Friday, September 22, 2006

Methinks he doth protest too much.

It's not like we don't have evidence of what he looks like when he's lying.

Ace has more details about that one time Clinton actually tried to do something.

**UPDATE** It looks like someone found a translation of the parts where Bill was slurring his words. It ties this post up quite nicely.

As Randy, at a great site called RightWinged, mentions here the quality of the above videos pretty well suck. What's he expect? I got them out of the tubes. Since most readers here are also from the luckovich site you've seen Randy's blog about 17 Zillion times. Yes it's the source of that darling post of the left wing, the Hillarycopters. Don't hold it against him, we all get a post hijacked once in a while. Besides he's made it up to us by posting a couple of Hugo Chavez videos of what was really said, without that pesky translator.

Mr. bin Laden used to live in Sudan,” Clinton told the Long Island Association on Feb. 15, 2002.

“He was expelled from Saudi Arabia in 1991, then he went to Sudan. And we’d been hearing that the Sudanese wanted America to start dealing with them again.

“They released him. At the time, 1996, he had committed no crime against America so I did not bring him here because we had no basis on which to hold him, though we knew he wanted to commit crimes against America.

“So I pleaded with the Saudis to take him, ’cause they could have. But they thought it was a hot potato and they didn’t and that’s how he wound up in Afghanistan.”

Nice "try" Bill.
Audio here
RW: I'm starting to wonder if Bill didn't really say that he tried to get all the documents out of the National Archives but Sandy left a few behind, he tried! dammit he tried!

Cause I seriously don't know what he means when he says he tried to get Bin Laden.

Whatever, I really like seeing the "right wing conspiracy" paranoia, we're getting under his skin, hehehehe.

He's trying to downgrade us from "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" to "Those Rightwingers," we can't let him get away with that :-)
Hi Andy – hope you are well and having a nice weekend.

Regarding yesterday at JWs -- you made a really good point at the end of his blog yesterday. . .I, however, was a step ahead of you and sent a protest letter to Angela Tuck this afternoon with the phrase “six Chicks-he-Dicks” in it. I really want to know why Wooten was offended by -- then removed -- your remark (give me a break), but all of the other bigoted, vulgar, racial slurs that appear daily on his blog are permitted to remain. Time for the Truth, who tried ending his day with a somewhat intelligent post (suspiciously missing his English accent) is the worst of the offenders – don’t buy into that nonsense he ended with. He is a truly sick human being (as is Realist and their cheerleader, Barbara). The amazing thing is that all three of them are conservative - or so they say. JW will never delete any of their posts. . .regardless of how vile they are.

Also wanted you to know that I finished "Face of the Tiger" the other night, and guess what arrived yesterday? His new book, "America Alone" -- just starting it. When I finish it, I'll be happy to send it to you (perhaps I can work through RW to get it to you). Instead of having the books I buy gather dust on the shelf, I'd rather share them with others. Steyn is a great writer, very entertaining and thought provoking.

HI RW!!! Hope all is well with you, too, and as always, I will not Clinton-bash, as I equally do not Bush-bash :-) So nothing from me on your topic today (don't get me started on Chavez, however. . .) Wanted you to know I really enjoy the Politics Line website that you pointed me and Dusty to a couple of weeks ago. . .great articles from both sides. Thanks!

RW: When I saw an excerpt from the Wallace interview, I immediately reflected back on the similarities to Clinton's Lewinsky comment. Same wagging finger, same red face, same self-righteous indignation.

He reminds me of the teenager who gets caught in their own stupidity and then tries to distract you from their wrongdoing by claiming you invaded their privacy.

Time to grow up "Billy Boy." It's the real world now and you had a hand in screwing it up. Now you have to live in it like the rest of us.

Here is a rough transcript.

The libs are all acting like this was supposed to be some epic battle that Clinton won. Good grief they get nuttier by the day, it's a freaking interview and I don't see anything but Wallace asking questions that need to be asked.

It's telling that all he does is point fingers. Your caught teenager analogy is sure appropriate.

