Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls...fasten your seat belts for this one

The Zarqman lives?

As much as I would love to excerpt this article I can't for the life of me figure out which part. Zarqawi is alive because he was Bush's buddy, the same President Bush that is building a.......I don't want to spoil it for you. One thing about Pravda, you don't have to go to multiple stories to piece together crackpot theories.

RW: I'm surprised three posters over at ml's haven't shared this story as "truth to power." I'll have to check out the left-wing blogs to see if they've picked it up.

I would like to apologize to all decent folk here. My "kick in the chin" circumcision comment at ml's was crude...just crude. Whoever it is that follows me from ml's to Wooten's to hit me after my very infrequent posts is asking for it and depending on my mood, I'll either overlook or attack.

I leave here "pooped" & "perturbed". It's been an unusually long and trying day.

I just scanned through the posts. That was perfect for the "Foreskined" prick. Thanks for the laugh!

Looks like the fur was a flying today.
On the given article and shrill I heard today, there's way too much unappreciated empathy going on for the forementioned Islamic Radicals.

They'll still wack your head off!
So I'm here to start the obligatory comment conversation. How do I go about making that happen on a daily basis?

You might even enjoy the article on this post.

To answer your question, you could build a bot program that comes over here each day and generates a random message, but doesn't that take the fun out of it?
Jay not jay,

I agree with @@, I'm surprised we haven't the clowns at ml's telling us that the Zarqman lives at a posh CIA getaway in France or something.


Polly prepuce deserves any crude commentary you feel like serving up.

Bring in the clowns...I thought I saw some of them saying they think Sadamm sould be back?

How sad. Honk, honk.
It was Political Foreskin? How do you guys know these things?

Buy Danish: I've got an interesting article from Stratfor on the Pope's comments. I can send it to RW's e-mail and he can forward it to you. The man is an adept politician. It's actually very comforting. I was also able to read the Pope's complete address at the Vatican's website. It definitely was taken out of context. Not only by the radical muslims but our own radical leftists as well.

I'll check back in to see if you're interested. As RW can tell you, the text is usually very long but disposable.

JayNot: I'm shocked that you like "crude". SHOCKED...;-)
Jay not jay,

It's not just the blog whackjobs either. Jay (no relation I'm sure) Rockefeller from West Virginia said it too. I wish the Dems would put a bill on the House and Senate floor asking for Saddam to be restored to power.

I'm so used to what Polly sounds like I didn't even notice the name change. He posts under a bunch of names, but he's pretty easy to spot with the lame attempts at humor and the cartoon idea bits. His posts are watermarked almost as much as finch's.

Polly, or pofo, The Way, jackson browne., etc.

finch, he tried to be kinda cool at one time... What happened to you finch?

Quit obsessing about Andy!!
Well RW, there's nothing humorous in the way he takes hits at me for no apparent reason.

Did you see Mitt Romney tonight on O'Reilly, which I find myself watching, lately. I've never really given him much attention, but I like him. He was supportive of Bush's decision, respectful, but added that he may have done things a little differently in Iraq, but action was justified.

Semper said that Romney refused to have his state pay any expense for the security of "The pseudo-reformer Khatami" when he spoke at the university.

I understand McCain isn't doing to well since his recent debacle. Romney moves up in favor with the Republicans.

Oops! Nite to you too JayNot!!!

I don't think there is anything humorous about any of what he does.

I've got the rerun on now. I like Romney and McCain lost any chance of my support long ago.


Just finished the Romney segment, quite impressive. The libs all say he couldn't get elected because he's a Mormon. I don't think I'll be turning to them for advice though. They probably just know they don't have anyone that can beat him.
My Dad said JFK couldn't get elected because he was Catholic?

I say O'Reilly needs to let his guests finish a thought.

Thanks for the offer, but I don't need it. I already read the Pope's Regensberg speech.

The most striking thing was the tacky ad on the side for the reduced price Jesus memorabilia.

If you're out there I just wanted to tell you that you did a great job of handling Herr Goebbels.

Very funny indeed.

Midori on the other hand...
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