Thursday, September 28, 2006

AP claims to stand for Associated Press.....

.....please leave your ideas of what they are associated with or what it really means in the comments.

This statement after an appearance by Rudy Giuliani rightfully places the blame for 9/11 on those that attacked us. Here's what he said:

"The idea of trying to cast blame on President Clinton is just wrong for many, many reasons, not the least of which is I don't think he deserves it," Giuliani said in response to a question after an appearance with fellow Republican Charlie Crist, who is running for governor. "I don't think President Bush deserves it. The people who deserve blame for Sept. 11, I think we should remind ourselves, are the terrorists _ the Islamic fanatics _ who came here and killed us and want to come here again and do it."

So why is this the AP headline?

Giuliani Defends Clinton on 9/11 Efforts

Damn RW, one of these days, you'll have to give me a list of "objective" media sites. I really don't pay much attention to the headlines. I read the articles. But if you're perception is skewed, you'll carry it into the article.

How many times has it worked on the blog though. Somebody like Midori or finch see the headline, read the first paragraph, and in their enthusiasm, post it only to have the remainder of the article, which doesn't support their argument, pointed out to them.

The talking points is all they want, need, or can handle.

Semper got an e-mail from his liberal nephew, whom I adore. Political, in nature. Semper responded with his usual conservative perspective. Thing is, it went out to a long list of folks on the nephew's e-mail. The nephew responded that Semper had angered some of his liberal friends. They responded to Semper through e-mail with the usual left-wing rhetoric. Back & forth it went. Semper said he didn't have time for this crap, but didn't want to leave them with the last word. I suggested he point out that he had seen it all before at DU, Truthout, Huffington Post & Daily Kos & to invite them to discuss facts based on historical, economical & legislative analysis. The e-mails stopped coming.

It's all about what they want to see, and not what actually "is".

Sorry for the long post. I give you permission to delete it. ;-)

That's why they write the headlines the way they do, liberals are easily duped.

Another thing the print media does that irritates me is when the mislead like this, but put the facts in the article that disprove the headline they will almost always bury that wherever the story continues inside.

What is is?
RW: You know how curious I am. Your question..."What is is?" took me to Wiktionary. I saw "conjugal" & "copula" there relating to the word "is." I thought it best to exit post-haste for fear I might slip.

That's just the way it "is". :-)
Hi @@ -- your husband sounds like he's so cool - wonder if God's gonna ever give me one of those hahahahhaha. And gees, if RW starts deleting long posts, I won't be able to comment here anymore :-(

I must admit, I still don't understand the "is" as it relates to Clinton. I'm going to Wiki like you did to enlighten myself.

Hi RW :-)
Okay, it's become clear to me that I'm just not cut out to carry on a conversation in YOUR comments section.
Okay, it's become clear to me that I'm just not cut out to carry on a conversation in YOUR comments section.
As you can tell by the duplicate comments I just posted. :-\

Looks like you're doing a good job by yourself.

How does one have a conversation with a hit and run poster?

What happened to the Rictionary? I can't find the link.

I'm working on a defintion for "Hugocritter" - a word that err, evolves, from "Hugocrite".
Buy Danish,

The Ricktionary!
RW: It was so funny. Bouncing in and out at ml's. In and out of articles and there you were, telling Hugo to check out Peter Singer.

I swear, I was reading this article when I bounced in and saw your post. Interesting read. Evolutionary psychology beyond Darwinism. Not long. :-)

Maybe you can find something in there that can help you "make your bones."

Peter Singer has got some pretty nasty ideas that I just find unfathomable. Look at question III

Maybe I'm just giddy from my 3 set/tie-breaker victory today (Yay!), but I was just going through the Rictionary definitions in search of "Hugocrite" and came across this hilarious entry (from Andy of many names) which did not make the Ricktionary. I believe they are hysterical but not hysteritecal:

{{Falsified Prophet: One who sees gloom and doom in every silver lining. See: AJC business section.

Joe Romans: Made up blog rules that no one could follow and then crucified those who disagreed with him.

We’re going to have a pinko bible before long.}}

Do you know -

Where is "Hugocrite?" I sorta need it for "Hugocritter" to make sense.
I've read Singer before RW, and I agree. A waste of space & air. A very self-centered egomaniac. That's why I found the article I linked so interesting. He contradicts himself. I'll do some more research on him. I'm even more curious now.

Goodnight @@!

Buy Danish,

If you give the definition I'll put it in, but it works best if you use it in a comment at ml's so I can link to it's origin.
Oh and congrats on the big tennis win. I think you have to go by Buy Danishova now though.

I know - I thought "Hugocrite" had made it from MLs to the Ricktionary and I was looking for the definition.

