Sunday, August 06, 2006

What's wrong with this picture?

Apparently quite a bit.

**UPDATE** Reuters comes clean

pretty interesting. another fine job by the drive by media.
If all the drive by media is looking for are some smokey pictures to help get their readership concerned with the situation in the Middle East, I got some they can use.

Always glad to help.

If Reuters ran that it would look like this.
if only the whole place was leveled. now tht would be news worth reading!

That's just a little too harsh, don't you think?

I just heard on Fox News that the deadly missles that were fired at Haifa today came from...............Qana, oh little town of Hezbollah.

The IDF just took the launchers out.
Buy Danish,

Did you see the big screaming headlines that said the death toll in Qana was less than half of what was first reported?


I didn't either.

No I didn't, but then again Cynthia Tucker has just woken up to the fact that Robert "The Marxist" Mugabwe is a murderous thug* (although she still believes he had a "brief shining moment" and "struck the right chords) so I guess we can count on a reflective AJC op-ed on Qana to show up in a few...................... decades.

*Hat Tip: Andy
This becomes funny when you apply this reporter's flabbergasted disbelief that the public was not convinced by his reporting. And then find out that a growing number of academia are becoming "conspiracy theorists".

Mix all ingredients thoroughly and you have a very rich dessert of leftists.


I don't know which particular kook it was, but one of them was on Heartland the other night and claimed that Marvin Bush left the bombs in the World Trade Center which were what really made them fall.

One of many questions that I would have liked to ask is: Why even bother hijacking planes on 9/11 if Bush is going to get this brother to blow everything up anyway (for unfathomable motives, but I digress)?
Buy Danish,

Wasn't that the Wisconsin professor that's teaching a class on how America attacked itself?

The idiots that did the loose change movie were on the radio with Opie and Anthony the other day spouting all their conspiracy theories including building 7 falling. A firefighter that had been there called in and told them that one of the collapsing towers had taken out the base of building 7 and lit it on fire. They told him he didn't know what he was talking about. He did at least give them a good earful.
Dude, I bust ASS in photoshop compared to this mess. They could have at least hired a PROFESSIONAL.

The guy said he made this mess trying to clean up some dust spots. He said it probably messed up because he was working in poor lighting.

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