Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I didn't know we were torturing Saddam Hussein...

...In fact I didn't even know we were trying him. The only real question is whether American leftists get their talking points from Russian news or whether they provide them. How do you say "Bush sucks" in Russian anyway? Буш сосет, according to these folks.

RW: I've been amazed at how long it's taking for Saddam's trial. Not unlike here in the U.S. I wonder how long it will take for the death penalty to be carried out. Will he get 20 years worth of appeals?

If sleep deprivation is torture, then all newborn babies should be exposed for their cruelty.

And yes, the article read as though it could have been written by some of our own. I apply the word "our" loosely.
Hi RW – hope you are well and had a great day.

You know, while a story about torturing Saddam Hussein is enticing, I was equally torn between the Cyclops Baby and Sexual Contact Occurring Frequently With Aliens. Gee, I had no idea a Russian version of the National Enquirer even existed :-)

At least now I know where Nazi-Susan hangs out when she’s not terrorizing Jewish folks & those who support them over at Wooten’s place.

How could that be, doesn't Pravda mean truth?
Oh, that is the worst stuff I have read in a long time. I mean that makes Luckovich's blog look like a bed time story. I thought the Russians liked us a little bit. Well, whoever wrote that certainly doesn't.

That's depressing.

Besides that, my poison oak ITCHES!! Oh misery. Why me?? (I'm doing a study on Job and this fits right in. But I don't think he had poison oak.)

I see the evil Dr. Blogspot briefly doubled my comment. Fortunately I have a trashcan. (I also have Roundup in the garage for that poison oak problem...well I guess not for the stage of the problem you are dealing with)

I need a tank truck filled with Roundup. My entire back fence is one jungle of poison oak. If I go near it, ZAP the magic portion gets me. I Never learn. (My excuse for not doing yard work.)

But I do heavy lifting!! Fill that bird feeder everyday. The squirrels and I have a running battle. I fill. They dump. But the ground birds are quite happy. They are getting fat.
@@ -- Hope not only “Springs from the Flood”, it springs from all that you post. Thank you for that encouraging article – from Europe, no less, and I wanted to thank you, too, for the beautiful words you left me last Saturday, regarding King David and his purpose and his being merely human. You clarified my convoluted post on Ecclesiastes and I am grateful. It’s not easy being the middle child, or for that matter, in the middle, or a centrist, as I scored on the political test.

Andy – as always, you pointed me in the right direction with Deuteronomy, and you’ll be happy to know that I choose life. . .thank you. (I promise I am not sucking up to get another A+ !!!!) Also, I was in the airport earlier reading your post about a moonbat falling in the swamp and literally laughed out loud, much to the consternation of all the crabby bizness folks around me. Thank you for making my day!

Dusty – are we cool? Peace.

I have woodpeckers that have learned to eat off the ground when they aren't hanging upside down from the feeder. I didn't even know they ate seeds.

The other day I had a squirrel get stuck inside a feeder. When I rescued him he just sort of looked at me as if to say he wasn't through eating. I don't know how he would have gotten out, but I wouldn't put anything past a squirrel. Unless it's the ones that talk to JoRo. Those guys can't be too bright.
Do you have red headed woodpeckers? I have never even seen a woodpecker around the birdfeeder. You must get the gourmet feed. I do have a cute little nuthatch that runs down the tree trunk head first. I wouldn't know what he was but the bird book say that they are the only birds to run headfirst down tree trunks. Ah, such knowlege.

Please don't tell my squirrels about your invader. Mine will be out there trying to pull the top off my feeder. They get a big laugh every day. I throw a stick at them. Not being Smoltz, it never even gets near them. They usually stop long enough to see where it lands.
Ahhhh......this is for the birds. I will once again confess to falsetto anonymity. I don't think that it is contagious.
RW -- relief fairy? Flying unicorns? Again, I am rolling laughing. When will they stop debating you? Almost done reading MLs blog. . .y'all kill me!

Does Pravda mean truth? I didn't know that. I also didn't know that Max Cleland WASN'T injured in battle. I always thought otherwise.

