Monday, September 04, 2006

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dead

Tragedy ... Steve Irwin - pictured here with his wife Terri - has died aged 44 in a horrific accident involving a stingray while filming an underwater documentary in Queensland / News Limited newspapers


No way. I can't believe it. This guy was the man.

God Bless him, he went out doing what he loved to do. I just can't believe a stingray did him in. I saw a clip once where he got bit about 30 different times by various snakes. He was fearless and squeezed every ounce out of life.

He will be missed.
Jay not jay,

It is sad and there is never a good time to go, but I guess we should all only hope to be able to go doing something we loved.
Oye, my wife would be sick after I made her get in the water with a mass of singrays. Yes, I guess they could sting you in "midwater", never heard of it until now.

They may have to close down the stingray tank at the Georia Aquarium now?

Pet at own risk! Rare, but obviously can happen.
Once the moonbats read the story from the Australian that says Irwin was a special guest of John Howard when Howard was hosting President Bush, we'll be reading that Bush had him killed in some stingray/WMD/Plame/yaddayaddayadda/ coverup.
Yes, the abnormally warm waters contributed to the angry stingrays, I can hear it now!

Oh Crikey! Steve would tell 'em to stuff it on that one.
Speaking of angry stingrays,

A friend of mine is in Fallujah tonight. Would like to give a shout out:


go 1st Marine Division
"Guadalcanal Division"
JayNot: Are you "Talking Proud" about your friend? I'll take another big heaping helping of that
please. ;-)

Really sad about Steve Irwin. It's almost freakish in the nature of how it happened. The barbs are dangerous if caught from the wrong direction, but a direct hit to his heart?

Jeff Corwin is equally as entertaining as Steve, but he's usually running away from the danger instead of headlong into it.
And.....he's missing that "aussie" advantage.

Steve's kids will grow up adventurous, just wait and see.
Yes, RW

It is sad to see a happy man enjoying his work and life to leave us.

I think he made a lot of people realize how amazing is this world of nature given to us. And he did it with great ability and enjoyment.

Yes, the "pleasure of his company" is gone but, with every nature program, we will remember and wish that he was on making us screech over an alligator or cringe over a snake and enjoying every minute of it.
The more I see this story, the sadder I get. :(
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