Sunday, September 17, 2006

If you still doubt she's running for President....

CHAPPAQUA — Sen. Hillary Clinton this morning blasted the producers of a new film depicting the assassination of Pres. George W. Bush.

"I think it's despicable," Clinton said of "Death of a President," a fictional film that features a staged assassination of the president in 2007. "I think it's absolutely outrageous. That anyone would even attempt to profit on such a horrible scenario makes me sick."

Whatever the motivation, that's the kind of statement someone had to make. Thanks Hillary.

The international critics decided to honor the film, of course, with the Fipresci Award.


That Fipresci Award has more rules than a meeting of the U.N. Security Council.

Meanwhile, Maybe Pink Floyd can play at the Dem convention.

That's a long way off, so maybe Crazy Howie or one of the high-profile Dems has a birthday coming up or something and needs some entertainment for the evening.
I'm not into overbites on Hillaries, but this guys delivers.

Just trying out my new computer to see if my links work.
I give up! :-(
Buy Danish,

If we can get the Dems convinced that Nov. 2nd really is election day we might have a sweep. I like the way the report ignores what it actually does say on the pig.

It did that to me yesterday too. Why don't you do a link, copy what you typed, and email it to me so I can see if something is wrong that you are doing.

Hillary was never one of my favorites (to put it mildly) but she really got this one right. Despicable and disgusting is hardly strong enough.

I noticed the Fipresci judges said they liked the "audacity with which it(movie) distorts reality to reveal a larger truth". The larger truth is that movie makers are money hungry crazies, liberal crazies and just plain crazy.

I guess Pink Floyd will get some kind of award for his stupid stuff.

But good news--the Braves gave us the most exciting tenth inning I've seen. Ohh, that was fun!! Go Braves!!
RW: Thank you very much for not publishing a picture of Hillary to accompany your article. It's physically impossible for me to feel goodwill towards the "woman;" even more so when I can see her.

The link that went on the fritz for me was published from the "preview" window. The one that worked was published from the "leave your comment" box.

Somebody should put that crazy tenth inning on a blooper reel.


You do see the picture next to your name don't you? Hillary probably went on to say all kinds of other things that we don't get to know about.

I just hope she didn't start in that cringe inducing shriek with, "I AM SICK AND TIRED...."
As 'tis said"Give the devil his due."

Hillary puts up with Bill.

Bill puts up with Hillary.

Just a marriage made in heaven!! I bet.

Is it possible that Dems would nominate her? Or Gore? Or Kerry? Who's left? Obama isn't well known. Colin Powell in case they forget he isn't a Democrat or is he?

They can have John McCain as far as I'm concerned.

Looks like Sweden is catching on. I guess we can claim that elections in Sweden are a bellwether for November.
Wow, I can't picture Sweden as conservative. But it is encouraging to know that a country that has tried the welfare state is really tired of it. Or sounds like it. But the new "man" did say they weren't going to change the system, just try for more jobs. We'll see.

I will give McCain a little leeway since he was tortured. Not enough to vote for him. Which reminds me of Luckovich and his latest cartoon. Well,nevermind. I don't want to get started on him. I don't sleep good when I get angry.
Buy Danish,

Newsbusters picked up your Roger Waters story.


I doubt that they are all that conservative, but it's always to read about Socialist Democrats losing.
...always fun to read...
I hope Pink Floyd is as unsuccessful in politics as the Dixie Chicks. I've never heard their music anyway. (No, I do NOT listen to Barry Mantilow.)
Good evening all – I guess they’re looping this film in all the hotel rooms and on the lobby reader boards at the NAM conference in Cuba, eh?

Andy – great David Warren today. . .thanks, as always.

Did anyone see this story --“Mexico extradites accused drug kingpin to U.S. Transfer of Felix seen as victory for U.S. prosecutors.” Was this the trade-off for Dog the Bounty Hunter? I like Dog - my nephew got me hooked on that show, and we watch it whenever I'm in P-burgh.

Pink Floyd is still together? (Sorry, I should click the link before asking, right? :-)

This isn't Pink Floyd, it's a former member of Pink Floyd named Roger Waters. Somebody just linked a thing in the comments of the Newsbusters link that says Waters has been pretty unsuccessful.

I've got my doubts about the story anyway because the 2004 election actually was on the 2nd. Maybe this has been going on and somebody grabbed an old file picture or maybe this happened two years ago.

Pink Floyd is still together?

