Friday, September 08, 2006

In my best late night DJ voice, this one goes out to Nicole

nicole said...
I think the time for the obligatory fluff piece draws nigh. And it can't have ANYTHING to do with politics or any related nonsense.

OMG, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd like to thank the Academy for believing in me, and RW for bankrolling this project. And for all those out there who allowed RW to stop talking about politics long enough to Google a photo of a Fluff jar.

You've made my night!
Don't sell yourself or this post short. Click on the Fluff jar and a whole world of fluff awaits.
Let's see Sparky I'll take a Whoopie
and a Fruit Fluff Shake for a late night snack.

I'll sleep on it and see what my butt looks like in the morning.

As far as I know they only started calling it Fluff down here a few years ago. I think it was when we were invaded by Yankees looking for fluffanutter sandwiches.

The jar was the same but it was called Marshmallow Cream.
My best man was stationed in Cape Cod with the Coast Guard and had me try a fluffanutter sandwich, mmmmmmm! Now I need to have a Yankee try a peanut butter, banana and mayonnaise sandwich, preferably Dukes Mayonnaise and white bread, mmmmmmm! As Goodie Mob said, "now what they know about the banana and mayonnaise?" Any Yanks that read and try the sandwich, just let me know what you think.
Fluffanutter sandwich? I flutter like a nutter to think of a fluffernutter sandwich. WHAT IS IT? Or should I ask? (Sounds like a secret weapon to me. BEWARE! And do NOT step on it.)
Marshmallow Cream? Can you put it on a stick and burn it over a fire?

Alright yankees, listen up. Try one of Scooter's sandwiches with a lettuce leaf addition. You've got your protein, fruit, vegetable & grain all in an easy to devour container.

On another note. There are hamburgers assembled for driving (plain, no lettuce, tomato or onion) and then there are hamburgers that are an accident waiting to happen (Fudruckers all the way) to the hospital with a mustard stain in your crotch area which may confuse the doctors in the emergency room.

Just a little bit of wordly advice.
i know a guy named rw,
he has a blog and so can you.

he's real nice and he's real sweet,
wouldn't ya' know it,
his feet don't stink.

Check out what the "Moderate Dem" cartoon boy is up to. See "watch this".

The little squirt is blogging! Well, not exactly, but he's made a clumsy attempt at it.

BTW, can you create a link between your RW home page and the Path to 9/11 temporary blog? It's one of those can't get back here from there situations.
What do ya know???

Luckovich finally found a retired Marine officer who doesn't like Republicans. Wants a Democratic Congress. So Luckovich, who is hardly able to express himself in words, puts him up as the average unhappy military man.(I had already seen this old officer on TV.)

As Buy Danish mentioned, "Watch This" is ml's idea of blogging. He ought to stick to cartoons. As liberal as they are, at least they're original.

This Riper fellow comes across as someone one would not want for a neighbor - a real weirdo.

Of course you packed surprises into your fluff punch. But believe it or not? I've never actually had this stuff. It just seems like it would be too much to take.

I guess you'll have to be more specific next time you ask for a fluff piece ;-)

I read your story over at your place. As confusing as that day was for the rest of us watching on TV we at least could see pictures and hear enough people to piece together the story. Your post made me realize that those of you on the street in NY were really in the dark. I don't know why I ever thought being there made it easier to know what was happening.
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