I don't think anyone here wants to have their addresses out in the open. Have you seen the threats we get?

Andy can contact you if he wants, but I would recommend donating the books to a public school library. They could sure use that perspective on their shelves.
RW -- I was suggesting contacting Andy via private email via you if he wanted to. . .it's autographed so I thought he'd like that.
Library donation is a good suggestion though.

I'm sorry that you have received threats. I sincerely pray that no one ever makes good on them.


LOL. You and I both!
@@ -- good assessment about growing up and reminding he had a HUGE hand in shaping this country.

Now, for what it's worth and this may open me up for a harsh rebuttal, but in defense of Clinton, I think he has done a remarkable job in NOT critisizing our sitting President. You know he wants to, but he has shown admirable restraint (which I know he should have done with Monica, ha ha, etc. etc.) As a President, Clinton let me down in many ways and when it's 2009, I will be able to objectively voice that Bush let me down, too. . .but not until then.

Cold and rainy in CT today. . .perfect weather to go spend money on something I don't need.

Talk to y'all later!
P.S. I have not watched your videos, RW - so those could make a liar out of me? I'll watch later :-)

We rarely give anyone harsh criticism for making a personal observation. I disagree that Clinton has not been critical of the current administration and I would say that President Bush has bent over backwards not to blame Clinton when he easily could have.

Listen to the interview in the first clip on this post. He flat out says the Bush administration did nothing for eight months. For one thing he has no way of knowing if that's true, secondly he is only saying it to deflect any blame from himself.

That is disgraceful.
P.S. Too funny!
Hey Honu: JW "apologized" this morning and then in a round about way tried to get me to cease and desist with the "Luckovich Censors Conservatives" schtick, I'm sure he was getting some major league griefage about it yesterday.

It never was about vulgarity; that was just a convenient excuse.

It's water under the bridge now.

As a postscript, it goes to show you that when you know you are right, never give up the fight.

My copy of "America Alone" left Amazon's clutches this morning, we'll have to get together on the sequel, pray tell, how did you get your's autographed?

By the way, the "Face of the Tiger" was so hilarious, I wish the guy would right a new book every month.
hey bud, i checked by the other week and nobody was home. how's things been going?

i've been sick the past few days - some kind of chest cold. it's only a slight fever, but i'm just so damn tired and congested. anyhow, em went out on thursday night and rented the first season of "earl" on dvd. it's really making feel better. there were a lot of episodes i never saw - like the "professor" and "bounty hunter."

i love when catalina cussed out joy in spanish and she says "i'm sorry, i don't speak maid." or the sign at the troubled kids camp: "turning young boys around for twenty years."

do you know much about computers? i've been thinking of getting my own. maybe a laptop, or something. i think it'd be cool. i always wanted to be one of those people at the coffee shop with their laptop and drink - just typing away. i wonder what they're typing about.
double d!!!!

We thought you left us. In that episode at the troubled boys camp the sign keeps changing from one inappropriate slogan to another. This season they plan to have story lines carry over from week to week. Catalina wasn't in the season opener, damnit!

I'm not the best one to ask about computer purchasing. @@ just went through that and if DavidU would ever show back up he would have some good suggestions. One possibility is that Windows Vista will be coming out soon so you may get a good deal on an XP machine, although I picture you with a MAC.

i know i love that sign changing - "bringing young boys to their knees since 1978." i actually got choked up during joy's speech in "bounty hunter" - right before she knocks that girl's teeth out.

