Tuesday, August 29, 2006

If Omeed isn't Muslim he may need to convert to get out of this one

Two amazing things jumped out to me in this article. One was that you need to go about two thirds of the way into the story to find out Omeed Aziz Popal was driving an SUV. Usually when an SUV is involved they don't even mention a driver. The second thing was that with three reporters working the story nobody seems to have done a simple search on the name. Possibly these reporters are way ahead of me and already know that the Bay area is crawling with people named Omeed Aziz Popal and it was a different one listed in this traffic court docket from last year, but I doubt it. Wouldn't it be interesting to know what that case was about though?

RW: The guy sure did a lot of navigation on "Bush" Street. Went after a "greenie" too? Maybe we could talk some more greenies and lefties into sacrificing themselves for the cause. Appease the voracious appetites of the Omeeds.


I'm listening to Fox and Friends, and so far no mention of the incident. The fact that the perpetrator was at a Jewish Center was barely an afterthought. If a non-Asian targeted Muslims, would the press be outraged? Any bets on when the MSM picks up on his, err, Asian background?

Great catch on the name. Did you beat Michelle Malkin to the scoop?
I thought it was ironic that one of the witnesses worked for Greenpeace.

Another witness was quoted as saying the incident was "inexplicable".

Yeah, sure.

If it turns out that this is another of the crazed "Asians" that the press will do everything they can to cover for, they seem to turn up among leftists all the time.

Buy Danish,

From what I can tell with time stamps, I beat everybody to Omeed's previous driving trouble. I know I was ahead of Allah and Michelle and I believe they have given me credit under my codename "various emailers."
I couldn't help but notice all of the different ethnic names of those interviewed. When I was in California, diversity worked well. People assimilated to our way of doing things. Supported the country and our government. Now they "roar down Bush Street in the wrong direction" wreaking havoc.

RW: What happens if I "sign out" in my profile? I'm tired of having to type in my username and password everytime I post. Is it a permanent exit. It seems like the last time I did it, I had to start the process over and it wouldn't accept my original OO. I may not be recalling the experience correctly.
Oops, had to come back.

Danish: Thanks for the audubon link. I enjoyed it. I left you a message. :-)

I would expect it to do what you say it's doing anyway if you hit sign out. Maybe you don't have your system accepting cookies.

Glad you enjoyed it. I left you and Dusty a message too.

I forgot to mention that i liked your Hamas story from Memri from a few days ago. If they could only learn to love law and order and peace as much as they hate jews there might be some progress made.
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