Thursday, August 31, 2006

These moonbats are determined to add some truth to their cries of, "It's just like Vietnam"

PARKLAND, Wash. -- The Pierce County Sheriff's Department is searching for five people who allegedly attacked a uniformed National Guardsmen walking along 138th Street in Parkland Tuesday afternoon.

The soldier was walking to a convenience store when a sport utility vehicle pulled up alongside him and the driver asked if he was in the military and if he had been in any action.

The driver then got out of the vehicle, displayed a gun and shouted insults at the victim. Four other suspects exited the vehicle and knocked the soldier down, punching and kicking him.

“And during the assault the suspects called him a baby killer. At that point they got into the car and drove off and left him on the side of the road,” Detective Ed Troyer with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News.

In a few years we will be told that things like this never happened or were scenes from a movie. In the present we will hear that this is just one teeny tiny isolated incident. Scroll down on
Michelle's post to see the gathering pattern.


Beyond the appalling anti-military thuggery cited here and in the other revolting incidents that MM recounts, there is a new entitlement mentality - the entitlement to create havoc and anarchy and throw the conventions of a civil society out the window.

There is an atmosphere that says one has the "right" to have one's rage satisfied (like using Ken Lay's death as a justifiable excuse to unleash venom on a jobs blog).

It is like the Vietnam era but arguably even worse (hard to believe that's possible) because it is not just a bunch of college kids joining SDS anymore, and their numbers were considerable.

If the blogosphere is any indication, it represents the mentality of more and more of the "mainstream" of the Dem Party who are convinced that they represent the "majority" and would be in power if not for Diebold, pregnant chads and Neo-Con fascists - a situation that entitles them with the "right to rage" by any means necessary.


I was just a kid during Vietnam, but it became very real when my older sister's fiancee was killed over there. My Dad was retired military and I saw him cry on more occasions than I ever saw my Mom cry. I remember my Dad crying and answering my sister's question of "Why?"

His response..."No man's life can be wasted or shamed in trying to secure freedom for those who can't secure it on their own. It's the reason we're soldiers."

My Dad always called us children "his little army of four."

We became one "screwed up mess" with his passing let me tell you!!!
Two liberals that can't find the truth, they rant but never vote. One converted liberal <---me. And an isolationist brother who's a libertarian but votes Republican.

Oops...too much information and I'll be needing a tissue.;-)

I could never slander those who protect my freedoms. There's something very sick in that.
Oops...there's two RW's?
Sunds more like a bunch of young Republican thugs pulling a Rovian dirty trick to me. I mean, a buhc of twenty-something white males driving around in a late model, black Amercan made SUV -- and carrying a handgun?

All that's missing is that they were blonde! Oh wait! The driver was blonde!

Or, possibly, it's a pack of neo-Nazi,m Pat Buchanan/David Duke sympathizers.

It sure ain't liberals.
There's a small flaw in Anonymous's thinking, and a huge flaw in his/her ability to spell.

Conservatives support our troops. We don't attack with the vitriol exhibited by the left.

You see ^^^ your hatred. Problem is it's misdirected. Hate yourself if you must, but please try not to hate those who defend your freedom to do so.
Oh goodness,
Let me first say that ANONYMOUS is not one of my slip-ups. I doubt that you thought so but I certainly wanted to clear that up.

This is so disturbing. I am not violence prone but this makes me want to shoot somebody. Not that there is anything here that I know how to shoot. But the fact that someone would attack a soldier just because he was American military, is almost unbelievable.

Like @@'s dad, my dad believed in freedom, and fought for it as did my husband. My oldest son was in the military but not during wartime. I do hope these are totally isolated incidents, perpetuated by hate groups.

I know that mentioning patriotism is no longer PC but we surely do need more of it.
Dusty: I came back to see if you needed me. We can be an "army of two" at RW's. ;-)
Anonymous dick,

That's quite a sterotype you've come up with: If someone drives a black SUV and has blonde hair they're not a liberal.

I can think of quite a few liberal members of congress who fit that description, but I guess the only way you can pin it on libs is if they're driving a Volvo and have brown hair.

Freaking idiot.

Thanks for all the help. Now that you have called RW twice, I am sure that we will be in safe hands.(Where is RW? He can't even play golf with this rain.)

