Sunday, August 27, 2006

Was the gunpoint "conversion" speech written by Howie, Teddy, and San Fran Nan?

Michelle Malkin has the details here.

I just thank God they have been released.

RW: Since MM & I have suffered a permanent disconnect, I could only listen to the video. Did I see a couple of eye-rolls coming from Steve?

When I saw him crying this morning on being released, I guess the tears were because he has been separated from the one & only true faith of Islam?

Teddy & Nancy may very well have given a more convincing address. Howard Dean........probably an "Eeeeeeeiiiiiiiiaaaaaaahhhh" Allah is great."

Can't you even get there with

I thought Steve Centanni was making it very obvious that he was just reading what they were making him read.

I thank God they're released, but I worry about Steve Centanni's security - he may be a marked man for life now. After reading (the DNC prepared) speech and voicing his respect for Islam, if he ever says anything to offend CAIR's membership in the future it could be fatwa time. He's a true believer now, right? Apostasy does not go over well with these peaceful people.

Does anybody know why they both had their index fingers in the air? Is that an Islam thing, or were they attempting to convey classic images of Christ?
RW: No, I can't get there from here or anywhere. Not to worry. I'm limping along.

Cleaned out the hard drive, but can't defrag it. It keeps hanging up.

I'd love a new "pooter"...something black and sleek. A little flat screen terminal. You talked Semper into a "footwarmer" maybe.............?

Semper Fi,

Windows 98 is obsolete and no longer supported by most software makers. It sounds like there are also some pending hard drive issues with @@'s computer.

The good news is that with Windows Vista about to come out, you should be able to find some excellent deals on XP machines.

Now this purchase will do a world of good for the rest of us as well. Lots of us post links and news stories in the usually misguided hope that someone will read them. @@ not only reads them, but finds many more items to add to the discussion. This really helps inflate the ego of some of us out here. Speaking of inflated, this purchase will really help out the hardware/software compatibility on the homefront too, if you know what I mean. With the speed and reliability of a new machine she'll be done surfing in no time and without that computer generated headache lingering on.
Buy Danish,

It looks like you were very prescient with your observation of their apostate problem.
RW, I had been hoping to limp into Christmas with 98 and maybe make a new PC a Christmas gift. Not sure if I am going to be able to make it that long. I am being outsourced to IBM 9/1 and will get pretty good discounts on ThinkPads. An even bigger one on Refurbed units. I am a tight wad nowadays, you know what I mean? I have IE6 SP1 with all updates, including for windows but still having problem with some sites. I work on computers that won't fit into a house and hate these that sit on desk. They are not as structured and secure. Can tell they are developed by college kid geeks.

Maybe Santa will come early this year.

If I may drag in here late as everything and post. (Sounds like @@ is going to get a new computer very soon, even if it is room size. Just a small inconvenience.)

This apostate thing is crazy. Reminds me of the Ancient Mariner. Those two men will have an albatross around their necks until they die. I surely will not point a finger at them. With a knife at my throat held by a religious fanatic, I might say that I believe in Mickey Mouse or whatever. Hope not but don't want the test.

I wonder how many stories the NY Times has run on the consequences of apostasy?

I have to say that Centanni and Wiggs comments about the "beautiful people" in Palestine and the "tremendous respect for Islam" were disappointing.

I can understand appeasing Islamists under the point of a gun, but why offer up unsolicited propaganda? If you only have nice things to say about your kidnappers, why say anything at all?

Steve Centanni is obviously a really fine person, but what's the point of feeding the animals with praise? It doesn't make them go away, it just increases their appetite.

There are never any consequences for bad behavior in the muslim world. A sense of shame might be a good place to start.
Dear Honu c/o RW,

I see that you are torn between war and anti-war. You search your Bible and find thoughts going both ways. It gets even tougher when you see the faces of those killed in the military, some even 18 and 19 yers old old. You just want to say "Come home!".

Nowhere in the Bible have I read that we should accept or approve evil. Christ did not. Even with 30 days on the mountain and no food, he would not accept any offers of bread and rulership from the Devil because it required acceptance of evil. When he saw "evil" in the crazed young man,
he took pity and cured the sick one. Then Christ gave his own life that we might live with God after our days on earth are ended.