That's blaspheme! Here's a nice website to keep up with them. It even has a "This day in Pink Floyd history" and if you look quick you'll see that Hurricane Floyd hit your neck of the woods today in 1999.

LOL! What eagle eyes you have. Of course if they all showed up on Nov 2nd they'd find a way to blame it on Rovian dirty tricks.

BTW, (coming in second after your comments of course) I loved the comments from "Acumen". Freaking hilarious.

P.S. Your 8:16 to @@ has an, err, Yiddish ring to it. Have you been drinking Dusty's Manichevitz?


The Dixie Chicks were very talented singers, songwriters and musicians. Sadly they didn't learn to put their message in their music and leave it there.

The Drudge Report that Danish gave was dated Sept.17,2006 and talked about a concert tour with the pig at Madison Square Garden. Sounds current even if it is only that guitarist Waters.
Buy Danish,

Dusty has been forcing delivery people to bring me Manichevitz all weekend so I can blame that or the evil Dr. Blogspot.
RW! Sorry! I loved PF, but no one, NO ONE I say, had my heart (still does) like Jim Morrison and the Doors. My sistahs bought me the re-mixed, mastered or whatever 5 CD set for Christmas last year -- simply the best.

BD -- if PF is not available, I hear Bon Jovi has gone to the dark side and is playing private concerts in the Hamptons for Eliot Spitzer and company. That truly breaks my heart.

Going to the PF link now. . .

It probably has been going on for a while and it's just an old picture accompanying a new story.

Buy Danish,

I don't think "Acumen" is a big Roger Waters fan.

Methinks Danish doth throw off on my Manichevitz! Nectar of the gods. (And what does she know???She EVEN likes the Dixie Chicks.)

Is it customary to have a shot with the deliveryperson to celebrate each delivery?

I'm going to have to send you some pitchers of Pina Coladas before it gets too cold to enjoy them.
Buy Danish,

I'm pretty sure I live in Mexico now so the Pina Coladas will work year round.

Don't tell Dusty, but I've been letting the delivery guys keep the bottles.

For your kind and enduring patience I could only send you the best. Ah Manichevitz!! It is the least I can do, knowing how much you love it.

Don't drink that icky stuff Danish is sending. It has the same rating as bagged spinach and is the same color. Or is that Creme de Minthe?

I love that Manichevitz you've been sending!

Don't tell Buy Danish that I pour out the pitchers of Pina Coladas.

If you're in Mexico, maybe you could help Mad Dog out. And Acumen has very good taste in music.


Bon Jovi is a nice kid from Jersey, but is another one who flirts with politics. At least he's earnest and not writhing with wretched anger. I would not recommend that he get mixed up with Elliot Spitzer though. He is bad news.

I used to work for Bon Jovi's record company but I liked Richie Sambora better (although I didn't care about their music at all). In contrast, I like John Mellencamp's music but he was a high maintenance brat.

You liar!
Buy Danish,

Maybe we can get Dog freed by telling Gorebrador we'll join the revolution.
When did rushncap show up and start posting as Buy Danish?

Unlike rushncap, I have indisputable evidence.

I'll forgive you though because it was clearly a little white lie and you just didn't want to hurt Dusty's feelings.

I know in my heart that you love my pina coladas.
I've been playing in the backroom and come back to find the discussion is off topic. It's booze, bands & baseball?

Buy Danish: Did you happen to see the AJC the other day. Dylan's album is #1 on the charts. Thirty-six years, and he's #1.

Anyway RW, I've ironed out some problems. I no longer have to enter my username & password to post on your main page every time, and my links are good to go. The problem seemed to be in the backroom, but when I came back to the mainpage, your profile thingy is gone. Did I do that? Please tell me I didn't...

Oh, and my trashcan is back. I'll probably be needing it often, very possibly after this post.
Now Danish,

Don't feel bad, I will send you a bottle of Manichevitz pronto.

Well I confess, I like jazz. I mean the old ones like Brubeck. I try some jazz on the piano. Tried it with a contemporary music group at church and got kicked out. OH well. It just didn't go so well with chorales. But Bach would have loved it.

RW, say it isn't so!!I'm hurtin' here. Sob..
"It's booze, bands & baseball"


Instead of "God, gays and guns"
that could be the new Southern Strategy!

Between that and moving election day to November 2nd we've got this one locked up.

I really love jazz too (as long as it's not jazzack) but if I had to choose it would be blues. And Dylan.

I WISH I could play the piano. It must have been your singing that got you thrown out. You should have gargled with that manichevitz.
When the post starts with Hillary it's always good to switch to booze, bands, and baseball as quickly as possible.

