Monday, August 07, 2006

Why they hate us-Russian version

The alleged English translation makes this a Pravda classic. It sounds a lot like the moonbats at ml's place, except it's slightly more coherent.

Is there a secret why many Europeans, Arabs, Asians, South Americans, Canadians and some other nationals hate more and more the George W. Bush government? Is it a wonder that, in the lane of their minefield of false views on the geopolitical world, the whole USA suffer damage in its reputation that may last for a long history to come? Let's study the situation and go into the details of the intellectual view of a mad-gone government around Bush, Rice, Rove, Rumsfeld, Cheney and all the other blind politicians.

On the example of a cult-figure with very much influence in the USA , publicist and journalist Ann Coulter, the matter may be made transparent: You really don't know who is Ann Coulter? She is the most named power woman of the USA. And she is rightwing, Republican, a real woman out of steel and with an atomic brain and - she is blond and she assumes to be intelligent. This assumption requires a heavy theory of relativity - as follows:

Okay, I'll bite, RW -- call me stupid, dense, a middle moonbat. . . but I do not get the gist of this article. I read it and couldn't keep my mind from wandering. Seriously, I couldn't follow it.

Am I missing something? This is pro Russia? Pro-AC? Pro-Illiterate? Perhaps the naked Marilyn Monroe is related? Perhaps I've had a long day and should read when I'm refreshed in the AM?
On another topic:

RW -- I was just catching up on the ML site today. The poster, posing as you, as the rapist of the 12 year old in Duluth. . .I'm stunned, really. You always tell me it's MLs right (as well as my beloved Rodney Ho's) right to run their individual blogs as they deem proper.

How is that reference to a monster, proper? How is it allowed to soil your otherwise good name to those who perhaps have never visited that blog, proper? And how is it allowed to remain on-line?

It's reprehensible. Who are these people, and why haven't they been prosecuted? I'm all for free speech, until it destroys someone's character.

You can try resting up or reading the story in the middle of a rock concert. It won't make any difference, whoever does the translations for Pravda does a, shall we say, less than stellar job. That's why I link to a good Pravda story from time to time, it's hysterical.

As for ml's blog, it is very odd what kind of thing they take down and what they leave up. I can't imagine that anyone reading would fall for a name jack job like that one, so it really doesn't reflect on me. In that particular case I think it was fairly obvious that the poster named "Huge" did it. After trying to bait me in two or three straight posts and not getting a response he did that.

I just wish they would do something to protect the names, but if they don't then any of us that post there know that we are going to be subjected to that sort of thing.
My sentiments, exactly, RW, on the Russia article. Glad to know it wasn't just me! I sincerely couldn't follow the writing and had to keep searching to see who it was championing!

I know. . .I am beating a dead horse re: MLs, or for that matter, JWs blogs. I used to so enjoy reading you and the political give and take (last winter and this spring) and now cannot understand all the animosity. It really detracts from its original purpose.

I disagree, however, on one point. What if I chose to stop reading at the Duluth rapist post, never realizing that RW never said that? It's something that really, really bothers me. That's all I wanted you to know. . .your one and two line posts speak volumes over the novellas.

P.S. Huge is a poster I recognize from JWs (not someone from earlier MLs). The person at JWs (besides Susan the Nazi) under the name of Realist, is, I believe, someone else to be investigated as well. Rodney did this through tracing the IP address -- since they work for the same paper, can't Mike or Jim do that too? (Rhetorical, I guess.)
Wow, it's so late. One last thing, RW.

I am heading for the CT primaries in the morning. . .any advise? The repub is unchallenged, so my choices are Lieberman or Lamont.

That being said, have you ever just not voted for either when you were in the booth and just knew neither were your preference? Just wonder if that's okay . . .there's plenty of other races to decide here, too.

If someone that reads the blog got to that post they would know it wasn't me even if they stopped right there. If someone stumbled on the blog and read only that it wouldn't really reflect on anyone but the person in the story they linked to. If the person that stumbled on it decided to stick around to find out who I was it would soon become obvious that wasn't me even if they had that impression at first, so it's really just a childish stunt.

If I am voting and there is a race where I don't like either party I don't vote in that race. I once went to a runoff where there was only one race and I didn't like the two. I got my ballot and turned it in blank so they would know that someone was disgusted enough to show up and not vote for either of them.

Of course since Florida 2000 I'm not sure I would do that since they were trying to pretend they knew that every ballot must have contained a vote. The worst thing about that to me was that they kept insisting that everyone would vote for the Presidential portion of the race, but I know lots of people that vote in the local races and always skip the Presidential race.
Dear Fair-Wind-of-All-Time (my new Indian name for you) -- can't argue with that. I just hate it that your name (or anyone's) can be used in that manner and at the risk of horrible consequences. That's all. . .

Re: my policial question: if you lived here, and were subjected to all of this rhetoric, me thinks you'd choose the blank ballot again!

Thank you, my friend. . .as always, good chatting with you and thank you for your perspective.

Goodnight from Honu!
Goodnight Honu!
Well RW, it seems that I will forever be unable to link to anything over here. I get nothing. No download(?) at the bottom of the screen, nothing.

It's a shame, I've always enjoyed reading your links and leaving with your takes on the article.

Semper can't figure it out either, but then his field of expertise are the big mainframes. He does know more about PC's than me though. Hell, anybody & everybody knows more about PC's than me.

For me, it's nothing more than a box holding a wealth of information.

See if this works.

I'm not sure you really want to read this one anyway, but maybe it's because on the main page the links open in a different window.
I most certainly wanted to read this one. Definitely a "radical leftist" at Pravda.

For me, it's all a question of whether a political party wants to cultivate a poor class, or give it the opportunity afforded individuals to rise above it like the Republicans have. A government can negotiate with businesses through financial incentives offering opportunities to the poor. The problem with the alternative is that the Democrats negotiate with the poor offering them financial incentives that give their party the power to keep them poor. I have hopes for the future, not the past. Aren't you sorry you hooked me up to your link?

Now, as to your explanation as to my linking problem...I'm left wondering. I do have an "error on the page" message at the bottom of my screen. Maybe you and Semper can talk while he looks at me and shakes his head with the look that're hopeless @@. :)

Does that mean the link worked from the 8:39 comment?
Okay, so where's this Blog Vacation Calendar I've heard so much about??

I had to delete it. It was all your friends secrets you know.
RW, are you being a smartass? I'm married to a smartass you know...I bring grief to bear here at home.

Yes it worked, but now the original link works and I care not to know why. I have a funny looking blank void under the bar at the bottom and I don't care about that either. It's like Semper says..."@@ can "f" up a computer better than anybody I know. She does it well though and at lightning speed."


I'm sorry my avatar,gravitar,R&R scares you. I had a different one, but it got misplaced somewhere in cyberspace know ^^^ the rest.

Theme Junkie is working again if you know how to find that old picture.

Why must you be so nice when I'm in such a foul mood?

I'll look for the picture so that I don't scare Nicole anymore. And helping with your expertise in computer technology will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much! :( :)
My condolences for the loss of your esteemed Congresswoman. Could we be any sadder? :P

Did somebody call the race already? I know Johnson is way ahead early, but I don't know which precincts are reporting so far.
Please, not another Humpty Dance after election interview by CyMc on WSBTV!
U.S. House - District 4 - Dem Runoff
Georgia 21 of 167 Precincts Reporting - 12.57%
Name Votes Pct
Johnson , Hank 2,541 73.72
McKinney , Cynthia (i) 906 26.28

It was either Andy or Midori at ml's. I couldn't tell which. One sentence paragraphs. I'm focused on returns in my county.

Good luck!!!
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