Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Slick Willy turned sixty and shared a few of his cards

Happy Birthday Bill!
Either that picture is doctored or Slick Willy is playing doctor, giving that blonde a breast exam?

Happy Birthday Bill. You're looking every day of 65 give or take a bimbo.

If your linky thingy is working click the picture for some of the other cards. (some or all may be doctored-I'll go with all)
Hey! Where's Der Slickmeister's "wife?"

Hardy har har.

If we threw a wide angled lens on this situation we could fit another bimbo in and then get to see Bubba "triangulate."

It would be just like old times, eeeuuuuwwww.

I believe Joe Wilson's wife is riding the left hand. She had to be cut out of the picture because of that whole under cover thing I think.

I have nothing to offer on Bill's birthday celebration except that I liked the card from the dry cleaners the best.

I hope I don't screw up this link. I think I need a new pair of glasses!

There's another update to the "Asians" on the airplane story. Check out their picture - they look like American Idol contestants.

They say they were just "having some fun" whatever that means. Maybe those heavy leather jackets and "jumpers" are all the rage in among young disaffected youts.

It could also be that they are going to purposely set up a bunch of false alarms like this so that when the real deal happens everyone yawns. (That's the conspiracy theory side of me).

Check out the mostly idiotic comments too. Miraculously there are a few intelligent ones.

I say screw 'em.
Buy Danish,

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it was a situation where they were trying to lull people to sleep. I hope someone says "Oh we're sorry to have bothered you" and then follows them to their local mosque to see what they were really up to.

When I was young and planes were constantly being hijacked to Cuba, I used to fly to Florida at least twice a year to visit my grandparents. It was made very clear to everybody back then that if you even joked about a hijacking you were getting locked up.
Have any of you seen this anywhere?

Hezbollah lost more than 700 fighters during the conflict with Israel, a number that has sent the movement into a state of shock and stirred up resentment in the Shiite community toward Hezbollah, Lebanese sources said Aug. 23.

I think there's a Welcome Buy Danish Sign hanging somewhere.

Now YOUR link didn't work. At least you got blue lines which is more than I accomplished this morning.
Sorry, I was looking at Bill's cards. The Hillary/Reno bump & grind was unnerving.

Try this:

It's got your Danish cartoon and everything.

I'm gone.
*sigh* I miss him.


It may have been fun times, but we really can't afford to put a do nothing party boy in office too often.
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