Now Newsbusters has put up the Fipresci news. I guess blogs far and wide are poaching off Drudge tonight.
Danish: I was tooling around in the tubes today and found a "gawd" that liberals can love. Christians for cannibas or something, it was hilarious. I'll have to find it. I read some of Wooten's today. getalife & somebody named "Road" were posting. I swear, I was smelling the cannibas as I read it.

Maybe they were fired up on salvation.

You can add a little Leon Redbone to my musical repetoire. He goes well with Dylan.

Strange...I know.
Oh no Danish,

I was PLAYING the piano with my magic fingers. And I had not been in the Communion wine. Maybe if I had been in the wine, I could have even played some jazzy chorales. All I can say is they did need a little juicing up.

So how's the new computer?

I think getalife probably just uses it to fuel his car nowadays, but I'm sure he loved it in his heyday.

How do you know what it smells like anyway? Did Semper bring some back from Vietnam?

If you can run 5 miles you must not have inhaled. That's why you voted for Bill. Now we know the real story.
Jeez...I had managed to bury that lying pos's "I tried it, but I didn't inhale" bit. Thanks BD.

Getalife is certainly on something. His whole personality has changed. He must get on every AJC blog so he won't miss insulting everybody. He really gets tiresome.

Now who is Leon Redbone??


Southern strategy?? I am always interested in such as that. What is it??

What do you care? Are you working for the Clinton's now? Rick...Morris?

Say it ain't so!
I meant I had erased it from MY memory. Now I'm laughing hysterically at the thought of being outed as a secret Clintonista.

All the LLL's over at ml's will make me their new hero.

The "Southern Strategy" was a tactic for Republicans to win the South starting with Richard Nixon.

The idea was to get conservative Democrats to vote Republican. The dirty underbelly part of the story is that race was used, but I can't attest to that part since I was a Northerner in those days.

The guy who invented the Southern Strategy (Phillips?) switched to the other side and is a true blue Progressive that people like Cynthia Tucker like to use as an example of conservatives who switched sides. The fact that it happened sometime around 1970 is not important to the AJC editorial board.

Well Midori needs someone to take Honu's place so it might as well be you.

What would that be like? To be adored by the LLLs?

It would be fun to go undercover and hang out with them for awhile. You'd have to pretend that the reason you were laughing so hard was from all the acid you were dropping.

Come to think of it, didn't you say you once worked for a crooked politician in Aiken? Well, may be you didn't say crooked.

Aiken is my hometown so, of course, we did not have crooked politicians. Certainly not. Absolutely straight arrow. Not a one..
Here's the Wiki version of Southern Strategy.

The thing is that every time any Republican ever mentions states rights they are instantly called racists, but nobody was going to backtrack on civil rights so there is every reason to believe that this is one of those stories that never had anything to do with race, but just gets labeled that way to muddy the waters.

Kind of like McCarthy supposedly ruining all these peoples lives, but nobody can come up with any of them.

You are correct, and it was a crooked Democrat in Aiken. I love Aiken, but they were some real winners in the world of politics there.

Buy Danish,

I think you have to act miserable and chant anti-Bush slogans to hang with them. I don't think I could do it.

I'll have to read the Wiki history tomorrow as I must get to bed, but it is a fascinating story. Thanks for posting it.

Wasn't Nixon the president who put the civil rights legislation through?

G'nite all!
Buy Danish,

LBJ usually gets credit for most civil rights legislation which he only got when Republicans managed to break the Democrats filibuster against it.

Dusty: Leon Redbone blues, jazz with a "snuff in the bottom lip" sound.

Danish: I did inhale once, and it wasn't for me. That makes me one toke over Slick Willy.

Drug Sense link. What do you think they do with those donations?

This guy is from Dekalb County. He's got all the answers to DeKalb's problems. You'd have to look in archives. It's hysterical. Did you know that the bible tells you that cannibas is the solution to Bush & the war.

Nite guys!
Goodnight @@!
So much for Southern Strategy. Guess I wasn't too interested in politics then. I thought it was something recent.

Well, it is late and I must leave. Hope I don't dream about Midori, Getalife and RW as the three liberal Musketeers. Now that's a really bad dream....G'nite all.

I'll be the Musketeer that survives in the end. I did go to Richmond you know.

For heaven's sake, RW, you really are a musketeer. All for one and one for all. I'll have to sleep on that one. Bye now.
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