Monday, September 04, 2006

Maybe this was another translation problem we've come to love Pravda for.

The very principles of Communism are freedom and democracy, debate, dialogue and discussion (“Soviet” for instance means “advisory committee”). Communism stands for universal access to education, excellent public services such as healthcare, transportation, cultural activities for leisure time, a work ethic which includes leisure as part of the daily routine, free housing, a guaranteed pension and essential living conditions.

Given that the USA was the leader of the “free” world which spend trillions of dollars sabotaging the Communist experiments, forming belligerent alliances which in turn forced the countries adopting the Socialist model to squander resources while trying to protect the State against the Imperialistic onslaught led by the moneyed few who pull the strings in Washinghton and elsewhere where the centres of finance and decision making are based, making snide remarks about Communism being totalitarian would appear a trifle misguided, to say the least. A classic Bushism.

I wonder which names Timothy BANCROFT-HINCHEY uses when he blogs at ml's?


Maybe it was my tendency towards optimism that had me looking at Putin after Bush's election and saying...well maybe?

I've never seen such a quick decline in what appeared to be progress towards democracy.

Its' forward movement seemed to come to an abrupt halt with the Bresalyn (sp?) massacre or a Rise of Radical Islam in Russia.

But there's no doubt about it:

Money Buys Happiness -- For Dictators
"The more money a government has, the easier for it to take on authoritarian tendencies and not have its people particularly complain," Evenson says.

It's the Democrats' subversive policy afterall, and it's why I vote Republican.

Have I over-simplified my analysis on Russia? Maybe...I'm simple.

I sent you a red-flag e-mail.
Oops! Slipped into the margins at "Radio Free."

Russia's Leftist Liberals vs. Russia's Conservative right.

And Russia's in a mess.

It's not really over simplifying. All of these systems make it sound like life will be so much better because you will be taken care of and you will have your freedom. The next thing you know you are living under a dictatorship and you have no power to get out from under it.
Buy Danish,

That clears up what Goldie does in her spare time, but which names does Timothy use?

Timothy could be anyone of them, so it's tough to know for certain, but I'm thinking rushncap.

That whole bit about being raised in the Soviet Union and being a "scientist" could have been a red herring - he's could be a Brit who wishes he had been raised there to experience first hand the glorious promise of Communism, and is really a "journalist" for "Truth".
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