"put them teeth under your pillow and maybe you'll get a man of your own."

i laughed so hard at that y2k episode that i started coughing and had to stop it.

i missed the season opener - sucks! em stopped off to pick up the dvds that very night - she knew i was miffed about missing it. that catalina is muy caliente!

i also want a subaru brat like joy. maybe i can buy one off ebay. the episode with the copy machine is priceless.

i'm thinking about a macbook. i'm so sick and damn tired of having fourteen spy ware, adware, firewall, can't run your damn computer programs going on. everytime i turn it on, it takes about thirty minutes to run all this crap.

btw, best line in "earl" is the christmas episosode that shows all the ways earl used to ruin joy's christmas.

joy: "a pack of fruit flavored rubbers?"
earl: "yeah, good for you and good for me."
Hi Honu:

If there's one thing I've learned from Andy & RW, it's how to pick up on the subtleties within political rhetoric. Well...there's the husband Semper, who tried to point them out to me, but that's another story of dedicated resistance. (Note to self...apologize, apologize.)

I've been watching Clinton, and I'll have to agree with RW. He most certainly is getting in his little jabs with that charming smile on his face while he does it. I'm watching him promote his "Global Initiative" which seems to be accomplishing great things. But at every opportunity, he sneaks in a negative comment about the present administration. I'm very suspicious of the guy's intentions at this point. I have never been, nor do I want to be cynical, but hindsight is making my voting butt look bad, really bad.;-) I voted for Clinton the first time around.

Right now, at this moment in time, Bush has already disappointed me on some issues, It could very well be my emotions are clouding my judgment. It remains to be seen whether he and his advisors know what's best, or I do. I'm betting they do. The world's problems are too big for me to comprehend. Bush's commitment to what's right and important just fills me with admiration though.

You are entitled to your opinion, and it's always welcome. I've been where you are, so I know how you feel. Time has a way of revealing the truth. History is made each and every day.

The season premier had Joy accidentally kidnapping a guy when she was trying to return a disappearing TV that Brittany and Kfed inspired her to buy. You can see some of it here.

I need a new season of Deadliest Catch to get going or at least a few reruns.
I cannot believe that RW just recommended you talk to me regarding computer purchases.

Devil Doll: Please disregard that insane suggestion from RW. I've been asking the husband what that humming sound is in my black box, it sounds irregular (constipated). He said it was the fan.

I told him I knew something was amiss, it's constipated, it needs a fan to disperse the smell.

See ya!

There's always a chance I meant we should get your suggestions so we would know what to avoid ;-)


A man's lap is a great place to park your butt in, but not a good place to put a computer?

And Devil Doll can park her butt wherever she wants and requires no advice from me?

Yes Ma'am!
hey @@,
i'm with you. i'll park my butt wherever i wish. hahahaha.

everytime i see @@, i think of them things from star wars shooting up that ice planet. i wish i had a laser robot.

you know rw, i think of us when i see the end of an "earl" episode - you know, when randy and earl are talking before they go to sleep.

dd: "hey rw, you think ants will become radiactive like in that movie and will come and eat us?"

rw: "i don't know dd. they'd have to come up the stairs and come in through the door, i guess."

dd: "maybe i should check the lock."

y'all take care. i feel kind of weak and quesy(sp). i hate being sick. it's kinda like when you feel all right, but just not normal.
Night dd! Thanks for saving us from the radioactive ants.

Feel better soon.

You have an autographed copy of a Mark Steyn book? NFW! I am like, so jealous!

I may have to get myself an anonymous post office box just so I can get my hands on it.

I'll take Mark Steyn over a rock star anyday.
In order:

Hi Andy -- I ordered it directly from his website. Then he wrote me an email (I thought it was him - that's what the address said) asking if I wanted it autographed and I said sure -- so it is! When I'm having a bad day, I go back to the Chicago Sun Times archives and read Steyn's "fasting for America" article. It leaves me rolling every time!

@@ & RW -- you see, I view that from such a different angle -- when I listen to Clinton, I just don't hear any accusations; I truly don't. Okay, now if your computers will let you, go to and find the interview that Keith Olbermann had with Clinton. . .I swear, he NEVER disses him or even gets in a "little jab". (Just ignore that it's Olbermann asking the questions, which are actually, for once, quite good.) He needed to stay at ESPN but that's another story.

Hi Buy Danish -- hope your weekend is a nice one. As I mentioned to Andy above, I ordered it right from his website. Now if you want, I'll give you all my SSN, you can run a background check on me and see that I'm harmless (or just call the NSA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH) I just don't want to give an autograhed copy to an anonymous library and would really like one of you to have it!

