Saturday, August 12, 2006

Then what's your problem Harry?

According to Harry Reid the "American people" are not buying the vile rhetoric of the evil Republicans and Despicable Dick Cheney. So why the hell does he care what they say? And oh by the way, would politicians of both parties please quit saying "the American people" want....

"They've run this play one too many times," Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said in a conference call with reporters. "The American people simply do not recognize any validity in what they're saying."

So what did Tony Snow have to say?

"It sounds to me like Senator Reid is trying to accuse us of politicizing while he, himself, is politicizing the issue," said White House press secretary Tony Snow. "The comments that this administration has been making, including me, have been aimed at simply trying to get people to think seriously about, How do you achieve the goal of winning the war on terror? When you're in a war, the goal should not be how to get out. It should be how to win and then to get out."

Well at least we can easily tell who the adults are.

Simply put. Harry sees himself as the member of a very exclusive club, Club Democrat. They do behave like children in tantrum. The work is too hard. No patience for, or willingness to, participate in the solution. They only want their objective.

Snow actually said. "Lets all roll up our sleeves and figure out how to get this thing done." Emphasis on the word "all".

Did anybody actually see Cheney's comment on the Lamont win being a "boon for Al Qaeda". Did he say it with a smirk?
Bad timing for terrorism, it's all a scam. I thought something was going on, but then I checked the almanac , it's been full moonbat lately.
I know you do your own reading RW, but sometimes things just jump out at me. Check out Michael Perbost, Scientist.

Is that "RushingSnot" or what?

JayNot: Say Hay "Farmer Jay". ;)
@@, Farmer Jay, mad scientist that is (yeah right).

Lieberman, kicked to the curb like a red headed step child. Sucks to be Dem.
Michael Perbost, a scientist from Bethany, said that while he voted for the senator in the primary: “If you decide to go into it, and you lose, you’re the loser. I will probably vote for the other guy, because he’s the Democrat.”

I wonder where Michael Perbost, Bethany scientist, stood on Gore/Lieberman or Kedwards. Do you think he supported President Bush because the other guys lost so they were the losers?

Is that what our "scientists" learn these days? If you lose, you're the loser. WOW!
Jay not jay,

The best case would be for Liebs and the Freshmaker to split the vote letting the Republican win, but I don't think that's possible in Connecticut so the next best thing is letting the moonbats celebrate how they could win when only Democrats could vote and Lieberman won anyway once everyone could vote.

That's hilarious. Speaking of mentos, check this out if you haven't already, mentos+diet coke. Turn your speakers off if you want to save the headache.

the Freshmaker II
Jay not jay,

Letterman had some guys on the other day that did a whole choreographed fountain show with Mentos and Diet Coke.
Here it is. He does some practice runs in studio first.

Just so you know, I posted my underwear picture over at Nicole's place. It's not an autographed PA thong, but it's the best I could do on short notice.
I like what I saw in the NYT article on Lieberman. A lot of local Democrat officials, mayors, etc. are going to support Joe. Why?
Because he's a man who stands behind what he believes is right.

rushingsnot told me he didn't want me in his party. If he only knew how flexible I am on some issues. Getting less & less flexible everytime I see a left-wing looney.

Joe's other liberal tendencies can be negotiated. It's what reasonable adults do. Right now let's just make sure we're around when it comes time to negotiate.
careful @@,

getalife may swoop in and tell you not to vote in Nov., because they're gonna sweeeeep. (yeah right)
Jay not jay,

Keeping those that disagree with them from voting is the key to their success. Doesn't that sound a lot like Saddam's Iraq elections?


It's more of their projection. The most intolerant ones are the ones that call us rigid fundies.
RW, of course, @ 100% approval rating, how could one be wrong?

@@, rushncrap may be reading this. I dare you? A lecture could be in order. (Noooo!!)
Jay not jay,

This is the kind of elections they strive for.

I think you might be reading a little too much into some comments :-)

I was over at Wooten's for a while this morning. I am seriously worried about getalife.

Would you please quit deleting your comments!!!!
Alright, if anybody saw a comment I deleted, it was intended to be innocent, but may have been misconstrued in afterthought.

There was no other reason for deleting it. Nothing sneaky or tricky.
Damn you're quick RW.

Rigid as in unwashed to the point that they stand independently.

Craaaapppp, I'm trying to be good RW. Leave me alone, unless it messes something up on your end. If so, I may have to quit visiting altogether.:)

You just keep posting and deleting then and I'll just leave my responses so that it will appear I'm babbling to myself for no reason. ;-)

(I thought you meant something rigid was holding them up)

I sent you an e-mail. Feel free to respond. Brought this over from my e-mail in case you haven't heard already.

"Bottom line:
Whatever the U.N. Security Council might have intended, the outcome
in Israel was an IDF order to disarm Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.
At present, there is only air action in the Bekaa Valley."

They plan on continuing for a week according to the article.

On your underwear issues....I have no idea what you might be talking about. :)
You're gonna get tired of me visiting, but I'm all wrapped up in the conflict. A link from Subscribers' Discussion Forum.
Why would I get tired of information? I haven't digested that whole article yet, but the start has a Casablanca feel to it. They were shocked, shocked to find out how Iran had stocked Hezbollah.
I must give credit where credit's due:

Getalife's oxygen tank may be empty but he has impeccable taste in cigars. The Monte Christo #2 is a delight, I'm not much of an aficionado, and despite what he says, 11.50 a pop is really not that bad.

But still, invading Cuba would bring the price more in line, say down to about 7.00?

Who can argue with that logic?

Cuba would also be able to return to aging the cigars properly too. If you like the 11.50 version of today, you'll love the properly aged version at 7.00!
One more e-mail RW. ;)
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