Saturday, August 12, 2006

Then what's your problem Harry?

According to Harry Reid the "American people" are not buying the vile rhetoric of the evil Republicans and Despicable Dick Cheney. So why the hell does he care what they say? And oh by the way, would politicians of both parties please quit saying "the American people" want....

"They've run this play one too many times," Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said in a conference call with reporters. "The American people simply do not recognize any validity in what they're saying."

So what did Tony Snow have to say?

"It sounds to me like Senator Reid is trying to accuse us of politicizing while he, himself, is politicizing the issue," said White House press secretary Tony Snow. "The comments that this administration has been making, including me, have been aimed at simply trying to get people to think seriously about, How do you achieve the goal of winning the war on terror? When you're in a war, the goal should not be how to get out. It should be how to win and then to get out."

Well at least we can easily tell who the adults are.

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