I am writing in "Dusty" very delicately these days. "It" sneaks anonymous in every time I forget.

There was a sensible late blogger "Not Andy, but" on Luckovich. Gave liberals some good whacks which they did not appreciate. Did you see his post?
Hey Danish:

I drive a Volvo and have brown hair.

Well...Semper just sold my Volvo and bought me an Outback without my approval. I've lost my liberal identity. :-)


I read some at ml's late this afternoon while the rain was coming down. I saw the post you're talking about. I didn't really read any of the replies, I'll check them out.

Danish made it RW's "army of three." Danish (the pitbull), Dusty (?????} and @@ (the mutt).

Pick the canine that best describes you.

I'm drive an Outback (1999) and have a used and beat up Volvo with 250,000 miles on it that I leave in Maine.

I wish I had an extra W sticker to put on it because virtually everyone in Maine advertises their allegiance to Kerry/Edwards. Remember them?

I picture Dusty as some sort of hound or hunting dog - the sort found on Southern Plantations.
Whew! I saw that "anonymous" and began to chuckle over Dusty's ongoing battle with the evil Dr. Blogspot and WHAM! I started reading it.


You already know my Vietnam era experience. All this time I thought they were anti-war hippies, but they drove a station wagon which was the SUV of the time and the girl had dirty blond hair. VERY dirty blond, so they must have been Republicans.


You already know my Vietnam era experience. All this time I thought they were anti-war hippies, but they drove a station wagon which was the SUV of the time and the girl had dirty blond hair. VERY dirty blond, so they must have been Republicans.

Buy Danish,

I think you scared it away.


I've been working this week helping some friends install a new internet telephone system.
Hey, come on now, I am in an entirely different category.

I'm just a nice little filly with the style of Barbaro. Also with knees that sometimes feel like broken legs. ('specially when I hear about @@ walking 5 miles.)

You two do not remind me of a bulldog or mutt so I promote you to the equine world. But Barbaro is already mine..


Whew!! I'm glad you decided I had not turned into a total liberal ignoramus anonymous. This jerk is ruining the pride of anonymous. My fingers twitch at the thought.
I think you are going to miss your usual hole in one tomorrow because of all the guilt!(Letting that igno come here.)

Uh oh, I better go cheer the Braves. I think Smoltz is dragging a bit.

Pit Bulls are good at that, and speaking of Pit Bulls did anyone see Ann Coulter on MSNBC's Donny Deutsch show last nite?

She said something that I was expecting to hear her numerous critics to have a freaking fit about, but so far no headlines on Drudge.

I hesitate to even repeat it since no one watches that show (including me - I was just surfing) and I don't want to start any unnecessary groundswells, but if you torture me I'll spill the beans.

Now regarding your lengthy absence, don't tell me that one needs a full time private technician friend just to get Vonage installed. Yikes.
Buy Danish,

It's not quite as simple when you have 900 stations in 6 different locations, need on net and off net dialing, call center integration, integrated fax and email clients, and all those pesky wires and jacks etc., etc. Don't even get me started on teaching all these people how to use said services. (BTW, it's a friend but it ain't charity work..$$$)

Now give up Annie's statement or I'm turning on Barbra Streisand music when you enter this site and I'll disable your ability to mute or exit.
This is a little dated by now, but did you know the moonbat fast also allows beer and wine?

Ohhhhh Nohhhhh! I'll talk, I'll talk!

She said that she thought that Bill Clinton's promiscuity was a sign of latent homosexuality. She said he was "of the bath house".

She also gave a great explanation as to why ugly liberal hags find him so attractive, but I can't remember what it was!

Hopefully it's in the blogsphere somewhere waiting to be captured. If anyone can find it - you will.

Speaking of finding things, you know the story you posted about the San Francisco SUV terrorist. I googled the names of the two Asians who vouched for his sterling, non-violent character. One runs a car repair shop (how convenient) and gave a campaign contribution to Jew-Hater Lyndon Larouche, and the other had a Cease and Desist action against him for running a pyramid scheme using women in the guise of some sort of humanitarian scheme.
Buy Danish,

I thought she said that a couple weeks ago. MSNBC usually has transcripts so I'll have a look.

