Thursday, September 07, 2006

29 years ago today the worst President we've ever had gave away the Panama Canal

I don't think this guy was impressed.

On Sept. 7, 1977, Gen. Omar Torrijos Herrera and President Jimmy Carter signed treaties giving Panama gradual control of the canal, phasing out U.S. military bases, and guaranteeing the canal's neutrality. Carter's relinquishment of the Panama Canal and the subsequent installation of a government secretly influenced by Manuel Noriega leads to an invasion of Panama in 1989. And the overthrow of Noriega.

I think Stalin's-ass-kissing FDR was the worst president US has ever had. Mao's-hand-shaking Nixon comes a close second...

You have a point with FDR, even more so on the domestic front. We are still paying dearly for his turning America into a welfare state.

I really think when we are far enough down the road to get a true historical picture, Bill Clinton will be the President that put this country in the most dangerous and vulnerable positions imaginable.
Hey RW – hope you are well and had a great day. I'll address your Clinton comments another day.

Recently, I told you that I wanted to run for office. @@ asked me what position I wanted to hold. At the time, I didn’t have a precise answer to that. But what you didn’t know is that my plan was to move back to my home town of Pittsburgh, re-establish my roots and become part of Mayor Bob O’Connor’s administration. No public servant’s goals ever mirrored mine for that city as closely as Bob’s. He was a visionary. . .born and raised in the ‘Burgh, always championing for it to be the best city it could be without regard to race, color, creed or political affiliation, and those be damned who gave up on us years ago as a dying “rust-belt”. His unswerving devotion and enthusiasm had everyone rallying around him to “Redd Up” our town. You just couldn’t help yourself but to get on board. He finally realized his dream this January when he was sworn in as Pittsburgh’s mayor. And today, 241 days later, much to my disbelief, they have laid him to rest.

You know, one had to have grown up in the city of Pittsburgh to understand the Steeler fight song being sung at Mayor Bob O’Connor’s funeral this morning. It was the highest of tributes. Pittsburgh is a city like no other. . .once born there, you never feel at home anywhere else, no matter how far you travel or where you ultimately choose to put down roots. You cannot wait to go home for the 4th of July, Thanksgiving or Christmas, and you bleed black and gold. So much good has been done there. . .so much more good would have been accomplished by Mr. O’Connor. He truly went back to basics, and it was working. I, for one, am at a loss for why his good works were prematurely stopped.

In any event, I want to say I love the internetS (smile). I was able to watch the funeral mass and procession through the city he loved via KDKA’s website this morning. If anyone wants to see commitment to another human being, log onto their site and watch the video of his wife Judy eulogizing him. It’s truly amazing. And now, like so many Pittsburghers, I do no know where to go from here.

(RW – perhaps I have misused your forum in my tribute, and for that I apologize.)
Oh ya, and I wanted to add. . .worst person in the world -- Germaine Greer.

Nice tribute to the Mayor. I've always had a good time in Pittsburgh. Even in a Braves jersey in 1992.

Are you talking about The Female Eunoch, Germaine Greer? Also why are you nominating people for worst person in the world?
Hi RW -- you should visit again. . .the rivers are cleaner, bass and trout waiting to jump in your fishing net, the streets gleam and NO smoke anywhere! Be sure to tune in to the game tonight (if you didn't watch the Home Run Derby and All-Star game; you'll see what I mean.)

Your 2nd question. . .guess I've just had it with really stupid people lately? What is so bad in one's life that they have to dis the Crocodile Hunter??? That woman has been a menace for years. . .I like how "The Austrailian" refers to her. . .expat Greer (they don't want to claim her either!)

I've been back several times since then. It's really a nice city. I've never really understood the "three rivers" claim though. If two rivers flow together why do they become an entirely different river?
RW! It's the CONFLUENCE of the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers to form the Ohio. Remember the Point? That's where they meet. So what were we to call it? The Monongagheny? The Alleghela? Of course not. . .anyone could see it should be called the Ohio tee hee hee hee hee hee

Oh my -- they're introducing the '70s Steelers now!!! YAY!!!!!

I wish Carter would stay in Plains and keep his opinions to himself. Do you think the AJC contacts him for opinions or he just speaks up for whomever will listen? I haven't even heard Clinton running down the president.

Luckovich's blog seems to be going from bad to worse. Name calling is one thing but indecency is another. Evidently there is no monitor whatsoever. Tomorrow I won't stick around too much. Makes me very angry to read some of that stuff. It used to be fun but not anymore.

Clinton does it a lot but he's much more subtle. He will say he was working hard on doing something but his term ran out and leave it hanging that Bush must have come in and scrapped all these great things Clinton had been working on.

I agree with you about ml's blog and I wouldn't post there at all if it weren't for the people that go there and read without posting. I'd hate to have them think that the crap that gets posted as fact by people like finch and the Yahoo Queen is really true.

That's the thing. I get so angry at some of the comments. Then I post something not real pleasant. But I don't care to get so bitter. There's enough around without adding to it.

