy K'Mart tennis shoes. I could tell he was impressed and a fast runner. But we made it to the Greek restaurant where I had the biggest plate of things I had never seen before. Semo, gyro,etc. Birthday son had red velvet cake. We sang happy birthday to him and refrained him from crawling under the table but other restaurant guests enjoyed it. No Manichevitz, @@, but my mouth is watering at the thought. And Greeks make fruitcake? I didn't see any.

So, Honu, my early guests have just left (11:30) and I will be clearer tomorrow. Andy and @@ have given you good thoughts and I plan to give you a few of mine. Good or not. Your honesty is refreshing.

And RW, guilty Dusty thanks you for making her look responsible once more. A good day. AND THE BRAVES WON!! Go Braves..
Buy Danish: It looks like you may have been right about the downed Russian planes:

An Internet-posted announcement by a group identifying itself as the Islambouli Brigades said the attacks were carried out by five mujahideen on each plane as revenge for Russia's ongoing war in Chechnya.

Traces of C-4 were found.

The article indicated that Putin will maintain the status quo out of fear he will be perceived by the international community as furthering his communist crackdown.

Planes(s)? I only heard about the one that crashed on 8/22. What did I miss? Something from a while back?

"Islambouli" sounds like something one serves over couscous. They must be running out of names for their jihads.


Sounds like your party was a memorable celebration, which shouldn't surprise us as we are well aware of your skills as an entertainer. Cheers!
Danish: The article referred to two plane crashes on the 24th of August. Maybe they were referring to one of two, the other being July 9th.

I can't link, the stupid source is a subscription only.
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