RW -- can't you come up with a way for me to do this without thinking I'm going to hunt someone down and beat them with my flippers??!!!!!!

I'm laughing really hard right now.

While y'all ponder this, I'm going to go click on the videos. . .

I think you're being a bit harsh on Barbara. Her problem is that she relies on her envirolib girlfriend's wacko propaganda for guidance and admits that she doesn't do her own research. Yet she's smart enough not to fall for bonnie scott finchies slanders about me. (see Wooten today, if you care)


If Branson and Clinton had started an "alternative fuel initiative" I would have noted it's politically convenient launch date, but would not have reeked at the idea.

Unfortunately we are being bamboozled with Clinton's "Global Warming" Initiative which is 100% BS.

We'll have an agent meet you in the Hartford airport. Wear green nailpolish on your flipper toenails. When she asks you what the weather is in Anchorage tell her last time you were in Tangiers you had the stew. She'll pass you instructions on what to do next.


I'm sure we can work it out once you decide where the book is going.
I might add that I love to pick up a book I've already read and read it again a few years later.

If there isn't an airport in Harford, how about the Mystic Aquarium as a drop location?


Mike "Blues Brothers" Luckovich is going to be SO jealous that he can't be the agent.
Buy Danish,

Honu can't just drop the book at the first checkpoint. Maybe we can get ml and his phone cord earpiece involved somewhere along the way.

I figured the actual exchange should take place at Kyle MacDonald's house.
RW & Buy Danish -- you two are killin' me!

Well, since Andy declined and said he's getting his own copy, I'd be happy to send it to you, Buy Danish. Meantime, RW -- does your website have an email address? You know, like the one at where one can just send general comments? If so, I'll send you my email address and you can do your detective work from there.

Mystic Aquarium is awesome, BD! That would work, too. Do you know someone there? I'd be happy to drive it down -- I'm planning a party for a client in Westbrook, and need to go there in the next week or so for a site inspection, next time I'm home in CT. Unless you were kidding and I'm an idiot??!!!!! :-)

RW -- I do have a classic book collection, and I would never give any away. But this is topical and should be enjoyed by someone else (I do that a lot with current books).

Just click on the picture of Captain Beyond and there is an email link.

I liked the idea of agent 99 meeting you with a self destructing set of instructions better though.

No, I don't know anybody there. I just thought it would be convenient for you (you are a baby turtle aren't you, or am I the idiot??).

Would it be ok if the agent crashed your party just long enough to pick up the book? We can guarantee that no photos will end up in US magazine, In-Touch or any of those tabloids, unless of course your client is looking for PR, in which case we'd be happy to bring along some paparazzi as a diversion.
RW -- your second video sucks and I couldn't get the damn thing to shut off. How many times to I have to hear that nonsense in my lifetime?

Dang. . .did you go the the Olbermann article? Of course not, you'd rather torture me.

Buy Danish -- Was at JW's about an hour ago and saw Barbara's voluminous posts and just went right by, as I'm prone to do with most over there these days. You are right, I am harsh, but you would have to go back to June and read each post to see what I'm talking about. I simply can't tolerate racism in any form (and yes, again, I'm in God's woodshed for that because it makes me hate).

Andy -- I saw JWs answer to you. I would love it if you kept posting there just to see what happens tee hee hee Also, on Monday, can you link to an article I read at -- by Doug Giles about imprecatory prayer. . .I didn't know what that was - and now that I do, everyone else should!

You keep posting, too, RW -- I'm not near smart enough to put TFTT in his place. You did a fine job today!

Barbara is THAT poster? The one who had you spitting with rage to the point you wanted to rip her face out?


What's the deal with TFTT? I read something about him/her being a conservative and a fake foreigner or something. I just found him/her an arrogant little snot in need of a good cyber butt kicking.
Honu has an autographed Steyn? #$#%!!!! Steyn's still with us, but Big Daddy who introduced me to Steyn. Love Steyn, adored Big Daddy.