@@ is still pleasant and you brush them off with aplomb!!. @@'s school must have started. About that time.

I read about the protests and Bush. Sounds like a lot of silly GSU students. My daughter is working on her PhD in chemistry at GSU and she surely does not have time to protest. She wouldn't anyway. And her mother wouldn't speak to her if she did.
Dusty -- I agree 100% with you. I, too, have gotten to the point where I don't want to read anymore (and I really do enjoy Andy's links -- it's the only way I get to read other viewpoints as I'm not that schooled on finding websites on my own).

With the fanatical gay references and the person infatuated with tampons and a woman's period, I now simply log off, thinking the world has gone mad.

RW - I understand your reasons for wanting to continue to blog there. But eventually I think even you, in your unwavering and fair manner, are going to get fed up and say I quit. I hope that doesn't happen with you or Dusty or BD or @@ or Andy. But it looks like that's the way it's headed.

Trust me, I'm already disgusted with the libs over there. Sometimes it's fun to get one of them riled up and watch them go nuts though.

A lot of the sites where Andy gets stories from will email you a daily update. Townhall will send you links to all of that days columns at one time. Human events I think you have to request stories from certain authors.

Here's a site where you can get both sides.
Well, Honu, I thought you were getting homesick there. You certainly made Pittsburgh sound like a great place. And I am sorry about the mayor you admired so much. He must have been a good one.

As to the ml blog, Andy does post good information and I learn a lot too. He is very credible and that seems to infuriate the "crazy crowd". Fortunately, Andy doesn't seem to mind putting up a good fight. He takes care of himself very well.

I'm like @@. Which political field/office are you planning to enter? Maybe you are already political. Keep us posted.

Thanks for giving Honu that link. I am going to try it too. Most of my information comes from and Lehrer News Hour. I need to branch out more.

Are the squirrels hibernating or something? They haven't robbed the bird feeder and I haven't seen many birds. The brown thrasher did take a quick dip in the bird bath yesterday. I think he was just washing his feet it was so quick.
Dusty -- Mr. O'Connor was, and I am truly heart broken by his passing. If you want to read more about him, log onto -- you'll see, he was one for the ages. I worked with him many years ago when I was a young thing living in P-burgh (for SIDS). I never forgot him, and knew he'd become someone special.

RW -- I should have asked you for that website months ago! Thank you so much. I have a folder in my favorites titled "Both Sides" but it's become so cumbersome because I link everything I think I should be reading, only to not get back to it because there's always something newer to read each day. Ya know? (that made minimal sense :-)

I think the squirrels all packed up and went to visit JoRo. The only one I've seen this week was upside down and stationary in the road.

Honu and Dusty,

That's a pretty good site, but it's fairly light on news value. It has commentary from both sides, but not much news unless you take what you find in an article there and search it. Buy Danish and Andy take you straight to some great news links. I tend to go through other blogs so my links may be more obscure. Then of course there is always Pravda.

I shall read about your mayor tomorrow. My eyes are about to close and I shall say goodnight to you and RW.

Pleasant dreams...

I was just closing out when I saw your post. What has happened to JoRo? Is he hibernating? Too bad Goldie didn't go with him.

Hey, I'm not reading Pravda. I might run across rushncap!!!

G'nite now.
Goodnight Dusty!

Pravda is hilarious and JoRo may have given up. He has a distinctive style so I don't think he's one of the new ones. Goldie can't possibly be a real person. I think it was yesterday when she went off about the White House conspiracy to out Valerie Plame. You can't be posting on a political blog and not know that story is over.
Congratulations Honu! Your Steelers are undefeated. I think I'm off to bed too.
Dusty -- no Pravda for me either! Too strange and I really don't think I care who Sasqwatch (sp?) is terrorizing today. Have a pleasant evening. I'm off work for the next week or so, so I get to bother RW and Friends in the normal hours :-)

RW -- STEELERS WIN!!! Again, thank you so much, as always, for your kind words and intelligent conversation. I'm worried that you might close down your site when ML's gets to be too much for everyone. How will I talk to y'all?

Anyways, see you tomorrow. . .I have some very intense questions for you regarding Clinton; I'm building them now. If nothing else, I know you'll answer me honestly without referencing (or dissing) my heredity, gender or sexual persuasion (big smile!)

Bon nuit -- Honu
RW: That squirrel in the road...did it have birkenstocks on its' widdle feet? Did you back up and flatten it?

Dusty: My schedule is very erratic. Something I'm not enjoying. I'm a creature of habit and when my habit is disrupted, so am I. I may have made a mistake volunteering to go part-time, but somebody had to and then Semper gets the news that his job has been outsourced.

Oh well, I'm working on my optimism. Don't you dare leave ml's. Everytime you pass through it's like a gentle breeze that cleans the air and like RW said, there are people reading and not posting who enjoy seeing you there. :)
Tidy bunch of posters RW. :)
Been awhile since I have visited
your blog. Been real busy.
I enjoyed the post by honu about
Hiz Honor the Mayor of Pittsburgh.
Honu if you ever decide to run for
office, please post it here, so's I
can catch up with your aspirations.
Best of luck on your efforts.
dim sum
Heelllpp, my computer is dying a slow and sluggish death and I'm married to a slow and sluggish guy, so I may not see everybody for some time.

dim sum:

Did you drop in at ml's the other day. You're the only Gulf Coaster Poster I can recall. Hope all is well with you.

Byyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee everybody until I can make Semper whimper.:-)

Oh...Jimmy Carter was the worst and he's even worse now. Go find your peanuts Jimmy, if you ever had any.
dim sum,

Thanks for dropping by. I'm afraid I haven't been getting around to other sites much lately either. It has been a crazy few weeks.


Tell him it sure would be easier and cheaper to move your software and files to the new machine while the old one is alive.
Hey RW, I can use Semper's work computer at night. There was a lot of work stuff on here, I just deleted it. I guess that'll work. He went to play poker. He should have been here to tell me what to do with it. It's his fault if anything important is missing.

Cheap? How did you know Semper was cheap? Better yet, how did you know I was operating from a Windows 98 program? You are a very knowledgeable person in more ways than one.

Actually, the "refurbished" computer which Semper calls "new" ;) is supposed to come with updated software. He said it will be faster. Will it make response time at ml's faster? This one has one of those touch pad mouse thingy's. I don't like that.

Have a great weekend RW. I miss reading you at ml's. It looks like Andy & Danish are still giving 'em whatfor, but I'm like Dusty...what for?

I'll be frisking the liberals first at ml's if I ever get the time.
Better yet, how did you know I was operating from a Windows 98 program?


I'm wise beyond my years ;-)


Actually when anyone is on the site their ISP sends out their location, the operating system they are using, and the browser they connected with. That's how you see some sites like the ones BigDaddy always linked to, that will show all these women that want to immediately get in your pants and just happen to live in your area.

The speed of ml's site will be improved some, but it's also Dependant on your internet connection. The posting delay is built in so nothing will help that other than the AJC hiring a competent webmaster.

Sorry to hear about Semper's job. Hope he will have something lined up soon.

Maybe you will enoy partime. You'll be footloose and fancy free. Well, some of the time. And-ooo-you are so brave...kidnaping Semper's computer. Did you leave a ransom note? Send an SOS if you need help!!
RW: I'm laughing recalling Big Daddy's sites. I remember seeing women advertising from my area and thinking..."Where have I seen that nekkid woman before?"

I hope Big Daddy was ready for those girls. What was it he used to say..."Big Daddy was born ready." I had so much fun with him. I am a terrible *****. Even Semper says so, but he can't do anything about it and neither can I. Hanging with my brother and his friends made me what I am today.

For some reason, my computer works fine over here. When I typed this morning at ml's, I could type a whole sentence before the first letter appeared on the screen. Fine until I get "Your computer has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down." Smokin' a doobie I guess?

Oh well, I guess I'll stroll over to my cajun neighbor's house to see how Semper's doing. I love giving all those guys a hard time.

Take him these.

How about that Collin?? Glad you put in a "welcome" post. Hope he sticks around.

I felt guilty because I was so pleased with his putdowns. But it was such well deserved criticism and he does it so well.
Dusty: Semper is working, he's just working for a different company that bought out his company. He says when I see him worrying, it's time for me to worry.

In other words, I'll never have to worry cause he says it's a waste of valuable time and accomplishes nothing. As smart as he is at what he does, he's always wanted to own a junkyard. "PULL-IT & PAY" The problem is he'd want me to live in a house on the property and that would never happen.

I really loved the way he ripped right into rushncap. I'm pretty sure he really is new because he doesn't seem to have any of the telltale traits of others that have been there.

Of course the moonbats refuse to believe that anyone new would come along that doesn't share their point of view. Probably because they post under so many multiple names. You can tell finch, seeker, mirror, bon scott, etal. without even looking at the name he's using.

So glad I misunderstood about Semper's job. That's good news. I hereby vote for a new computer for @@ because she deserves it. (Does that sound OK?)

Speaking of Big Daddy, wonder where he went? He was such a rascal and funny.


Collin sounds new to me. And he is not the least bit inhibited by crazy liberals.

It was even better than my trip to the dentist today when he said "No cavities!!" (I am the real "chicken" when it comes to dentists.) So it wasn't a bad afternoon in more ways than one.
I think the time for the obligatory fluff piece draws nigh. And it can't have ANYTHING to do with politics or any related nonsense.

Have you tried to set up a blogger account so that we can turn your name blue? I will keep this site open for anyone, but the new site I just put up in case anyone wants to discuss the ABC movie "Path to 9/11" is set to only allow registered users. The libs are planning to spam any site they can that deals with the movie so I'm making it a little more difficult for them to get this one.

I tried one time to get into "blue" but I must have messed up because it didn't work.

I will try again tomorrow afternoon when I'm free. I knew liberals were getting something revised in the show but I didn't know they would try to spam discussions. Crazy!!

For tonight, I am heading to bed after a busy day.

G'nite to you and @@..
AM I blue?
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