Thursday, August 31, 2006

Solar auto unveiled......on this day in 1955

No word on whether a nine year old George W. Bush immediately shut down General Motors.

That car certainly wouldn't warrant reproduction. Where's a soccer mom to put all the equipment and kids?
Come on, @@, I believe that squashed bullet looks better than that shoe box I saw running down the road yesterday. Just put a silver luggage rack on top, and you've got it made.

I will admit it might bring up a big temptation for truckers. To run over or not to run over? That is the question. It already looks a bit close to the ground. Wonder what the mileage was? I'm still sticking with my cute Cavalier. (This makes my sons snicker.)
Dusty: I can't even imagine how bumpy the ride would be in that sun-baked pancake. Semper had a '58 Corvette convertible that he sold recently. Looked good but rode like a tank. I had a '69 Kharman Ghia convertible. Same ride and it was so noisy, you couldn't carry on a conversation.

I think I've seen the shoebox you're talking about. Uuuugggglly!

I bet you were really cool in all those convertibles. That must have been fun riding. It looks like it anyway. Have you and Semper had a motorcycle?

I really think that men have a car gene. As soon as they acquire one car, another looks so much better. My sons,as teenagers, worked themselves to death cooking hamburgers, etc. just to buy something with four wheels and a steering wheel. It was relentless and they never get over it. Motorcycle son has a Mustang and a Honda. Already he has mentioned what a good price he could get for the Honda(almost new) which of course means he would have to buy a replacement as the Mustang is only "backup".

Ah, the joy of sons. They are so much fun. So is my daughter but a car is just a utility vehicle for her.

Most definitely. Semper was a motorcycle fanatic when I met him. Taught me how to drive his. Funny thing, I was best friends with Semper's cousin in high school. He went to school in a town 75 miles south of me. I had never met him. She told me he rode a red motorcycle with his name painted on the gas tank.

I was on the dance team that performed at football games. We had a game in Semper's home town. I got off the bus and met Semper's motorcycle long before I met Semper.

So you have a heart warming feel for motorcycles. Can't say I feel any heart warming over motorcycles. This is a sleek black 750 Honda lurking in the storage room at the moment. Yes, lurking!! Oh well, as tis said,,,this too shall pass. Maybe.
I want one. Think I'll put it up on blocks in the backyard...
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