I do not think evil spirits are running around knocking on people's doors or lurking in a snarl of blackberry thorns.

But when you see heads being hacked off of innocent people, bombs killing bus riders, shoppers at a market, buildings and planes demolished by suicidal terrorists, then it is plain where evil can lie. I see no other way but to fight.

I guess we all have to figure out what lies best in our hearts. We'll never be 100% as we are looking through a dark glass.

As an after thought, I love the poetry of Job and the Psalms in the Bible. It sweeps you away.

Take care and peace be with you.
Oh no, something happened to my last post.

I need an explanation on this decision. Anybody? Somebody? This doesn't make sense to me.

RW: Looks like ^^^ my Fitzmas is coming early. Thanks for your efforts. BTW, yours & Semper's innuendos were disgusting. ;-)

Also, I successfully defragged my drive. Semper couldn't!!!!! Can you see me doing my victory dance? :P

I'm so proud of myself.....
Oh noooooo! Something happened to my picture.

Oh noooooo! Something happened to my pride....

I don't know what Tom Lantos' move is about exactly, but I question why we are giving one dime to rebuild in Lebanon, troops or no troops. Those were Hezbollah strongholds that were attacked by Israel.

The pro-Hezbollah Lebonese, like the pro-Hamas Palestenians need to be made to suffer the consequences of their actions. If they want to support terrorists, then I say, screw 'em.
Buy Danish,

When they made those comments they were still with the Hamas dudes. I'll be more bothered if they continue that after they are back home. The one comment that Centanni made about hoping other journalists will come to tell the story might be the way he feels, but it might also mean he knows he will be marked for death if he returns after disavowing Islam.
Danish (Pit Bull);-):

I see articles like this and this and can't help but wonder if it would be beneficial from a U.S. image standpoint, to provide aide. Afterall, Hezbollah is handing out entitlements left & right. We know where the money is coming from, Iran.

I've read a couple of articles that have indicated that the people are angry with Hezbollah for bringing this destruction upon Lebanon. Hezbollah's leader was interviewed and stated that he never would have taken the soldier's & murdered the others if he had known the voracity with which Israel would retaliate.

Now on the face of that statement, it can be seen two ways. Nasrallah is directing blame on Israel for an unbalanced response, or he's apologizing to the Lebanese people.

Semper is next to me telling me that he wouldn't give them a damn thing unless an American flag was stamped on it, and there was sufficient oversight of distrubution.

You know me Danish, I'm all into people heads. Problem is, there's nothing in mine.:P Combine that with the mind of radical Islam, and I'm operating from a -10% mental capability.

I'm a mutt, remember?
Semper Fi,

I didn't even take your last line as an innuendo until @@ brought it up.


But it's a religion of peace...Minnie wouldn't like right in a burka would she?


The odd part of the story you linked is that Lantos seems to be the one doing the right thing. I suppose that's possible, but he's a California Democrat which makes me suspicious that we aren't seeing the whole story.
RW: I understand the need to secure the Syrian borders, and I believe the Lebanese government has agreed to do that. I may be wrong. Israel has drones and aircraft surveilling the border, but I don't know if that will be allowed to continue once the UNIFIL is in place.

Was your suspicion aroused by the fact that he is a Californian or a Democrat, or both. Always being suspicious wears me out......

I was sitting next to Semper when he posted that comment. He had an evil smile on his face, so I knew his intentions.

Scandalous Scoundrels, both of you.;-)
And I thought you would be complaining about the @@ brought it up portion of my comment. ;-)

UNIFIL has been there since 1978 I believe. Let's hope there are more changes than just a larger force. I guess I should look at a map, but if there is a Syria/Lebanon border that isn't part of the tri-border area I doubt Israel is able to monitor that with drones.

My suspicions are aroused by the fact that he is a Democrat mostly. That and the fact that the AP stories picked up by Yahoo are getting to be less reliable than supermarket tabloids.
RW: And BTW, this story has "forced" me to be suspicious and I am ashamed.