I wanted to leave a special delivery to Huge with "Hugocritter" at MLs.


Just got reading the abhorrent viewpoints of Peter Singer.

I'd love the chance to put his theories into action just once and rescue the mouse from the burning building, leaving him behind.

I certainly hope that this sub-human does not have children of his own.

Buy Danishova sounds great!!

Now if I could just convince everyone that I'm the spitting image of Anna Kournikova...

Would you believe she could be my kid sister?
Buy Danish,

This appears to be it's first usage

Give me the definition and I'll put it in. We can tag hugocriter on when you post that.
Buy Danishova,

Do you want to send a photo for comparison?
RW-Sports also has action photos of little sisova. This one's even safe for work and frankly a LOT hotter.

You're killing me! Does protocol require that I comment further here or at that other website I seem to have missed?
Hi RW! Hi Buy Danish! -- Hope you two are having a nice evening.

Congratulations on your win, Buy Danish!

RW -- I clicked on the NSFW photo and all I can say is, in the anatomy department, God must have liked me better hahahahahahaha

That Singer is one nutty guy, eh? And I'd rescue the mouse first, too, Buy Danish!
Buy Danishova,

If you start commenting at that site Nicole will think were hiding from her.


Pretty sad for this Singer dude when everybody would save the mouse first.
Okay, I’m the AP headline writer. . how about this?

Giuliani Defends Both Presidents
Puts Blame in its Proper Place

Tells a different story. . .I sure like Rudy.

I like Rudy too. Let's elect him with Jeb as VP and we can have a President Bush 41, 43, and 45.

I didn't hear from you, so I commented at that site.

Couldn't sign in as Buy Danishova though.
Buy Danish,

I fixed it. You need to repost that as Buy Danishova and we'll delete the other one. I can't believe little sisova won't allow pictures. There's a post of me in underwear a few posts down though and I guess my brother wouldn't want that kind of competition.

Post posted.

Oh wait! I screwed up. I thought that other photo was of your kid brother, not you.
Buy Danish,

No, little bro has better taste in underwear.
RW -- no fair, you get to pick the President, I get to pick the VP -- I say a fair and balanced administration would be Rudy and Barack (you told me he needed more experience; what better place to get it than as VP!)

So you're admitting that you have horrible taste in underwear?

Are you deleting the original post?
Buy Danishova,

It's gone. That photo was from earlier this year, I've reformed. Now it's more like the way little sisova sun bathes.

Barack needs to go run something like Illinois first. I don't want him a heartbeat away from the Presidency anymore than I want Nancy Pelosi two steps away come January.

I was hoping for boxers, or surfer shorts when sunbathing on the beach.
Buy Danish,

How about boxer/briefs and whatever the hell surfer shorts are?

Ixnay that. "Hoping" is not the best choice of words.

Let's just say that if I were in charge of shaping your image I'd go with boxers and surfing shorts.

I thought those WERE briefs. Surfer shorts would be a kind of bathing suit .
Guess Buy Danish doesn't like me anymore

RW -- didn't think of that, yikes! No more Bush, though -- we'll have to put up with ML's trashing for four more years! Surely even he likes Rudy?
Buy Danish,

When you say "I thought those were briefs" do you mean the slingshot from the other page? It is quite brief, but not quite what I meant. Don't make me link to Calvin's place.

Something like this.

If the name of the person in the White House has an "R" behind it ml will hate them.

Sorry, but my mind is on other things than Barack Obama at the moment, unless you can send a photo of him in his underwear or a bathing suit!
Buy Danish,

Are you sure those guys didn't just come from robbing Danny DeVito's house?

I was unfamiliar with the term "slingshot". It sounds like something Kerry would wear when deer hunting.

I can understand your reluctance to look up photos of Calvins. I did it for you. Forget about the wussy model, this is one sort of brief that I am partial to.

Why do you ask? Do you think they are wearing gold chains with those shorts?
Buy Danish,

Sheesh...those ARE boxer/briefs.

Do you think the great groundhog hunter Kerry ever used a slingshot? Maybe it was precursor to his BB gun.
Buy Danish,

I though they might not be shorts.

They're not shorts, they're...???

You're right about boxer/briefs. I could have saved both of us a lot of time if I had just processed your 11:24 properly.

The good news is that my vocabulary has been enhanced and I now have a second definition of "slingshot".
...full length pants for Louie DePalma.

Cut off a few inches from those surfer shorts and you have a respectable bathing suit.
Buy Danish,

Cut off a few inches from those surfer shorts and I would lose my modesty. :-)

I'm speechless.
That's the trouble with these blogs, they're all speechless.


Well except for the bell and whistle duo when you turn on word verification.

Don't remind me. That was only slightly less bizarre than the mosquito.
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