Thursday, August 03, 2006

Who does this moonbat blame for her decision to show Joe Lieberman in blackface?

Why the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy of course.

they are everywhere
I know you saw me at ml's this morning. It's hard being a "pickle" and a "grasshopper". The common denominator is tied to the color "green" I guess. Put a devil's horn on a troublemaker and you've got yourself a "greenhorn".

Saw an old article in "Mensweardaily" which explains why liberals allow themselves the freedom of racism. I could link, but I don't want to. I went back to that HP link right after you posted it and the picture was gone.
I'm drawing a blank screen on your link here too. I did what you told me with temporary files, but there's still a problem. I'll figure it out.

Maybe that's where the "vast" comes in :-)


If you just go to you can probably scroll down to this post. The "artist" that photoshopped the picture has his explanation there which is worth reading.
You got that right.

"It's a C-O-N-SPIRACY!"

Fifty extra points if you can tell me where that quote came from.

SHH! No helping him, please!
Let's see....would that be Damon Wayans from In Living Color?
homey don't play that!

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