RW & Dusty -- I have a turkey that eats the birdseed out of my birdfeeder. . .it is amazing to watch and he never falls off the tree branch.

The Cleland story has been one that is usually just hinted at that it was in battle. Al Franken, in his book calling other people Lying Liars, stated point blank that the VC had blown three of Clelands limbs off. Ann Coulter came back in her very distinct fashion saying that Max blew himself up.

Up until that time the story had always been that Cleland dropped a grenade of his and there was never any indication that they were in battle at all. Since then someone else has claimed it was his grenade and now the story has morphed into Cleland and his group being actively engaged in the general area of a firefight. There is enough spin in the evolving story to make me feel confident in saying that it was an accident and not at all battle related.

That being said, I don't believe Max Cleland represented the incident as anything other than what it was at the time so he doesn't fall into the John Kerry category of embellished service records. In any case, none of that cost Max his Senate seat in Georgia. He lost his Senate seat strictly with his ultra-liberal voting record that was out of touch with the state.
Good heavens, honu,

A wild turkey? Amazing. I don't think my feeder could manage that. It hangs from a pipe setup for swings and isn't very large. I do have a big hawk that comes through occasionally but he is after the birds not the feeder. He demolished a bluejay right out in the yard one day. Not a pretty sight.

honu, meant to ask you. As baby honu are you a little green sea turtle from Hawaii? That is the only honu I know about. That is a much "cooler" name than Dusty.
Anonymous (Dusty),

I bet that book would tell you my woodpeckers don't eat seeds or off the ground either. They are red-headed, but I don't know what type. If it helps they are bigger than Cardinals and smaller than Honu's turkey.

I have a bunch of those wacky upside down runners. They also tend to perch in all sorts of crazy places. My favorites are my Hummingbirds though. It's amazing how much bigger they look when they perch on a limb and fold up all those wings.
EEE Not fair. I just typed in Dusty and off it went. Maybe I have heavy fingertips. Yep, that's it. Heavy fingertips. Must go on diet! Yes, Yes.(I now close like a tender butterfly on a little flower. E a s y...)
RW -- very interesting and I had no idea that there was even a question regarding the nature of his injuries. All the years I spent in GA I had only heard of him referred to as a Vietnam Vet. . .which instinctively translates to war injury. I truly had no idea this was even in question. The next thing I knew, he was talking dirty to a girlfriend that was intercepted by someone who made it public. Then he was gone.

Thank you for that clarification.

I don't have any hummingbirds. One will drop by for the flowers sometimes but I don't have a feeder for them. They are such pretty little birds.

The wrens think they own our place and have raised families here for years. They haven't missed a single cozy spot including a compartment in the store room. We had to leave the doors open for them. They dared us to bother them so we didn't. Wrens rule!!
Dusty -- yes, two male turkeys live in my backyard (if you can believe that) and they perch on the branch that holds my birdfeeder. One of them is truly double-jointed. . .he can keep one foot on the branch and stretch his neck and other foot into the birdfeeder. I'll try to get a picture and post here -- you gotta see it!

I also have a peregrine falcon that uses one of my trees for his perch to hunt the little rodents that run around in the farmer's field that my house backs up to. That's amazing, too, to watch him feed. Survival of the fittest!

I have had a love for sea turtles since I was 6 years old, and I have been lucky enough through my job to travel to and work in Hawaii. Have many friends there, and they told me that my mauna lani, i.e., "spirt of place" is the sea turtle. Hawaiians believe we are connected spiritually to animals, as well as the Lord. And I cannot disagree with that. I have learned much from my Hawaiian friends, and they have, indeed, nicknamed me Honu.

But Honu cooler than Dusty?? Never! :-)

I vaguely remember something about the talking dirty, but it might be only because you said it. It doesn't seem possible that this could have been recent enough or a big enough deal that I wouldn't remember it. He only lost his seat in 2002. Do you have any info?
I'm sorry, but I don't, RW. I remember meeting him in the mid '90s (I hired him to speak at a meeting) and read his book, Strong at the Broken Places and just always admired him. Then it was right before I moved here to CT that there was a scandal about phone calls he made that should never have been shared with the public (just like O'Reilly's) and I felt so bad. Then I remember being surprised that he lost the election. I thought everyone in GA loved him.

