Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Harry Reid unveils the Democrats traveling kangaroo court

Democrats said they had invited Republicans to attend the hearings, which will start in Washington on Monday and move across the country in October and November -- before and after the November 7 congressional elections in which control of both houses are at stake.

So I guess the Democrats must be planning to take their traveling inquest to the homes of any witnesses they want to call, right? Maybe they will give them a schedule:

Disgruntled ex-Generals-Tuesday in Pittsburgh

Unhappy detainees-Wednesday in Omaha

Conspiracy theorists-Thursday in Seattle

I'm sure this little stunt is going to make them look just great to the voters on November 7th.

Wouldn't you just love to find the memo Karl Rove planted telling Harry this was a good idea?

Rove you magnificent bastard!

I swore I tried to start a conversation around here yesterday...

It could be the hit and run nature of your visits that tend to be conversation stoppers. I know you are in high demand though. ;-)

It's possible that HONERY means "Honey I'm horny" in parrot speak. Especially if it was learned from Hugo and Cindykins.
Buy Danish,

That's what I was afraid of.

Looks like the DUmmies aren't too happy with Rangel.

They ought to be happy since he's only trying to save their sorry butts from going down in flames over this. I think we need to keep Hugo and Amadinajihad around for a few weeks. Maybe they can testify before Harry's traveling sideshow.
There is one comment on there talking about how Rangel had no right since the UN isn't technically American soil. Well duh! He didn't say anything about that speech he said it about the one at the Harlem Baptist church.

How much you want to bet that same idiot would say our embassies are NOT American territory?
They do like their cute little playtoys (animated smileys or frownies) at DU. A virtual playpen for children.

The draft scares 'em.

They scare me. Maybe the draft isn't such a good idea. Can you imagine how many would defect to the enemies side.

Oh, I forgot. They already have.

RW: You guys tickle me. Months and months ago, I complimented Teddy Kennedy (gag) on something, and you and Andy quickly jumped in to straighten me out in the nicest way. I'm a mutt, but I won't eat table scraps from the demmer table ever again.

I sure wouldn't to rely on one of them to have my back. I saw a story this evening that the Army just had it's best recruiting year since 1997.

Looks like you and finchie were having it out today.
...wouldn't want to...

But I bet you knew that.
Finch? Nooooooooo!

I'm reading where France now says they can't send the 2500 NATO troops to Afghanistan. Something about troubles in the Capital.

I've learned not to count on much from France. But I'm counting on Sarkozy. :-)

Nite RW!

If there is real trouble in France you would think they would send their troops elsewhere and ask us to save them.

Hi RW -- hope you are well and having a nice week.

My best GA friend pronounces it "on-er-ee" (she grew up in Michigan) and between Midori telling BD how to spell her name ("Mad" didn't get it) to her mis-pronunciation and mis-spelling of ornery, I couldn't resist. Hope I wasn't out of line, but it looks as though you disagree. I apologize. I also was catching up on ML's blogs and saw the "tree" comment last week. Again, couldn't resist a rejoinder (albeit a week later).

However, by visiting here this evening, I learned something new. I had no idea what the DU was, although I've seen it referred to many times at MLs. So I clicked your link.

Don't know what's more disturbing -- that dialogue is not permitted (unless it's Bush-bashing) or that one is in violation of their civility rules and will be banned for commenting on anything other than the bashing of America.

I read through some of the posts -- most of the folks there support Chavez and really believe the Pope was purposely inciting violence. How can this be, from an American-based blog? Rhetorical. . .

Re the honery Madori, I forgot to mention ~

It is pretty funny to imagine that she learned her obscene phrases as Hugo's parrot. Kinda, err, blows her attempts to be nasty to you. Everytime she says something lewd, just picture it coming out of Hugo's mouth as an endearment to Cindikins.

I thought your comment was funny. I only said something to see what Midori would come up with and as you see from Buy Danish's comment it could be taken as an odd sort of contraction.

Believe it or not DU isn't the worst of the left wing blogs.
Buy Danish,

I think it's hysterical when she goes off. There will be 3 or 4 posts in a row where she gets nastier and nastier and I think everybody is laughing too hard to even try to respond.

It was exactly after one of her "outbursts" that I told her she sounded like a psychotic parrot.

I thought that I coined the term, but maybe her parrot aura is so strong that she was called that by others before I ever showed up at MLs!
Buy Danish -- now I'm going to picture that everytime and laugh even harder.

Andy's comment back to me was priceless. . .hignorant -- too funny, and now the comic demon in me is going to make me answer her with an "h" in everything I say, from the tree, of course!

RW -- how boring, that DU format. I would much prefer to participate in a blog with arguments from both sides. . .isn't one-sided simply talking to one's self? No future there :-)

Think of which? Her learning her vocabulary from Hugo and Cindy?

Re the DU blog, it certainly is a narcissitic snoozefest of people high-fiving eachother because they all agree how great they are.

Back when ml's blog posted instantly we would have times when we would get a swarm of posters from DU. They can't debate when they get challenged and Andy and I and some others used to take batting practice on them, so they would start name jacking. That's why they like to post on closed blogs, but it also gives them a false sense of thinking everyone feels the way they do. So when they lose elections they go berserk and figure the election was stolen and they get more rabid.

The AJC put in the delay and made things much worse. They got rid of the swarms, but then people would just spam the blog and it's nearly impossible to have any dialog there.
"it also gives them a false sense of thinking everyone feels the way they do."

That's it exactly.
Leave it to the hard hitting newshounds at ABC to find out Hugo is an insomniac Sinatra fan hopped up on caffeine.
Buy Danish,

On the thread I linked here they were scolding each other for not hating Charlie Rangel enough. I guess that's a start.

Rush played a bit of that Robin Wright/ABC smooch fest today. Hearing the adulatory tone of her voice is the real clincher.

She sounded like she was doing a parody but she was serious.

Now I know why Rush asked if the translator for Hugo at the U.N. was Diane Sawyer. It sounded just like her, but in context with the Robin Wright piece it makes even more sense.

Gotta go to sleep. Unlike Hugo, I do not drink 50 cups of coffee a day.

Come to think of it, why doesn't he just get a supply of coke from Columbia? Doesn't he know that too much coffee is bad for you?
I would think he could cultivate his own of either in Venezuela.

RW & Buy Danish -- I'm one who doesn't stray very far from the sidewalk. I literally know nothing of other blogs but my eyes are sure being opened to what's really out there.

I'm happy right here (well, and Rodney's) and will only click on a link if it's either of your's or Andy's.

I didn't tell y'all this, but I made the mistake of clicking a link at JWs about a month ago, and I was reading the story but kept hearing weird sounds. So I paged down to the bottom of the page, and it was a video playing of beheadings in Iraq. No warning, no nothing! So I've learned my lesson. But I still can't understand AJC's time & length restrictions, but they allow links to that kind of stuff.

Anyways, it's nice to have civil discourses with you, is what I'm trying to say.

Have a great night -- talk to you soon (I'm reading Face of the Tiger and want to finish it tonight.)

Goodnight Honu!
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