Olbermann? I'll have to give that some thought. I get way too much exposure to that guy at ml's. Getalife & Midori hang on his every word. I'll consider....

Buy Danish: When Branson made that huge donation, I was wondering. Is there an alternative fuel that can propel an airplane? If it's a glider, Gore can supply the hot air or his natural gas.

Al, get the birds out of your brain and get the birds in the air.

Oops, forgot, it's marbles.:-)

Goodnight guys.

This bizarre noise just came over my computer that sounded like some sort of demon in need of exorcism.

As an individual who is fairly ignorant as to how computers work, I thought that one of the threat squad had gotten my IP address or however that works and infiltrated my computer.

I finally figured out that it was just my Drudge page refreshing itself with an ad more obnxious than Head On.

I guess it's hit or miss which banner ad you get, but this one featured are really annoying mosquito, which (just like a real mosquito) is all the more annoying when you can't see it but can hear it.
Goodnight @@!

It looks we should have had an auction for the autographed Steyn.

BigDaddy...Where the hell are you????
Buy Danish,

Were you at ml's when he had the Atlanta Thrasher ad running on his page? Every time you refreshed or posted you would hear glass breaking.
Buy Danish -- no, Nazi Susan is whose face needs ripped off (she's been suspiciously absent - coincidence??) Barbara and friends caused my melt-down about a week or so ago here at RWs regarding JW and the blog. I took everyone out on that one :-)

RW -- TFTT is a scary, sick individual. During AI season, he posted at Rodney's for awhile (totally vile) and then he turned up on JWs when it began in June. He says he's a he, from England and now an American citizen. He's most likely right now composing a hate-filled answer to you, and it will appear Monday (5 or 6 paragraphs.)
Hey @@ -- I would not know that Getalife and Madori are Olbermann fans. . .I do not click on any of their links. But I wouldn't point you to an article if I was wrong, now would I???!!!!! :-)
Okay, attempting to send an email to RW -- now, if I could only find that picture he's talkin' about. . .

Breaking glass sounds vaguely familiar. This mosquito thing is worse and I didn't refresh the page - it did it itself.

Now that you've been forewarned you'll know what it is so it won't be so creepy.

Maybe we could push Chavez over the edge with this ad. Implant it in the news that he reads with his 50 cups of coffee and make him believe that it is Bush the devil whispering at him and will only go away if he resigns and moves to Cuba.

It's the picture on my posts or over on the front page in the top right. You can just click on my name if you want.
Buy Danish,

I never go to Drudge. I've got it in my bloglines accounts and I usually just go straight to the story he links. I'll go to his site and see if I can find this critter of yours.

I can't get your links anymore and your Mlafterdark page won't refresh for me from my history page, which is what I usually use for quick and easy access.

I think @@ has passed her viruses on to me.

When I go to the page all I get is an earnest plea for Boys and Girls Club of America.

I'll see what happens tomorrow, but be sure to let me know if you find that freaking mosquito.

Buy Danish,

I went to Drudge and couldn't find your bugs either. It could be blogspot, but the temp files are usually in play on your computer too. I need to experiment with some different browsers. I heard Maxthon was really good over at GCP.
Buy Danish,

It's a banner ad for this place. On Drudge their is a mosquito that you click on to shut it up and it takes you to this site. Maybe devil doll can go here and get a free laptop. All you have to do is get yourself hooked into a couple of Columbia House type never ending traps.

My link is mosquito free.
Hey RW -- mission accomplished! Sent you an email. Thought you hated Yahoo??!!! Or just the news division!

Do you know what Mozilla Firefox is? Well, my google tool bar disappeared the other day, and when I went to google to find out why, they directed me to Mozilla. It looked cool, Norton didn't have a problem so I loaded it. It's acting weird now, so I had to log off and go back to Internet Explorer and Norton is now doing a scan and there's all kinds of warnings up on my screen.