I'll google, it, okay? And let you know. Perhaps if I go back into the AJC archives I can find something about it. . .that had to be where I read it. Yikes, I hate that I said something I can't back up. . .but I don't think I dreamt it!

The hummingbirds only seem to spend August and part of September here even though the AJC says they pop in and out all the time. If you put a feeder up around the end of next July they'll find it. Unfortunately so will yellow jackets which the hummers will run off and ants that they won't.

Don't worry about finding it. If it was for the last election it was something very small and insignificant.

I think there is something of an odd disconnect at work here. Cleland was pretty well beloved in the state, but he also wasn't representing our beliefs when he was in Washington. It may be a little different now that he has been so vocal in his hatred of President Bush.
Honu and RW,

I had heard the reports that came out about Cleland's unfortunate talk on the phone to a girl friend. Seems like she got mad at him and had recorded the conversations. I am not sure about the girlfriend part but I think that is the way it was. Seems like it was quite a few years ago. But I remember thinking "Awww, not him." He had been somewhat of a legend up to that time. That ruined it. But as you said, RW, it was his liberal politics that stopped his political career. I'm sorry he is sick.

Honu, that was lovely information about your "name". Makes it even more pleasant. And I do believe you have the most unusual aviary. Please get a picture for us.

RW, I have been checking out these woodpeckers. Now, do yours have black and white tuxedos with a totally red head? Or do they have brown backs, lightly dotted breasts, a black bib, small red on back of head and yellow somewhere. Now that would be a flicker who is also a woodpecker. I have seen some of them in my yard but not at the feeder. Remind me to get a hummingbird feeder next July. I'm not sure the wrens are going to like that but I think they can manage.

It seems to me like they have red in the middle of there heads that tapers down the back of their necks a little. I don't think they will stand for an inspection like the one you are asking about but I'll try.

When they go to the feeder they will hang by there claws from the perch and swing up and forward to grab seeds. Do your nuthatches take seeds and jam them into slits in the treebark? If so, are they softening the seeds or using them to attract bugs.
Now this is a fine kettle of fish. Apparently we have both types of woodpeckers and the ones in the penguin suits will also go to the feeder, while the spotty breasted ones with a yellow somewhere will eat off the ground.
RW & Dusty -- what a pleasant night, conversing with both of you. I've had a long day and am going to bid you both bonne nuit!

Mahalo -- Baby Honu

(P.S. I hope @@ and Andy come by tomorrow to see my messages to them. . .don't want them to think I didn't acknowledge their kind words. It's the middle child in me, needing reinforcement. . .)

Aloha po!
Oh, and RW -- as for the Max scandal. I agree with Dusty -- it made me feel very bad, too. Perhaps I am giving it more due than it's worth, but you are right, too, RW -- he's really a lot more critical than I ever believed him to be. I don't agree with his politics anymore.

RW, sounds like you are in woodpecker heaven. I feel neglected. No woodpeckers. My book doesn't mention feeding habits. I have seen the nuthatch running down the tree and I have seen him at the feeder. But haven't observed him close enough to see about the bark. By the time I get the binoculars focused, not a bird in sight.

I have one brown thrasher who comes and loves to jump in the birdbath. He fluffs his feathers and has the best time. It is fun to watch but he never stays long. Forever vigilant, I guess.

Well, this night owl is off to bed. I won't be an early bird tomorrow. It has been an enjoyable discussion.. G'nite.
Night Dusty!
So tell me everyone, is this where I joing up for the National Audubon Society?

I love black crows & hawks. Could that combination be any stranger? It's the lonesome sounds they make in flight.

honu: You're welcome. I've always seen Ecclesiastes as our absolution for being human. Nothing more is expected from us, but we're encouraged to stay focused on that which will give us strength & peace to get us through.

I'll be back to read the article upstairs, I'm off to walk.