Nice friends those Asians. I bet Orientals are getting a little hacked about this group identity theft.
RW: I was wondering why you posted your 8:07 twice. I thought you were just tired. It's because I created two RW's...funny. I'm still Slow OO.

Danish: As a former liberal, (not haggish though), I can say it's Clinton's overbite. I've got a thing for overbites. I post once a day at Wooten's and when I see his picture, I keep wanting to ask him if he has an overbite.

"I'm Slow Strange OO" she shrugged.
Buy Danish,

This is MSNBC talking about the appearance on Donny Deutsch's show. [about halfway down] This was July 26th and it says the appearance apparently on CNBC was the night before.

What would have been remarkable would have been if I could have accidentally typed it twice and had it come out the same.
I'd like a large FO (with an overbite).

Frosted Orange that is.

Swiming pools and movie stars!!
Ah ha

RW types something twice just like I typed anonymous. Next I will be shot down by the evil Dr. youknowwho for getting "smart".

Have any of you seen a good write up of the Armitage story? I heard bits and pieces but didn't see it mentioned in Did I miss it? Armitage told Novak about Plame? What about Scooter Libby? I just wanted to get it all straight. That has been one mixed up affair. Has always sounded like a witch hunt to smear Bush. That's not unusual of course.

I heard the Democratic congressman from Massachusetts, Manes I believe, on TV. He sounded exactly like Goldie. I couldn't believe it. He could have been reading from the Luckovich blog.

He was "debating" a nice looking young Republican congresswoman from Tennessee. She came on as the girl next door with the pleasant Southern accent. But, she was so good. She chatted away and made that Democrat look like a snake in the grass. At least I thought so. I think we will be hearing more from her. I missed her name but she was on Lehrer News Hour. She's got brains and savoir faire.
I just checked on the name of the Congresswoman from Tennessee. She is Rep. Marsha Blackburn.
go @@, go @@, go @@

I dropped in and out last night too fast to see you.

An FO with an overbite?

My, my, you don't know how to win this girl's heart. ;-)

I missed the beginning and didn't realize it was a re-run. I was in Vacationland on July 26th - no wonder I missed it. I'm surprised they didn't make a bigger deal of it, although I suppose it's possible that the National Enquirer has some photos of Bill at a bath house, or maybe because it just opens up a can of worms with Hilary.


If you were a former liberal hag you'd still be a liberal.

I find Bill Clinton most unattractive - it's the lack of athleticism. I think it may be a deciding factor on why people grow up to be miserable libs.

I'm about to spend a lot of money to fix my son's overbite (which I can't see - it's not at all like buck teeth or anything). Maybe I should let it be so he can grow up and be President some day? Nah.


Okay, I don't "get" the Orange Frosty reference. I feel so out of it. Waaaaah.
Sorry ladies, when you go to the Varsity (a fine Atlanta eatery), they have a wonderful drink called a Frosted Orange or an "FO" in Varsity slang. I was cracking up when Andy was finishing his posts with FO because frosted orange came to mind instead of the real meaning. I thought you would like frosted oranges, @@:( Ya'll have a good weekend!

My response to the "FO with an overbite" was sarcastic. I'm a big Dick Cheney fan and know about the overbite obsession.

You have a great weekend too JayNot.
Dusty, BD & Andy:

Thanks for the kind words at ml's.
I don't have much time lately to post. I read after the site closes down.

Still searching the tubes though. Looking for the good news. It's out there.

I find articles that quote Iraqi Security Forces, citizens, and I have to ask myself....what kind of people could leave them stranded when they've placed so much hope on us and their future?

I just don't understand it.

Thank YOU for the great T.R. quotes.

I heard REALLY bad news tonight on FOX news, but it was not about Iraq - Turkey is rewriting novels like "Tom Sawyer" and "Pollyanna" so that the characters convert to Islam.

This is not a joke.

Off to do some Googling.
Here's more info about what's happened in Turkey. I can't wait to see what they do with Bible stories. Maybe Christ will ride a magic carpet to his resurrection.


Thanks for the explanation. I really hate it when I don't get the joke!
Well, good friends, I am sleepy tonight.

After reading about the revisions of Tom Sawyer and Pollyanna, I think we should do some revisions of our own. How about the Koran? Maybe we could throw in "No head chopping!"

Good night..and happy holiday weekend..
What's a moonbat?
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