See, told ya I shouldn't stray from the sidewalk.

I got your email and will pass the address on to Buy Danish. You didn't get to fool me into going to your Olby interview. I never open attachments.

Mozilla Firefox is pretty good and most people say they have a lot less problems than with IE 6.0 I've heard good things about IE 7.0 too. I'll try some and let you know what I think. I hope you are using some good spyware and adware programs in addition to Norton.

The other day my google tool bar updated automatically to a new version, which so far I don't like as well as the old one. Did yours change when you got it back?
Buy Danish - Mystic Aquarium - honu - duh. I just got it and no, I am the idiot. I was really going to deliver the book!!!

This will be good for a laugh when you wake up tomorrow moring :-)

Dang. . .I scare myself sometimes.
RW! I wasn't trying to fool you into opening an attachment! Or, perhaps you don't have Outlook? Because it's very visible, name and everything -- sorry!

No, the google toolbar just disappeared altogether. Mozilla's is the updated one and no, I don't like it. Now I'm back on IE, and google is still missing! I have no idea how to get it back.

Yes, I have paid many $$s for spyware, Norton, etc. I'm totally protected -- never get any junk emails - only business and my family. Now you can write me too - you were approved, but Norton just did a full system check when I hit send.

I'm going to take Mozilla off my computer -- let me know what you think or if I should even put it back on. It's very, very fast, however.

I was kidding you about the attachment. Mozilla is good so I wouldn't give up on it completely if I were you. The only problem with some of the browsers other than IE is that lots of web pages incorporate Microsoft protocols that will only operate properly with IE. The other browsers fix those things as they find them, but I bet Microsoft builds in more even faster.

I'm currently using IE and have the new google toolbar. In fact I was on IE when it went away and updated. Maybe you just need to delete the toolbar and log onto google and download it again. They probably won't let you have the old version back though.
RW -- gees, I'm going to have to figure out when you're kidding me -- believe me, I would never send you anything that wasn't appropriate.

I went to Google and do not see where I can download a new version. You'll be interested to know that Norton just sent me a message that the sweep was because of Mozilla not being compatible w/Outlook. Interesting, huh? Can you tell me where on Google to download something? I do know how to do that - just can't find a link.
I'm here to start some kind of brainy discussion.

Now that Nicole's here maybe she can help. Nicole knows all that stuff.

Since she probably left I'll go find the google download page.

Are you staying this time? You keep some odd hours missy.
Hi Nicole -- if you're still here :-) I am thoroughly entertained when I read your website. The hearse joke yesterday was hysterical! Thanks for the laughs.


This appears to be the page to get the IE version.
Thank you very much, RW - I'll let you know if it works for me :-) You're very nice.

Going to jump into America Alone, so I can get it to Buy Danish.

Have a wonderful evening. . .and humor me, read that KO article tee hee hee

Bon nuit, RW!
おやすみなさい Honu!
YOU ROCK, RW! I'd send you kisses but that's probably deemed inappropriate. I'm so happy -- Google is back! Thank you so so much -- now I can find more articles for you from MSNBC.COM hahahhaahhahahaha

Again, Bon nuit, RW -- !
Well, Honu at least that outburst of affection was on comment #68.

I knew I had seen that interview you want us to read. I even linked that scumbag Olberman's interview at Wooten's blog.
Chris Wallace speaks out about the bizarro interview.

I'm running out the door, but have a tech question for you to ponder:

Why is it that I get your full page with links if I use Mozilla, but no longer get that when I use I.E.?
Buy Danish,

Does "I don't know" work? It looks like google tried to push Honu to Mozilla and google owns blogger/blogspot so maybe they are playing games or maybe IE just sucks.
Honu: It's not you that worries me; it's all the filthy psychotics that are lurking around this blog waiting for us to reveal the vast right wing conspiracy or our "secrets" for consistently winning every November.

These weirdos I'm describing are probably harmless as far as life threatening scenarios go; what I'm afraid of is being assigned my own personal stalker.

I can do without.
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