Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bloggers...Start your keyboards!

It appears that the upcoming ABC mini-series about 9/11 is going to be a straight forward look at the commission findings on the lead up to the attacks. This has the loony left in an uproar as it seems to have dipped back before January 20, 2001. Some of what we will be peppered with is this call to arms from the DUmmies:

We need to be ready to respond. We need to be ready to point out how Clinton repeatedly tried to catch or kill bin Laden but his hands were tied by the Republican Congress. We need to show how they criticized his efforts at every turn.

We also need to be ready with the REAL 9/11 report that most people have never read. Especially Chpater 8 "The System was Blinking Red", which points out how Bush completely ignored the threat.

We need to be ready to point out how the Clinton Administration tried to warn Bush about the threat of bin Laden and Bush completely ignored it.

One of the strengths of the left is their persistence. We have had these discussions with them multiple times over the years so the arguments won't change. They will have nothing new to offer and they won't even try to pretend they do. The moonbat brigades will just hope that you get sick of providing them with facts and they will take getting the last word as victory.

The scene in the documentary that seems to be causing them the most heartburn is this one:

One astonishing sequence in "The Path to 9/11" shows the CIA and the Northern Alliance surrounding Bin Laden’s house in Afghanistan. They're on the verge of capturing Bin Laden, but they need final approval from the Clinton administration in order to go ahead. They phone Clinton, but he and his senior staff refuse to give authorization for the capture of Bin Laden, for fear of political fall-out if the mission should go wrong and civilians are harmed. National Security Adviser Sandy Berger in essence tells the team in Afghanistan that if they want to capture Bin Laden, they'll have to go ahead and do it on their own without any official authorization. That way, their necks will be on the line - and not his. The astonished CIA agent on the ground in Afghanistan repeatedly asks Berger if this is really what the administration wants. Berger refuses to answer, and then finally just hangs up on the agent. The CIA team and the Northern Alliance, just a few feet from capturing Bin Laden, have to abandon the entire mission. Bin Laden and Al Qaeda shortly thereafter bomb the U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, killing over 225 men, women, and children, and wounding over 4000.

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