Scandalous Scoundrel...@@ brought it up????????

I'd put a bunch of HA HA'S here, but I don't do that.

Maybe it was the trauma of being completely and totally used as a prop by John Kerry. Don't you just love these maladies that can't really be proved one way or the other?

I know I'm nitpicking here, but it aggravates me the way every story about Cleland and his three limbs gives the impression that it was battlefield related. He dropped a freaking grenade out of sheer carelessness and he could have done it in Kansas as easily as Vietnam.
Well this is definitely the place to come for the facts. I had no idea Cleland's injuries were out of carelessness.

Semper said to tell you that Cleland may not be an American war hero, but instead may be America's first suicide bomber.

Now I'm laughing and feeling reeaaally ashamed. :P
Well if he was America's first suicide bomber he even screwed that up.

Now I guess I should feel ashamed.
Ah ha, RW and @@..

Go stand in the corner. Poor old Cleland, I feel his pain. Now really..he can't tango, ride the Silver Comet, change bedsheets, cut up tough steak and no surfing. Now that is depressing, except maybe for the bedsheets.

Well, really, poor guy, life must be tough. Seems like he has tried. I would think a little depression might be in order. Well, just being a Democrat would be depressing. Now, I am being very bad. May I blame it on BlogSpot?
Oh no....Dusty caught us being bad.

Don't hang around for Semper's posts, or you'll have to get the paddle out.

The ultimate rejection. No clear reason why.

Maybe we should all take a guess. :-)
I do envy Clelend one thing, he always gets to wear shorts to work. I have never understood how he allowed his grenade to do that kind of damage. I can assure you, when the pin is pulled on a grenade, you automatically become alert and if the clip should come off, and not during a throwing motion, a person would defintely raise to a higher alert level and run like hell and hit the dirt. It's almost like he must have stood over it and just said AH SHIT or something.
Heeeyyyyy! Why am I the only one who has a trashcan after my posts?

Dangit, what have I done wrong now?
I logged Semper on and he doesn't have a trashcan.

My picture is gone too. Don't answer these questions RW, I'm just thinking out loud and obviously too late.

Can I at least answer the trash can one?


In case the answer is yes, you only see a trash can under a post you are allowed to delete. I see a trash can under everyone's posts because I'm special. :-)


I can't believe blogspot dragged you down that road, just like it did @@ and myself.
Hey, do you actually want me to answer these questions you ask in your post titles, RW?

And where the heck is DavidU these days...?

Yes! The questions are specifically designed to get you personally to answer. DavidU visits the Sports Page every once in a while. He may still have computer issues.
Since RW has moved up, I can post this to see if my picture is back without him knowing. RW won't know it, but Semper already explained the trashcan thing to me. He rarely visits and knew. But I had to tell him it was for deletion purposes before he could figure it out......he's helpless without my genius.
O.K., the picture mystery is solved. I can't watch everybody with my green eye if nobody can look at me in the backroom.

Got it.
Good grief,@@

What are you doing up and around at six in the morning? It is nine and I still don't know what I am doing. Maybe if I opened my eyes. Oh well. What trashcans? I can't see those either.

Now I am full of remorse for dumping on poor Cleland last night. But I am also full of cheese biscuits which helps. Had a weak moment last night and made biscuits. If you have a sorry dinner, always throw in homemade biscuits and nobody will notice the rest. It works. Then eat leftovers for breakfast. Just call me Ohso Fatso.

Please let Semper wear shorts to work. We don't mess with a man who knows how to handle a live grenade. We want him to stay COOL!
Dusty: While you're enjoying your cheese biscuits, I am dressing out to walk a brisk five miles while it's still cool outside. Then I come back and enjoy "my biscuits with honey." I'm a miserable failure at homemade biscuits. I buy the Aunt Marie's or Aunt B's (?) frozen biscuits and Semper insists that I never try to make homemade biscuits again. His teeth won't take the abuse.

Cornbread is my specialty. A little cornbread with my "butter" is why I walk.

I've tried two other times to post here and ZIP it doesn't post. I will try later.

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