My husband worked for Audubon Magazine years ago. Instead of taking clients out to expensive dinners or sporting events, he had to meet them at dawn in Central Park to go bird watching. Wasn't his thing.

Audubon is where he learned all about "environmental racism" and was forced to present this propaganda to ad agencies. His boss was a classic Socialist p*rick (probably Rushncap's first cousin) and helped pushed him to the right.

Rushncap's cousin also had one of Chairman Mao's thousand flowers moments where he encouraged the employees to give their opinions openly and freely and promptly squashed him for daring to question the Audubon Manifesto. He probably expected them all to say what a great and glorious leader he was.

It didn't help that the women in the office didn't shave their legs. Kinda takes the glow out of liberalism. He used to sing "Hairy legs and sandals always get me down" in the shower every morning.

Eventually he was fired for playing golf at a sales meeting in the Cayman Islands instead of sticking around and listening to the environmental wacko spin machine.

James Audubon was a genius. It's too bad his name has been appropriated by a bunch of Leftist SOBs.

Here's a link to his drawings. Maybe RW and Dusty's birds can be found here.
Danish: I enjoyed the Audubon link. There are a lot of birds out where I live. Quite a few hawks. They'll perch on top of the umbrella out at the pool. Keen eyesight. I have to sneak up to the window with my binoculars to get a closer view. Gorgeous coloring.

When I was in high school, I worked for our Board of Commissioners. Enjoyed the company of an older lady in the office. She was so funny. I remember she smoked heavily. Always had a cigarette dangling from her mouth. She was buxom (sp?) One day, the ashes fell off and burned a big hole in her knit top. You know the fabric, the kind that melted.

Anyway, everybody was going out for a celebratory lunch. She turned her top around and put on a sweater to cover the hole. Out the door we went, she & I to meet up with everybody. When we stepped outside a bird crapped on the front of her top. It was a big poop, must've been a big bird. She looked down, looked at me and said:

"Eff'n bird, he's got the whole eff'n planet to crap on and he chooses me." First time I'd ever heard a woman use the "F" word. Everytime I think "bird" I think of her and that moment. It was one of those funny ones you don't get often enough.
@@...I like crows too. One comes by now and then and walks around like he knows he's slumming. Kinda a superior stiff leg walk like he's afraid he might step in something. But I like their shiny ebony stuckup look. Sorta independent!!

Liked your story. Better watch out for cigarettes and BIG BIRDS ('specially when you are on your 5 mile walk.) If you see one of Honu's turkey, you better run!
Buy Danish, sorry to hear about the Audubon Magazine and Society falling into the environmentalist mindset. Looks like they could leave the birds alone. Guess not.

I see where your son gets his golf talent. Sounds like it probably runs in the family.

I enjoyed the Audubon link. RW should notice that the golden flicker is the state bird of Alabama. Maybe they all flew from the coast to RWs when Katrina came.

I love Audubon prints. I have a large pheasant in the family room and a swan in the bath room. The pheasant hangs with an old Ken Maynard poster my husband found in a warehouse, some AZ Indian bead work and the stuffed deer head of an 8 pointer that my father killed decades ago. I couldn't stand to throw it away. We DO like diversity.
NO FAIR! I typed in Dusty and I come up anonymous. Maybe if I type in anonymous I will come up Dusty. Well, once more. I'm sorry!!

I remember being told that it was good luck to have a bird poop on you. It happened to me once en route to work, and instead of letting it ruin my day, I pretended that it was a great omen. Of course I hadn't burned a hole in my shirt the very same day, which might have affected my attitude.

Did it portend good luck? I can't say that I've had particularly bad luck, except for that incident (and a few other similar yet unique incidents), but I cannot entirely vouch for the good luck part either.


I really like pheasants, especially entire coveys of them, but I really don't like swans as they are nasty creatures. Now if you happen to have the good luck to have genuine original Audubon prints, they are very valuable.

I too like crows! I also like cute little ducks and ducklings, but do not like geese and gosling, and put them in a category similar to pigeons which I like only when they are on a menu as "squab".
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